Krauthammer on the real intentions behind ObamaCare

Krauthammer on the real intentions behind ObamaCare

How the law will ‘nationalize’ the health care system.

After Bill Elliott’s 0/mo plan was canceled as a result of the ACA, he found himself unable to burden his family with his new 00.00/mo premium costs. H…

25 thoughts on “Krauthammer on the real intentions behind ObamaCare

  1. Randell Cinnamon

    I see a lot of inane rhetoric and ZERO facts. Must be so nice to be that
    indoctrinated. Stay ignorant, everyone. Stay ignorant.

  2. coltor9

    Get rid of all insurance companies, period. Why should they make billions
    in profit off of sick people. The VA, is socialized medicine. We need to
    expand it to all and all doctors need to be government employees. 

  3. Pierre Larochelle

    A great documentary to watch regarding alternative cancer cures is the
    following: “A World Without Cancer — the Truth of Vitamin B 17 by G Edward

    It’s the year 2013 and it’s about high time to get the truth out about real
    cancer cures that have existed for many years but have been suppressed by
    profiteering pharmaceutical cartels.

    It’s time to fully expose the corruption of the allopathic, high profit
    medical mafia and the aformentioned documentary does a great job. There are
    now numerous scientific based documentaries (based on true science – not
    fake science bought and paid for by the corrupt system) that prove that
    cancer is curable / reversable.

    It’s time for everyone to WAKE UP and stop this immoral abuse on all of
    humanity which has been going on for about a hundred years.

  4. deanosumo

    What the fuck is this guy talking about, people cutting out kidneys and

    It seems at one point he can’t remember the name of the president. He seems
    out of it.

    Hardly a reputable clip.

  5. Mika Lee

    The absolute worst president that there has ever been. everything he has
    done has amounted to nothing, but pain and anguish on the people of the
    United states of America. This has nothing to do with parties it has to do
    with him alone. 

  6. jo ber

    PLEASE PEOPLE!!! Lets not make this a Dems vs Reps thing. That is just an
    illusion. Separate yourself from that trick and don’t fall for it anymore.
    Focus on the issues and not which party caused them. (cause this would
    still have happened with Romney-care, or Hilary-care). WAKE UP PEOPLE!!
    Don’t fall for the Hatfield’s’ and McCoy’s trick. Dems = Reps…and it may
    be hard for some to accept this, but there is absolutely no difference
    between the two parties (besides some talking points that distract you from
    the unified objectives). Don’t fall for it anymore!!!

  7. Breir Sharecropper

    Gotta say All of these fox videos end up being lies in some way, plus this
    guy looks fucked out his brain. What a stupid man saying that on t.v , hope
    someone takes issue with this and helps this guy he’s obviously in
    distress. plus his kids 

  8. Lisa Mckinney

    The key word He used here is ( PRAYED ABOUT IT ) ((( PRAYER ))) LET,S

  9. nkmarks

    It’s so ridiculous right-wing capitalists to criticize the mess that THEY
    have created ……… that is, that we have to pay for everything… SOOOO

  10. NdeeAnna

    Can no one see what that terrorist president is doing? He started with the
    bail outs, then cash for clunkers, gave away money for people to get new
    appliances, soared our debt to multiple trillions of dollars. Now he has
    forced this insurance on Americans that no one can afford. He wants to make
    sure EVERY AMERICAN is broke with no money. So in the end EVERYONE will
    have to rely on the government for food, shelter, and medical care. This
    will drive everyone to the FEMA camps in order to survive. He has divided
    America with the blacks and Caucasians causing more violence than ever
    before. He wants to take away guns from law abiding citizens so that only
    violent criminals will have guns. The lawlessness will make everyone scared
    to leave the FEMA camps. It is all about controlling we the people. If we
    do not fight back we will all be slaves. FIGHT BACK!!! IMPEACH THAT DIRTBAG

  11. TheBartlebyScrivener

    Hey conservatives. Lying is a sin and it is immoral. Just so you know.
    Since you are about morality and what not.

  12. darttoyou1

    This vid on faux youtube does not even allow comments? Only vids that do
    not allow comments are the ones knowing they are bullshit… Like old bush
    said, doesn’t matter what we say, 80% will stick cause only 20% will fact
    check it.

  13. cadnewham

    Crazy when a brainwashed ideology is stronger than a physiological need you
    know you are part of a messed up culture. Universal Healthcare was
    introduced into Europe to prevent the spread of discontent and communism
    among the poor, the smart people in the US instead introduced Hollywood
    movies and biased news agencies – saving the rich the prospect of losing a
    margin of their over indulgent wealth on tax to help the poor.

  14. wolfganghammerfistheywood

    isn’t obamacare essentially the american version of the NHS? i thought it
    was supposed to be free healthcare?

  15. ohevshalomel

    Arman Dani: No, thank you…although I must admit, it would have
    demonstrated much more intellectual integrity on the part of the president
    and other fiscal liberals if they would have instituted a single-payer
    system. This pretending that Obamacare is the same thing is getting to be
    downright farcical.


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