Judge Jeanine Pirro – Opening Statement – Destroys Obama, Navy Yard Shooting, Obamacare – 9/21/13

9/21/13 – Judge Jeanine Pirro – Opening Statement – Destroys Obama on Navy Yard Shooting, Obamacare, NSA, Guns and More.

25 thoughts on “Judge Jeanine Pirro – Opening Statement – Destroys Obama, Navy Yard Shooting, Obamacare – 9/21/13

  1. Sandra Carson

    Hand-jive ‘Stretch’ Pelosi, attended Soros’s wedding recently. Next stop:
    stands with illegals at the DC MALL, SHUT DOWN BY THIS GOV’T, AMERICAN VETS
    LOCKED OUT. Then Obama follows days later: “IMMIGRATION!! EVERYBODY WANTS
    IT.” IQ test: Americans want the border secured. Americans ignored.

  2. Krystal Smith

    I love this women! She tells it like it is!!! Obama HAS to go ASAP!!!!! He
    is going to succeed if we all let him! Come on people we must fight back
    let’s get out once great country back please open your eye people

  3. Holly Homan

    Bush was reading a book to children while 9-11 occurred. He was warned
    repeatedly that terrorist were planning on hijacking planes and flying them
    into WTC. After, he secretly flew members of Bin Laden’s out of the US. You
    know why middle class salaries are stagnant? Because the GOP refuses to
    raise minimum wage, yet sit by while CEO salaries increase as much as the
    99% income has decreased. The GOP is reducing taxes for the 1% requiring
    the rest of us to pick up the tab. This lady is an idiot.

  4. cameraeye49201

    i heard all that from Egypt media….and this man is in charge of our
    government he is a imposter….not good and how come he wasn’t impeached
    over the fake birth certificate..must of got swept under the rug..nixon
    didn’t get away with his crap

  5. cameraeye49201

    omg so very well put…its so nice to hear the truth of all the crap we are
    being put through by our wonderful government..i truly think the people
    just about had enough of the b/s government and all the lies Obama has try
    to jam down our throats. i cant wait till Egypt brings to light how Obama
    is one of the main people of the Muslim brother hood and how he used the
    IRS to pay and and help his brother get rich and obtain citizenship when in
    fact he is a terrorist and they are saying so is Obama

  6. FuckObamasMama

    It’s only a matter of time liberals. Only a matter of time until “We”
    remove your threat of ignorance and contempt.

  7. Jeff Brooks

    This is ALMOST the same thing Judge Napolitano said, and they fired him!
    The big difference between this rant and Napolitano’s, is that Napolitano’s
    rant offered a solution in Ron Paul, while her’s offer no solution at all.


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