LIVESTREAM: FULL President Donald Trump Coverage Plus Protesters In Philadelphia

President Trump will be speaking at the Joint Republican Issues Conference in Philadelphia at 12 Noon ET on Thursday, January 25.
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18 thoughts on “LIVESTREAM: FULL President Donald Trump Coverage Plus Protesters In Philadelphia

  1. PatrickEVRAable

    I hope America realise, and I understand when I say this a lot of Americans do not agree with Trump nor his policies and that a huge amount of you are standing against him, but that your country looks like the most uneducated, ill informed, gullible, propaganda brainwashed, fascist ideologically lead nation on earth. And I hope your one great nation can rid itself of this, evolution rejecting, global warming denying, scientific ignorant toxic plague dictatorship you call a government as soon as possible.

    Yours faithfully


  2. d4t4n0n u53r

    Real estate investors should be banned from purchasing single family residences for the purposes of renting them out. Someone has to draw the line as real estate speculators have priced out owner occupant buyers. W2 wage slaves are competing with big money just to own a home. This is akin to government competing with the private sector which is not allowed. Please level the real estate playing field, because it is not fair. Housing is a basic human need and real estate investors have an unfair advantage over owner occupants who will not profit from housing, and need it for shelter as opposed to renting shelter for profit. The American dream is not to rent but to own. Home ownership is down while real estate investors have benefitted the most from the last decade of housing prices rising to bubble levels. In the wake, lending is tighter, encouraging hard money lenders (loan sharks) to flourish in the absence of a broken banking system. The banks got bailed out by the tax payer, but lending standards have tightened, and now the most tax favored assets class in America has been scooped up by the likes of Blackstone, and every kind of real estate investor who can find a desperate seller in the carnage of the previous down turn. Please give the owner occupant buyer an opportunity to live the American dream. Single family residences should be only sold to owner occupied buyers.

  3. T Mac

    Who has time to protest i have to work. I feel like a American Again A president that wants to see America Great Again. Why don't you give him a chance Obama had the White House for 8 years and all he accomplished was destroying your Heath Care. Honestly how is you Health Care Insurance. Don't you want your children to grow up in a safe society. All these other nations are complaining because now their not sure Trump is going to carry them on his back like the USA has for so many years and the Media needs to be completely overhauled it ridiculous. They make me sick.

  4. Michael

    They should take this opportunity to throw out some soap and hose these stinky savages down. Half of them sleep on the street last night.

  5. LoudBarkDesigns

    the protest are crazy… its obvious they don't work or have to because they have much time to be doing this

  6. The'Sev.

    The stand that some people took in front of the airports against the ban is something to be appreciated and i must say that tears couldn't stop from my eyes because i knew that there's some good people out there and the world got a chance to survive. And who's he to stop immigrants? as i believe Trump himself is not a native american either! or
    his mother and his wife. This must lead to a civil war or WW3.

  7. Reynaldo Molina

    This is the land of the free for Americans it's to expensive to support immigrates in the U.S

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