Kentuckians Obamacare stories shared on Senate floor

McConnell talks about what he’s hearing from Kentuckians on Obamacare McConne.
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ObamaCare Stinks for Young People

ObamaCare is a mess that is especially bad for young people. It’s causing insurance premiums to skyrocket, people are getting their work hours reduced, the O…

25 thoughts on “Kentuckians Obamacare stories shared on Senate floor

  1. Zarrov

    You know, I don’t like the idea of government funded health care but… can
    you explain me HOW this could happen? How one bill can have 11 000 pages?
    I’m not American, and I’m puzzled by this. The whole law of my country is
    18 000 pages, and everyone says we have to do something with it somehow
    because nobody can udnerstand it-too much, too complicated. And here-one
    bill, 11k?! Is it really that difficult for government to buy one
    commercial type of insurance for money collected from taxes for everyone?
    Here, just look at this: Gov offers gadzillion dollars for medical
    insurance of everyone in country. And…done. You can have it on one page.
    Yeah, its going to cost a lot, but it woudld actually make sense.

  2. Meda oone

    Study after study has shown when woman have access and use birth control it
    has a HUGE economic benefit for that country by helping prevent untold
    millions of unwanted pregnancies that result in abortion or adding more
    names to the welfare system because young and poor woman who don’t have
    access to birth control are also unable to provide for themselves and their
    child (SHOCKER). You want to cut welfare, you make it harder for woman to
    have unprotected sex. That percent of a percent more we pay so woman have
    free birth control will benefit us ten fold. Man it’s easy being a
    conservative, I could do this in my sleep and get a prime time slot on fox
    news, just simplify everything to a child like state then leave out all the
    information that contradict what your saying. 

  3. Lelldorin84

    You acting alittle annoying and I like the information you present. It some
    how works together to keep me engaged and listening. Strange but effective

  4. fliteshare

    Offcourse, uninsured people never go to the hospital and if they do, they
    pay their costs up front, or at least after they go bankrupt. So the next
    guy doesn’t need to get charged double to offset the wasted resources.

  5. fire7side

    Thanks for that. I am old and completely agree. Most old people don’t
    have to be as sick as they are. They can eat better. They can get more
    exercise, but they don’t because insurance solves all it for them. Now
    young people are supposed to help pay for them when they are the richest
    age group? We need to stop this nonsense and focus on real prevention,
    not doctor visit prevention.

  6. Bubba James

    Obamacare =Mass Murder ,but in wrapped in a pretty warapping and
    sugarcoated, basically obamacare is gonna be the Disneyland version of Nazi
    Germany, Hey kids let watch our 51 year old relative ,die, as the death
    panels are for those not over 65, but over 50. I really don’t like Obama
    supporters, lets hope that you sheeple are the victims of the same
    anti-American Communist Idea, that you support, Yeah lets hope the fire
    burns real bad,

  7. Lawrence Newman

    I’m in the UK. Trust me, socialised health care is not all it’s cracked up
    to be. I’d rather have the choice to go private and not subsidise health

  8. roy alfred seaberg

    I would much rather have birth control than support a bunch of kids on
    welfare. No I don’t think birth control is all up to the women. In fact
    women taking a monthly birth control pill kind of worries me about the long
    term effects on their body. I can slap a raincoat on my soldier. He prefers
    to skinny dip but I’m his commanding officer.

  9. Eddie Huang

    “young healthy people who rarely go to the doctor”. So young people don’t
    fall down or hurt themselves or contract diseases? Hence the name,
    “insurance”. I too use to suffer the delusion and arrogance of youth. 

  10. Daniel Kunkle

    The ONLY way Obamacare can function fiscally is to force as many people as
    possible to lose their insurance and create a situation where they have no
    choice but to get Obamacare. It’s that way by design and it’s outright
    nefarious. For those who didn’t see it coming then all I can say is that
    they’re either complete morons and probably shouldn’t have kids or they
    weren’t paying attention and should be disallowed from voting as they can’t
    be bothered to inform themselves.

  11. Delbert Woodie

    I LOVE IT!!!!!!
    Obamacare Just Doesn’t Work! Write your or call your senators and congress
    people and tell them to do what they were elected for. And that should be
    work for the best interest of the American people! If Obama care isn’t good
    enough for them, then it isn’t good enough for the American people! Would
    that not be a fair conclusion to come to?

    Obamacare! It Just Doesn’t Work!

  12. AKSAM6

    Insurance is based upon pooled risk. It is normally the case that the lower
    risk cover the higher risk folks. The reason anyone needs insurance (as
    opposed to just saving your own money for your own health care) is because
    health care, particularly for catastrophic or some chronic illness, is most
    often beyond the financial means of any single family or person. The young
    may suffer catastrophic illness or injury just like anybody. Chronic
    illness, is as you correctly point out, is more a problem of the aged but
    even that isn’t always the case. Insurance companies cherry pick who they
    insure to minimize their exposure to payouts thereby maximizing their
    profit. They too desire to enroll younger, healthier lower risk people into
    their plans. Rather than base a criticism upon generational strife, I
    suggest pointing out the real reason for the debacle our country is facing;
    the money supposed to have been saved by each generation to cover its own
    healthcare needs was already spent by Congress dating back to Lyndon
    Johnson’s administration. The younger generation is now being asked to bail
    them out. THAT is not fair. By the way, it is Milton FrieDman. Keep up the
    good work and thanks for shedding light on these issues. We certainly don’t
    hear this in the MSM propaganda machine.

  13. Robert Erickson

    I’m sorry but you sound like an asshole talking about how young people
    shouldn’t have to pay higher prices in order to lower the prices for the
    elderly. I would gladly help my fellow man and shoulder some of their
    burden. But , maybe I’m crazy and I love my grandma. I’m not sure what
    yours would have to say about your juvenile rant. 

  14. rolyatknarfable

    Julie, this is one of my favorites. The zombie DMV this is AWESOME! Is that
    what you look like when you wake up in the morning? Wow. Almost as scarry
    as pelosi after she’s made up.

  15. P Mason

    Yup, Obamacare is wealth redistribution from young, fit males to women,
    children and the elderly.

    So we men get told we’re not needed and women need us like a fish needs a
    bicycle and they are so independent then they turn around and vote for a
    system that MAKES men pay for their health care. We all know women use
    health care a lot more than men do.

  16. Tom Occhipinti

    A little to expressive, Julie. I agree with everything you say, but you’re
    facial expressions are like those of Jim Carey on acid.


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