Krauthammer: Nation Finally Sees ObamaCare’s True Colors

Krauthammer: The story of the year is the nation waking up to the true radicalism of ObamaCare and why deception was used to get it passed into law. Fox News…
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“Texas Sen. Ted Cruz got into a little bit of a verbal skirmish on Wednesday morning when CNN anchor Chris Cuomo pressed him on whether he’d offered any solu…

27 thoughts on “Krauthammer: Nation Finally Sees ObamaCare’s True Colors

  1. TheBaxter97

    It is a matter of free speech, that is, if applying the Left’s own
    standards. Liberals have long made an issue of speech, or the perceived
    repression of it, not protected under the Constitution, technically. How
    many times have we heard liberals invoke free speech when it suits them,
    politically. It’s liberals who have traditionally, at the slightest cause
    or provocation, claimed infringement of their right to free speech. This is
    a liberal tradition! Anybody else see the irony here?! 

  2. OldRangeRat

    Ted Cruz has the Green Acres’ narcissist con man character of Mr. Haney
    down pat. (This must be the reason the redneck states love the man.) Ted
    Cruz’s solution > This is a better product, because it comes from out of
    state. (Much harder to sue and control, therefore my kickbacks are

  3. ETworldjone

    Cenk, it is impossible for private companies to compete against the
    government because the government’s income is not acquired through normal
    business means . The government takes from one person to provide service
    to someone else whereas the private companies invest their OWN money to
    provide services hoping to reap profits in the end.

    Moreover, it is common sense that the quality of government services are
    substantially lower than that of private companies becuase the risk for a
    private company is greater than the government if they dont provide the
    service that their customers want.

    That is why most government services in the US are bankrupt and to the
    government it does not matter because they have the option of raising the
    debt ceiling whereas private companies have no choice but to close down in
    case of bankruptcy. 

  4. guy9052

    Hey Cruz, if healthcare is so bad then why does every country in the
    western world have it?
    You know your land of birth, the True North Strong and Free? The nice
    little political cultural stepping stone between your new country and that
    Europe place.
    Recently the Canadian Broadcasting Corperation did a large poll across the
    entire country to find out who was the ‘greatest Canadian’. Guess who won?
    The Honourable Tommy Douglas. A socialist who is called the Father of
    Canadian healthcare. 

  5. Spitfire995

    Maybe women and mongrels should be taxed more so they themselves can pay
    for their own (and each other’s) insurance, instead of having to leech off
    the white man (as they typically would)

  6. Alaric Holmes

    Beautifully done, Cenk! And I loved watching that snake squirm! He is
    such a fraud, and his father’s even more batshit crazy!

    A public option, or the universal option to buy into Medicare, is the only
    way to *really* fix this problem, and it upset me so much when Obama
    sabotaged his “effort” to lobby for a public option and then caved to the

  7. bonkoboy

    It’s apparent that the TYT hosts are extatic whenever the main stream
    journalists hit a politician with a hard question from time to time, but
    the fact that they sometimes engage in childish ridicule worries me. They
    have to keep in mind that they have a sizeable amount of conservative
    viewers too, and they aren’t likely to appreciate someone representing
    their opinions being mocked by stuttering soundbites being repeated and
    Cenk doing his impressions.
    It’s super easy to make fools of republican politicians, so I wish TYT
    would try to act like adults and own them with the facts, not with

  8. O Catalan

    It makes no fucking sense at all. The government has proven itself to be
    incompetent when managing large scale social programs. Social sec,
    Medicare, etc. The useless bureaucracy and fucking endless red tape makes
    it impossible to conceive a reliable system, end of story. Besides, 1 out
    of every 6 dollars in our economy would run through the system. A system by
    the way, that does not work, has serious security risks. And the monstrous
    latency in that website makes me think the damn servers are not even in the
    country. It all sounds fishy as hell. Some kind of ponzi scheme from hell

  9. theetrue

    this ploy from the devil’s zion israel has nothing to do with their puppet
    obama, and has nothing to do with care; but it will soon prove to all
    the power of God: those trusting and serving His Truth and Love soon
    entering His Righteous eternal Heaven, and all trusting and serving
    this foul travesty of justice soon entering eternal the devil’s gates of

  10. Nicole S

    Oh Ted Cruz, you sly dog. Always bitching but never presenting solutions,
    always spinning but never telling the truth. It’s no surprise to me that
    many people love him so much – this guy is a master of manipulation.

  11. Andreas Hofmann

    Ted Cruz run into these “common folks” whereever he goes who clasp him by
    the shoulder and ask for his help. Such a snake.

  12. TheRhinehart86

    Its funny how libertarians always accuse the GOP of being just as stoogey
    and corporatist as the Democrats yet libertarians seem to agree with the
    GOP on so much when it comes to actual legislation, like allowing insurance
    companies to go across state lines. I’m sorry, wasnt it GOP/Dem corporate
    stoogery that led to the crony capitalism of today? If the politicians are
    on the corporate teet and the corporations want to reduce regulation,
    doesnt it stand to reason that maybe deregulation is a bad thing?

  13. Obama Worshipper Jr.

    Obama is my daddy. I want the government to take care of my every need and
    want so I never have to think or work. I’m so very happy that this is the
    direction the country is going.. Praise and glory to Almighty Obama whose
    pee pee I would gladly suck.


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