Kentucky’s Answer to

David Elson is among thousands of Kentuckians who are considering their options for health insurance coverage under the Affordable Care Act. Read the story h…

8 thoughts on “Kentucky’s Answer to

  1. gary scheib

    Tea party can make all the victory claims it wants. Factnis VA voted IN the
    guy in favor of ACA. How embarrassing to claim this shows how ACA was a
    victory for the Repub loss. This was a shoe in for Repubs yet a weak not
    very impressive Dem in a conservative state wins. Denial is costing them
    elections so keep on doing what you’re doing GOP, twist and deny your way
    to more loses.

  2. gary scheib

    What a difference a Dem Gov makes in a red state. KY is a great example how
    working together for a cause gets results. If all states were in and worked
    like KY, ACA would have had a better start. Repubs complain yet are part of
    the problem not solution trying everything they can to make it fail. Rather
    than cheering at the website’s launch failure, try to help fix it. For once
    do something for the people rather than politicing. Turns out ACA is
    slowing gaining support while the GOP loses support. Strategy is not
    something the GOP understands. 

  3. biggestjohn128

    Yes, getting your FAT ass in shape is important, but FAT or SKINNY ass do
    need health insurance since they all can have unforeseen accidents or
    illnesses, who knows the future? right? that’s what ACA is for.

  4. Moonsabie

    well the service industry created the health issues this is just the humane
    solution he is apart of our tribe after all that being america. good luck
    to the future go oraganic


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