Judge Napolitano ~ IRS Likely To Lose Obamacare Lawsuit

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13 thoughts on “Judge Napolitano ~ IRS Likely To Lose Obamacare Lawsuit

  1. Thomas Smith

    Thought US was a free Nation but it appears not. As Government has the
    right to tell you what to do or slavery.

  2. Freemind

    We here in Oklahoma are also challenging an IRS statue that says every
    state shall provide subsidies even though the ACA specifically says only
    states running their own exchanges are qualified. And only 16 states have
    that while the other 34 either consented to let the feds run everything or
    go into a partnership with them.

  3. ozzy zugabear

    You lick your Mas ass hole with that dirty mouth??Dike bitch’s like you
    need slapped daily so you’ll know your place.


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