John Stossel – Is ObamaCare Good For Business?

Rep Alan Grayson (D-Fla) and Subway franchisee Loren Goodridge give different perspectives on whether Obamacare is good for business.

25 thoughts on “John Stossel – Is ObamaCare Good For Business?

  1. tacob0

    . Here in holland we have a similair healthcare system and its basically a
    handout to insurance companys. And insurance companys do nothing but sell
    air. Banks and insurance companys dont contribute to society, they are only
    leeching from it.

  2. eric maurer

    That Grayson guy seems like a real jerk. His little smiles and
    condescending remarks. What a little weasel.

  3. foodrepair

    Your right! Still if Mitt Romney could stand up to big business & get
    healthcare passed in MA, why couldn’t 1 or 2 Democrat governors do the
    same. I think there’s wisdom in the 10th Amendment & we’d be better off
    with states doing healthcare rather than the 1-size-fits-all Obamacare we
    have now. But I guess the Democrats at the state level are as much in bed
    with big business as the Democrats in Washington with their bailouts,
    Obamacare exemptions and tax payer funded giveaways to big business.

  4. fzqlcs

    Hey! Give Obama credit for trying. Sure he is a dumbass bureaucratic
    political asshole, but he is very generous. Especially with other people’s
    money. Fuck that practical guy.

  5. belibates

    If your business model doesn’t include a provision to provide health care
    and sick leave for people preparing food, then your business model is not
    only wrong, it’s a public health issue.

  6. Mike Titolo

    that fuck with his shitty side smile, knowing hes a piece of shit. fuck you
    alan grayson, fuck you! you do nothing but sit back and spend money thats
    not yours on people who voted for you to steal it you fuck. you produce
    nothing, NOTHING! what wealth does he produce? what does he create?

  7. louiethegreater

    No I just patiently wanted to remind you of absurdity of your remarks. When
    you interject that others opinions are fallacies. Where is it written that
    you are the authority on fallacies.

  8. louiethegreater

    How could a nation jump off a cliff. Your statement alone must be some sort
    of fallacy. Draw me a cartoon of a nation jumping off a cliff.

  9. louiethegreater

    You are explaining the ” why” WOW shouldn’t you be aware of the why, before
    you start explaining it to others. I don’t know anyone who believes that
    birds and airplanes are the same. Could you give me some instances where
    people believe that.

  10. 177SCmaro

    I am fully aware of the “why” I referred to. And I’ve been very patent in
    explaining to you. The best you’ve been able to come up with for why I
    might be wrong is a conflation fallacy. And the bird/airplane thing was
    just an example demonstrating the conflation fallacy. You could do the same
    thing with any two concepts that share a superficial similarity, birds and
    airplanes, miners and earthworms, the planet Mars and a basketball, the
    military and health insurance……you get the idea.

  11. puppetsock

    Well… A month isn’t long enough to be sure where your govt is going. It’s
    interesting, and I’m keeping my eyes and ears open. But it is only a month.
    They’ve barely found where their desks are yet.

  12. 177SCmaro

    sigh…you’re not reading any of this very carefully, are you? I never said
    I was “fine” with any of it. I’m explaining the “why” of it. Why, despite a
    singular superficial similarity, government is at least party justified in
    one instance (because it’s necessary to do it’s job), and completely not in
    the other, (because it’s not it’s job whatsoever). Again, your argument is
    the conflation fallacy. X has a superficial similarity to Y so X=Y. A bird
    and a airplane both fly, so they’re the same.

  13. 177SCmaro

    Pt. 3 “You’re arguing that the night time sky and day time sky are too
    completely different things.” No. I’m arguing that the military and health
    insurance are two completely different things. You’re arguing that because
    they currently have one commonality, that we’re forced to buy them both,
    that means government has the power to force you to buy anything, even
    absurdities such as dump trucks, weather you need/want them. That’s why I
    said there’s something wrong with your ability to reason.

  14. 177SCmaro

    “Saying it’s a “Fundamental government job” doesn’t suddenly make it
    fundamentally different.” As I explained, defending personal freedom is
    government’s fundamental job which the military falls under. Forcing
    everyone to pay for that could be considered an necessary evil (as with all
    taxation). Forcing everyone to buy health insurance not only is not
    government’s job, it’s just an evil (as opposed to a necessary evil) as
    health insurance is not a necessity to defend personal freedom.


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