Michelle Malkin – Obamacare Fallout – Forever 21 Employees Latest Victim of Obamacare

8/19/13 – Michelle Malkin – Obamacare Fallout – Forever 21 Employees Latest Victim of Obamacare – America Live.

OBAMACARE Website Disaster, and OBAMACARE LAW YOU will be forced to wear Helmets in Public ( See Video) – (Try NOT to Laugh) !! http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-5…

33 thoughts on “Michelle Malkin – Obamacare Fallout – Forever 21 Employees Latest Victim of Obamacare

  1. Rudy Ruiz

    Our society is based on companies that make money. The whole goal of owning
    a company and taking the risk with a company in the first place is to make
    money. You obviously have no idea what it takes to start and build a
    company nor any comprehension of economics. You remind me of some people I
    have sold cars to. I have been told on more than one occasion “What does it
    matter if I pay for the car or not, just wright if off”?

  2. GenaralZod

    Any company that doesn’t provide health ins for their employees, is not a
    very good company to work for in the first place.

  3. lfodffi

    HA! See, you adct as if GOV isn’t responsible for businesses & individuals
    not being able to afford healthcare. Had they not gotten involved in the
    first place, the system would be fine right now. When you have medicaid &
    insurance companies telling the doctors how much they will pay for a
    service, those services become artificially inflated in price. The exact
    same thing has happened with the price of collegiate education.

  4. buddybleau

    There is only one way to get idiots to pay attention. You have to hurt them
    in the wallet! They want to know what the hell is going on now. Well, it’s
    too late! America, we are screwed! I had no idea how stupid this new
    generation really is. They wanted Obama? Well they’ve got him. Good luck
    you dumb shits! You’re gonna get what you deserve! Just put your head
    between your legs and kiss your ass goodbye!

  5. Pea Nut

    The ONLY reason EMPLOYERS were ever offering health insurance to begin with
    was to attract & keep talented employees. Plus they could write off the
    Expense. Now what we have is the govt saying, “You MUST offer insurance or
    be fined $3k per employee in 2015”. Since when was it ever an Employer’s
    “responsibility” to offer insurance? But get this, Small Employers will
    drop benefits, give pay raises & thus pay more FICA taxes! So… who does
    this help? Obama! He’s smart like a fox.

  6. Orlando Polanco


  7. Mabel Midge

    Obama: 332 (62%) electoral votes, 51.31% popular vote Romney: 206 (38%)
    electoral votes, 47.2% popular vote Hmm.

  8. Sidney Longfellow

    “We report, they decide”, “fair and balanced”. Their reports are 99%
    anti-Obama. Often they are misleading and/or inaccurate. They often quote
    obscure research to justify a biased opinion. So when your watching FIXed
    News do your own research on their reporting. In this case I’d e-mail or
    call the company.

  9. lfodffi

    Are you dumb? Businesses aren’t charity. It would be unfair to expect
    businesses to take on more expense at the cost of profit. A worker is
    making 100% profit by working for an hourly wage, only invested is time.
    The store owners have much more risk by having to keep the stock on the
    shelves for the store to exist. Would you rather those businesses just shut
    down & not supply any jobs? Cause that is what it sounds like.

  10. 99percent2012

    Contact your Senators and tell them “Don’t fund Obama Care”. It’s important
    you do. Do it right now.

  11. 99percent2012

    This is not even the tip of the iceberg of what’s to come. I can’t wait
    until people find out what the home visits actually mean. I can’t wait for
    people to find out that getting approval for surgery is depending on their
    estimated remaining lifetime taxable income. Ha Ha Ha I can’t stop
    laughing. There is no such thing as a free lunch. When there was no
    insurance a doctor would come to your home and charge no more than a
    handyman. Medicine was 10% of what it is today. ObamaCare = Loss of jobs

  12. Roland Morehouse

    Fuck the white house. Most companies will cut the hours and the company
    should talk about it and blame Obamacare.

  13. ArtOfBaccarat

    Forever 21 makes a lot of money. I don’t see how ACA can destroy their
    business. How much more do they have to pay with the ACA? I’m confused and
    clueless about the ACA. Can someone educate me?

  14. HNK222

    “Obama doesn’t give a shit about us Americans” You do remember who his
    predecessor was, right? President George “I Don’t Think About Bin Laden”
    Bush? Other than allowing 3,000 Americans to die on 9.11 and do NOTHING to
    get the perpetrator, and sending over 4,000 US troops to die in vain in
    Iraq on a snipe hunt for non-existent WMDs, and creating the worst economy
    since the Great Depression, what exactly did he do for the people? I’m no
    fan of Obama, but compared to the GOP? Please!

  15. Wag TheDog

    Oh, wow! “tea baggers” Now say “FAUX NEWS” and laugh like you came up with
    the funniest joke ever. Because to you they are both hilarious and not at
    all fucked out. What a simple brain you have.

  16. HNK222

    The Affordable Care Act (AKA Obamcare) is a law passed by congress & signed
    by the president. It even went before the Supreme Court and was upheld as
    constitutional. On top of which, Obama decimated Romney in 2012 election
    This idiocy of “if we just fight harder we can end Obamacare” is so idiotic
    it would boggle the mind, but since we know Tea Baggers by their very name
    are not the sharpest kniives in the drawer, the BS continues Obama’s
    signature legislation is the law of the land. Period.

  17. JetRanger0007

    Typical of the Government Sheep spending multi millions of dollars for
    something like a web site that doesn’t even work and trying to convince the
    public that it does when it doesn’t !! Some SHEEP will believe it tho !

  18. JetRanger0007

    Well the Title I have it says Crazy F86 Pilots, but I don’t believe that’s
    really the name of it. ??

  19. JetRanger0007

    10/15/2013 – OBAMA yet Again Rejects to keep the Government Running,,,
    IMPEACH that SOB now !!! OBAMAis clearly out to Destroy America !!!!
    IMPEACH HIS Worthless Muslim Ass !!!!

  20. JetRanger0007

    OBAMACARE is the “TROJAN HORSE” that will bring down the entire community,
    as they will soon´╗┐ see for themselves, BUT, they are too Enlightened
    looking at the Gift Horse in the Mouth, disguised as a Gift, when its
    really the Very Enemy your trying to protect yourself from !! there are
    those that are NAIVE, and those that are NOT ! Don’t be fooled by such a
    Mirage & Illusion !


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