Melania Trump’s full speech at the 2016 Republican National Convention

Melania Trump, businesswoman and Donald Trump’s wife, spoke Monday at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. Donald Trump introduced Melania after walking out to the song “We are the Champions” by Queen.

Melania Trump described the Republican presidential nominee as intensely loyal to his family, friends and country.

“I can tell you with certainty that my husband has been concerned about our country for as long as I have known him,” Melania Trump said.

Republican Party leaders are growing increasingly concerned about Donald Trump’s ability to win the White House after a difficult week for his campaign and his Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton with a lead in most national polls. Trump’s week has included a series of missteps that include an ongoing feud with a Gold Star family and suggesting the November election will be rigged. Clinton faced ongoing questions about her answers regarding her private email server.

20 thoughts on “Melania Trump’s full speech at the 2016 Republican National Convention

  1. Raymond G

    America……………….., if you're listening, I hope you're able to find the tax statement that Donald refuses to show. I think you will probably be rewarded "mightly" by our press.
    America, you may find Trump's obscure dealings with the Russian partners of Vladi Puti.
    America, what is Ivanka doing vacationing in Croacia with Putin's new date, Wendi Deng Murdoch? America can you find out if she is only vacationing?
    Am I a traitor by America to hack Trump's account and find his taxes?

  2. felipe cruz

    Gwen Ifill my viewers with S*T and lies!!!  PBS viewers need to STOP watching this biased Pro Hillary (million dollar donor bribes) so called reporting!!!  Gwen's panel has NEVER represented the two sides of an issue!   The panel is completely made up of pro Hillary supporters to include Gwen Ifill my viewers with s** and lies. This is totally biased reporting, ONE-SIDED NEWS!!!  PBS  you need to fire Gwen (an Obama and BLM lover  is viewed as extremely BIASED)!     I donate money to PBS and so do many of your viewers and we do NOT want yellow journalism!!!  Starting today, I will NO longer watch PBS, and ask fellow Americans to do the same!!!  No more donations from my pocket!

    As prevalent as voter-fraud  and  rigged polling machines are, Why has PBS  NOT made a show regarding these illegal activities?   These illegal activities  benefit Big Business and Big donors who are pro-hillary and anti American!!!      Do you want  an America  that is not  being held at the mercy of Big Business and the Wealthy Elite who constitute 1% of Americans???   America and its patriots regard your biased news reporting as anti American!!! 

    As for Mr Donald J Trump's,  Second Amendment misinterpretation by Gwen Ifill the viewers with s*** and lies,  this was a complete Twilight Zone job! Assumptions are NOT to be declared as facts as to what a person meant!  Furthermore by using lies and saying Mr Trump said Second Amendment supporters should shoot Hillary Clinton is outrageous!  Why were Mr Trump's words NOT put up for all viewers to see his exact verbiage!  Mr Trump's words were not put up because they would not serve a pro Hillary agenda!!!

    Obama the founder of Isis.  Mr Trump has repeatedly explained this statement to the media.  Why did PBS not provide Mr Trump's explanation, instead PBS "choice" to  provide Pro-hillary propaganda???

    Regarding Susan Collins not supporting Trump. Why were people that do not support or endorse Hillary Clinton NOT brought up as well?   As I said PBS and Gwen Ifill the viewers with s*** and lies just DON'T know how to conduct a fair reporting of the news!!!    More importantly, why did PBS and Gwen  Ifill the viewers with s*** and lies  NOT mention the recent release of more Hillary emails which implicate a  "Pay for Play"  arrangement  between the Clinton Foundation and  Big  donors with the then Secretary of State Clinton???   The   "Pay for Play " actions  of Secretary Clinton are newsworthy!!!  Are PBS viewers to understand that PBS is now a  "Pay for Play " news affiliate with the Clinton thugs?

  3. Chrystal E

    "Republican leaders concerned about Trump as polls show a Clinton lead"… What a load of crap, people can see the physical difference in the attendance of their rallies, Trump smashes clinton in support. The polls do not reflect the reality on the ground at the rallies, so the polls are FAKE.

  4. Far North Weaver

    Oh Gwen, what a massive disappointment to come here and see that it's you that is doing the report…ahem, your BS report.  Darn it!


    How does anyone still have faith in Trump's ability to turn this around? He promises to start acting Presidential the same way I promise to go on a diet: next week.

  6. Laszlo Zoltan

    it must be hard for them not to burst out laughing when they are speaking about trump

  7. Joe N

    They don't talk issues. It's a panel of judges judging politicians on their ability to scam the populace. Disgusting.

  8. Joe N

    It's fun how these journalists who are far left democrats are "concerned" about the Trump campaign. Lying scum.

  9. Pawadin

    Hillary Clinton is a criminal assisting her in gaining sovereignty or power is defined as Treason.

  10. Dean Jackson

    Short Circuit Hillary, short circuit in medical terms is a seizure, she had brain surgery in 2012, now she has had many  seizures  on youtube, you cannot legally drive if you have seizures and she wants her finger on the nukes. Look at yourtube Hillary head bobbing and disorientated . Please put these youtubes on your facebook and share so voters know about her health problems of seizures. She will lose if her secret gets out. Help Trump win by posting Hillary seizures on youtube and explain what short circuit means. Imagine 5 million Trump voters having facebook with Hillary seizures, she loses if we do this. Lets win with facebook……

  11. Natty Bumppo

    what was the sample on this poll ,polls,polls ,polls,i just say a UFO,you can make a poll say what you want it to say,like this poll is legit,it is not unless you list the questions,how they where asked,how many people where polled,and from what states.
    so we will have government by POLL now,if this citing of blind POLLS was not so said it would be funny.
    run don run

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