MOV05706 Healthcare Gov. Obama’s Titanic!

The glitch is at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Obama-Care was never intended to work, distract, divert to deceive. The single payer system is what Obama will soo…
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October 24th, 2013 • No matter how you enroll into Obamacare, via web portal, telephone, or in person with a healthcare navigator – your data will be shared …

12 thoughts on “MOV05706 Healthcare Gov. Obama’s Titanic!

  1. lindawillets

    is it not time that obundler and co be made to reimburse the people for
    shoddie work and product , if this was private sector business the payment
    would have been made upon satisfactory completion of the contract !

  2. Farfull Kenobly

    The Titanic analogy fits well. The problem now is the panicked crew
    arranging deck chairs while convincing the passengers not to lose hope. I
    see what God Ta is saying here. I don’t like the truth about something that
    impacts my life negative yet it is very important I’m informed. Hard to
    push the like button hearing bad news. We push like to say thanks for
    caring about informing us on important issues. An important button would
    define this video. Thank you Gabe, your video is appreciated.

  3. Farfull Kenobly

    I feel similar about you perspective here. Pushing a like button when
    hearing bad news is mentally conflicting to me. I know to push like in
    support of the the video maker but an important button would reflect how I
    feel emotionally. I have thought that way for years and you are the first
    person I have seen mention it.

  4. God Ta

    2) The goals beyond distraction and lies is to always act just under the
    threshold of human perception The survielance grid makes no sense until you
    think non human species monitoring us — My point is this – a real live
    human being normally adjusted would rather stick a fork in his eye than
    listen to teens talk about crap on their cell phone – Every call recorded
    every move studied – The amount and style and direction makes no sense
    unless your A. I . or non human There is very little to like

  5. God Ta

    Well America being destroyed by social rot — What is to like there? Its
    happening here its happening there in the US — The point of the electronic
    records is to completely monitor you — and link your medical records to
    your internet use and so on and on – Your not saying anything likeable –
    just because its truthful doesn’t mean its likable — thus an important
    button or some other designation besides “like” would be a good option –

  6. God Ta

    I pushed the like button on your vid — but I don’t like any of it at all
    — and I don’t like your vid for very obvious reasons — They should have
    an important button instead of a like button


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