John Stossel – The ObamaCare Regulation Overload

Sen. John Barrasso (R-Wy) and Cong. Ted Poe (R-Tx) explain to John the mountains of regulation involved in ObamaCare, and the nitwittery contained within. ht…
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Obamacare enrollment numbers released

Obamacare enrollment numbers came out today, showing approximately 106000 people signed up for insurance. More from CNN at
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50 thoughts on “John Stossel – The ObamaCare Regulation Overload

  1. Jay M

    Subsidies & entitlements are fraught with bureaucracy, waste & fraud. The
    free market is more efficient in providing goods & service and more
    equitable in distributing wealth.

  2. Jay M

    Obama & the Democrats require citizens to prove they are insured but they
    not only don’t require everyone to prove citizenship, they actively
    interfere with such attempts. On top of that, those who can’t prove their
    citizenship will receive free insurance paid for by those who are forced to
    buy insurance because they are citizens! (credit to atomic3939)

  3. WSOX Man

    Hey doppy. You post was weak and just dumb. What is not trustworthy of
    Stossel? Give an example or facts to back up you very weak statement. Then
    again, you most likely young and gullible liberal.

  4. JWH91969

    The problem with your statement is that there are more than just
    Republicans saying that this is a bad law. Unions,
    Independents/Libertarians, Old school Dems, & “Real” {not RINO} Republicans
    are & did see it for what it is. What it is, is a scam. Once the public
    gets a little more than a taste of this, you’ll see a huge shift in
    politics. Hopefully,,,, you will see what socialism truly is.

  5. JWH91969

    We have criminals because we don’t punish the behavior & let them back out
    on the streets. Adding more laws will create more criminals. We have to
    many criminals as it is, because the cost of living is to high. Why work
    when you can just take? Education is the third element. They aren’t getting
    the basics & are being pushed though. Fix those three things & we solve
    most of our problems.

  6. bigravensfan21

    The WHO’s standards are flawed. For example, when it comes to healthcare
    costs they count food stamp spending as healthcare spending, which would
    dishonestly inflate U.S. healthcare spending. But that’s just for starters.

  7. Josh Denbow

    if government could run anything properly I’m sure it would be. Social
    Security, medicare, medicaid are all going broke within 2 decades. the gov
    itself is17 trillion in the hole….sure…let them run healthcare

  8. TheJimboman300

    But what was their standard? If cancer survival rates are not a standard to
    measure the success of a healthcare system what is?

  9. Magiktcup

    Worst by the World Health Organisation standards. The USA is 38th in world
    rankings last time i checked between Costa Rica and Slovenia. Cancer is,
    surprisingly not the only thing we can measure. The USA spends the most and
    gets the least.

  10. JimmyGunXD556

    I forgot to mention, I do not understand the cost of having regulations?
    What does having speed limits cost tax payers compared to what it
    gernerates? Would these regualtions save money?

  11. JimmyGunXD556

    Does TV media have to make up everyone’s mind? The point of the Obama
    “terms” about the Duck example, is the fraud the hospitals and patience can
    create out of the system we have now. Not mention what lawyers can do to
    matter. Why do we need or have so many laws? BECAUSE WE HAVE SO MANY
    CRIMINALS!!! Fraud is why there needs to be so many regulations. No law
    expect it to be abused which is the real problem of healthcare costs. Not
    to mention all the bullshit disability being paid out.

  12. dean welcome

    wow got that change we where promised my personal heath insurance went up
    from 176 to 347 dollars thanks Obama you are doing a awesome job i wish i
    could pat you on your back and shake your hand.

  13. Pegasi

    Sort of, but you take it a bit farther than you can stretch it, reliably.
    Yes, military spending is a large chunk of government spending, but it’s
    not most spending. It’s in the 20s percentage. Entitlements, Medicare and
    Social Security are the biggest, and it’s only getting worse.

  14. Pegasi

    Why would we need single payer when 85% of people are already insured? How
    the hell would that work? How do we decide which 15% of that 85% ensures
    the 15% that don’t have the insurance? And what if someone doesn’t want
    insurance, doesn’t want to burden someone else with paying something they
    don’t or won’t use? Most of the 15% that don’t have insurance of some sort
    are healthy, younger people (like myself) who don’t want insurance because
    they don’t go to the doctor often and want to save $

  15. b1inbeing

    It’s not really a Democrat versus Republican issue. The problem is, all
    Presidents are CIA, and the real rulers of the US are the military
    intelligence services, and Obamacare is simply a way to make the public
    shoulder the full cost of corporate insurers, while most tax revenue
    continues to fund outrageous and unprecedented military expenditures… and
    secret black budget not authorized by Congress for those weird ventures
    like the arms running to Syrian rebels via Benghazi.

  16. Jon Engel

    If Obamacare was not written by, regulated by and controlled by our
    useless, incompetent, scheming, stealing, overbloated and power hungry
    federal government it might work. For all you stupid foreigners chiming in,
    you don’t know how it is to live under our federal government and don’t
    understand why most Americans hate everyone who works in the fed. Study
    some American politics and come back.

  17. Principessa1111

    Ummmm Im not buying it. After over 600Million of our tax dollars that
    website should be perfect. Oh and we could have just given 600 Million to
    the less fortunate and paid for their medical care and not had to deal with
    all this. But those of us who know whats in the obamacare know its not
    really about medical care.

  18. Elisa Freeman

    If you had only tried to tell the truth a little earlier maybe we wouldn’t
    find ourselves in this mess. There’s a valuable lesson to be learned
    here. Real journalism can lead a nation in the right direction. Sponsored
    content and partisan loyalty can destroy our nation. Please take the high
    road or you are complicit in the destruction of our nation.

  19. nom som

    I’ve been trying to apply on the website for the last two months I’ve also
    called I actually need the health care. The state that I’m in has blocked

  20. Veracious Trekker

    Do we want our choices, economy, taxes, and laws controlled by the bastard
    children of Marxist whores? REPEAL OBAMACARE, and lets get our country out
    of the ditch and back on the road so our grandchildren can have a life
    worth living.

  21. Eman Mcman

    5 million lost insurance, only 100k gained it. It’s safe to say the
    democratic party has decimated a large portion of America. Mostly those who
    actually believed in them. Leftist politicians can bash the president all
    they want, they are just covering their asses for comming elections after
    supporting this stupid idea. It won’t work though, people aren’t THAT

  22. Blackgam3r

    13 percent isn’t a high enough number in my opinion to seize the wealth of
    the majority to provide for people. I want somebody that’ll leave
    healthcare alone completely. 

  23. Joseph Schwartz

    AP: “The White House is rushing to come up with an unspicified fix as early
    as this week to counter the millions of health care coverage cancellations
    going to consumers, at the same time it promises improvements in a federal
    website so balky that enrollments totaled fewer than 27,000 in 36 states.”

    And the name of the article is “Obamacare enrollmen low ; Democrats unhappy”

    Democrats unhappy?!?!? Who gives a fuck!?!? How bout “Nation of people
    pissed off!!!” They ram this piece of crap down our throats that will cost
    probably 10 times what they tell us, and on top of that??? They’ve screwed
    it all up!!! 27,000 enrolled??? “Millions of health care covrage
    cancellations????? So let me get this right,,, They’ve taken trillions of
    dollars from us, promising better health care,,, and so far all thats
    happened is millions of people have been dropped?!?!? Way to go people. I
    hope your all happy,,, and choke on it!!!

  24. Dash Riprock

    By the time little flappy ears gets through f**king up our healthcare
    system he will have his finger on the trigger with insurance companies.
    I hope everyone of you liberal union pukes chock on this abortion.

  25. D3cyTH3r

    I love that the ppl who stand to lose the most from affordable healthcare
    are the right wing (hate to say it, but mostly Jewish), elite, who happen
    to own most of the media (inc’ radio stations) in the states. They’ve used
    this awesomely powerful tool to whip an anti obamacare media frenzy- and
    the average man on the street has fallen for it hook, line and sinker. 

  26. Danny Ovox

    ░░░░░░███████ ]▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ Bob is building an army.
    ▂▄▅█████████▅▄▃▂ ☻/ This tank & Bob are against Google+
    Il███████████████████]. /▌ Copy and Paste this all over
    ◥⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙◤.. / Youtube if you are with us

  27. myHome109

    Thank You Mr. Obama for teaching American society the “Politically Correct”
    method of engaging in Bigoted Discrimination against a minority group of

    As long as actions taken which are unequal towards only minority but the
    majority of citizens are not effected can now be construed as the
    “Politically Correct” answer to Bigoted Discrimination against minority

  28. non jon

    “The new ObamaCare rescue plan: Just don’t use…On Tuesday,
    the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) said that pretty soon
    private insurance companies and brokers will be able to enroll all
    customers directly, including those applying for federal subsidies. That
    means “people interested in buying health insurance under ObamaCare could
    soon skip the website entirely” read @ yahoo
    So this is their fix? ignore the over half a billion wasted on this train
    wreck of a site. I say boycott this flawed legislation known as ACA

  29. Miles Young

    Buck Sexton really did a great job explaining what is going on now with
    this plan and what the future holds for our country. Really sad.

  30. David Chen

    i thought americans were smarter than this. Obama have to literally fuck
    you up the ass, then you start to disapprove the sucker? you can see this
    man from miles away. 

  31. bruteresistance

    @topaboss And you sir are a fucking fool. Insurance companies were FORCED
    to charge more because the plans they are being allowed to sell must now
    include mandatory coverage for things that a lot of people don’t need.
    It’s a one size fits all kind of deal. The GOP has NOTHING to do with this
    turd. If you haven’t been paying attention, the Republicans didn’t vote for
    this thing. In fact they have been trying to stop it. The Dems told you
    “you’ll just have to pass it to see what’s in it”, Now even the puke Dems
    who supported it are running from it. I suppose that’s the Gop’s fault too?
    And I suppose it’s the Gop who lied to you too, and told you that you’ll be
    able to keep your current plan and Doctor if you wanted too, and that your
    cost wouldn’t go up one single dime, just the opposite of what we see
    happening. Give me a fucking break. You are a fool. Stop bending the truth
    to suit your political agenda. That’s all the Dems are, a bunch of lying
    blood sucking socialist scum bags.

  32. Enigmatic

    I’m signed up and benefiting already. If those re-pubs didn’t corrupt the
    website ACA would have over 10 million people enrolled by now.

  33. mj buttercup

    Twit one and Twit two were doing their dambdest to down play this disaster
    called obamacare. Guy on the right is just stating the facts. Liberals live
    in their own little fantasy land, I just wish they would stay there and let
    the grownups take care of business before they completely bankrupt this

  34. topaboss .

    Yes, blame Obama for passing a law requiring insurance companies to pay
    more for your health coverage instead of not paying at all, so they had to
    change plans to make more profit. what value exactly do insurance companies
    add or create? none! thanks to obamacare, which is a compromise with GOP
    instead of single payer like DEMs wanted, we got this. blame GOP for all
    issues, it’s always accurate.

  35. SickKnowledge82

    So let me get this straight, we can spy on governments and individuals all
    around the globe, coordinate airstrikes with RC drones from thousands of
    miles away. Wipe out Saddam Hussain’s airforce and air defense network in a

  36. evofd

    The Democrats keep defending themselves with the, “But the Republicans have
    no answer to how to fix the healthcare system.”, makes me laugh. The Dems
    are selling that dribble as if we as a nation had only two options, either
    jump from the burning building or vote for this disaster of a law. What
    they are trying to hide from is the healthcare system that was already in
    place was still the best in the world and the pre-existing conditions
    portion and children covered until 26 could have been fixed with a half
    page bill and not destroying the healthcare system and the economy, for
    that matter, as we knew it.

  37. halfstep67

    The should just call it for what it really is, hitlercare. It is the same
    thing. It is just another violation in our rights. The dark hitler strikes

  38. myHome109

    Dearest Intellectually Dishonest Derogatory Discriminator

    106,000 were able to purchase Obamacare but 7,000,000 lost healthcare
    insurance because of Obama-scam. That means 6,900,000 more people lost
    healthcare insurance because of Obama-scam than received

    More people have lost healthcare insurance because of Obama-math, than
    anytime in the history of USA.

    Progressive Intellectually Dishonest Derogatory Discriminator of Poor Math

    or much easier just to say,

    OBAMA IS A LIAR! Poor choose of words but it only effects a small minority
    of American, most people are effected by this statement.


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