Manchin: Obamacare problems go beyond the roll out

Senator Joe Manchin, D-W.V., backs a bill that would allow Americans to keep insurance they had before the law.

ObamaCare for Dummies: The Affordable Care Act Explained

Explaining the fundamentals of Obamacare for students and lifelong learners. My teacher attempt to walk the line and explain the fundamentals of Obamacare to…

25 thoughts on “Manchin: Obamacare problems go beyond the roll out

  1. Keith Hughes

    Talk about trying to walk the line. I almost broke my back. A little long
    but necessary in order to cover the basics. Please be civil in your comment
    discourse with each other. ~HiipHughes

  2. Javier Rodriguez

    You are a great teacher, love your style it sticks with you the way you put
    it, thank you and again great job.

  3. HotEn SpiceyOne

    sponsored by CNN NBC CNBC. all liberal channels! Please take the right
    blinder off and see both left and right before making a horrible video! 

  4. St Strawman

    ObamaCare is Awesome for poor people….Now I know the middle class will
    get punished…yet at least the poor people with have health
    coverage….American is for the people.

  5. Tommyidol420

    I don’t have any sympathy for the insurance companies. They have been over
    charging and screwing us for a long time. I’m in the middle of a battle
    with Blue Cross/Blue Shield as I write this.

  6. Amy Taylor

    What if you already have heath insurance through your husbands company? Do
    I still have to get ObamaCare? 

  7. Buu

    “if your employer is not paying you enough to afford insurance, they have
    to provide you with insurance.” This means that the wages they pay you have
    to be a certain amount? right? 

  8. Dave Williams

    Just found your page and I wanted to say thank you because I’m a
    government/history imbecile and could really benefit from your videos! So
    now I have a better understanding of ObamaCare, so thanks for that too. And
    I must say, from what I’ve just learned, I pretty much agree with
    everything Obama is doing. Everyone should be able to get health care, and
    insurance prices are way too high… so I think his ideas may actually make
    an impact (at least I hope they do).

  9. Sonof Richard

    Pfizer’s CEO and Big Pharma colluded with the White House at the public’s
    expense to provide this noose in the guise of healthcare. Insurance
    companies losing money? Big Pharma losing money? Obama losing money? Big
    Pharma was his biggest campaign contributor. Pfizer to be exact. Go
    figure…Wake up, folks. A change is going to come…

  10. Erica Inglett

    Thanks for making this! Everyone should be interested in knowing what’s
    happening in our country.

  11. Matthew holley

    Actually “USA” isn’t spending trillions on wars, Bailing out bank, allowing
    Corporations to get richer and more control. It’s the Democrats and
    Republicans (Two Party Mafia). Both sides are in a race to destroy this
    country. Look at the past up till the present. Also Insurance Companies
    were involved in the making of the bill. Government and insurance companies
    win, we lose

  12. RM I.

    It isn’t just rich people who are paying for those subsidies and tax
    credits! The tax credits and subsidies are very small for lower
    middle and middle income people…in comparison to the HUGE increase in the
    price of premiums and deductibles, caused by Obamacare’s
    new requirements. People nearer to poverty level will be getting
    bigger tax credits and subsidies, but it will be paid for by the higher
    prices the lower middle and middle income people will be forced to pay, and
    the deductibles are so high, by the time they pay the high premiums, they
    won’t be able to afford to go to the doctor…but they will be forced to
    pay for other people to get their health care cheaper or free. AND lower
    middle and middle income people have to pay federal and STATE taxes, so
    they are paying for the subsidies and Medicaid that way too! 

  13. Pamela Rice

    None of this would be an issue in the slightest if U.S.A. was’t spending
    $trillions on wars in the Middle East or if Big Corporate America wan’t
    offshoring middle-class jobs or if Wall Street wasn’t gorging on bailouts.
    Hughes, you hip?

  14. juan munoz

    Your videos are excellent. They all have helped me on my college classes.
    Do you have anything on goverment bailouts? Keep them coming!


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