John McAfee: Obamacare Unfixable, Scrap it!

John McAfee, the founder and former CEO of the McAfee anti-virus software company, joins Alex in-studio for the first time to discuss his latest gadget, the …

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50 thoughts on “John McAfee: Obamacare Unfixable, Scrap it!

  1. Joe Hansen

    Two things you need to know: 1) By law, every federal agency has access to
    the personal info you enter into Obamacare’s system.

    2) Security expert John McAfee (of anti-virus software fame) says
    Obamacare’s website is so flawed and ripe for identity theft that it should
    be scrapped completely…and start over.

    John McAfee: Obamacare Unfixable, Scrap it!

  2. Ken Webster

    If you have never listened to an interview with John McAffee, he is quite
    brilliant and very interesting. This is one you might not want to miss if
    you have a bit of time:

  3. ManufacturedLack

    You should have never said those things about Bill Cooper. People think you
    are Bill Cooper, but Bill wasn’t an asshole like you. I usually avoid this
    channel, because I disagree with your style of waking people up. “Our great
    work”, is a disturbing parallel, to that of those who are opposed to a free

    Any idiot who wants Freedom, deserves to be freely dominated.

    John, you should go it on your own, stay way from these people.

  4. Wes Fordem

    Should obummercare be stopped?

    1. If it is, libs will blame Republicans for stopping reform, even if it’s
    a total SCAM.

    2. If it’s delayed, the Senate libs will get a delay in backlash, just in
    time to squeak through 2014. Remember, Americans have ADD and can be
    lemmings. Then in 2015, phase 2, when what was delayed comes to pass. Too
    late America!

    So, if this continues to play out, MAYBE Americans will finally say uncle
    to this insanity and get sick of foreigners laughing at them.

    BTW, this is all about obummer presenting his planned British single payer
    mandate to FIX it? You know how well that British thing is going. Why?
    Because who in their right mind would allow such a FAILURE in history?

    Someone mentioned that this is what he learned in school [Columbia], the
    FEW days he was actually there and sober.
    So, suffer temporarily, or terminally?

  5. Tommy Hammernots

    How is this dude on Utube giving advice? Wasn’t he just hiding in some
    canoe in Belize for killing people? Wtf?

  6. Cregg Lund

    His body movements, the way he jerks around, indicate Opiod addiction. PS.
    I doubt he would make a good president but he would certainly make a good
    Resistance Leader, Oxycontin and all.

  7. Cregg Lund

    At this point, they don’t need lease or purchase anything. Under Obama’s
    tyrannical rule they can simply use Eminent Domain to confiscate Amazon, or
    eBay, or Wikipedia even! If Obama really wanted a successful website then
    MicroSoft and Facebook, Obama’s butt-buddies, would donate the entire
    system in one afternoon.

  8. arthur zaoutsos

    im no expert but isn’t there servers for lease that could be brought online
    in like a day that could pick up the slack glitch what glitch it either
    works or it doesn’t the thing they seem to need is extra servers like
    Facebook did when anonymous threatened him and those servers are available
    to rent

  9. arthur zaoutsos

    my question was rhetorical i now he killed him his behavior was completely
    insanene in early behavior his neighbor went to complain about the the guns
    henchman and dogs and he killed him while wacked out on bath salt the
    police didnt just make up a dead body really pathetic to think some one
    with so much to live for wpuld just through away there life

  10. Cregg Lund

    Regarding the ObamaCare technical design. What design? Everything needed
    was already in place! All they had to do was clone something that already
    works, like Amazon. I am also a ‘good programmer’ with a degree in Computer
    Science (Cal Poly, SLO ’87) and there is no way you can screw up this bad
    without trying. I think this whole “website” glitch is just a way to
    totally destroy our current healthcare system so that they can move us to a
    single payer system. IE From chaos comes order.

  11. addis11100

    you are contradicting yourself. You said for a lot of work that is fine and
    than you said is big. You are saying indian programmers are
    less talented than britsh programmers?

  12. Marcus Riley

    Fox News has been Gate keeping for the establishment way before Obama was
    even running for President his first time around. I discovered this when
    they called anybody who had questions about 9/11 a nut job simply for
    asking questions about it.

  13. Olen Soifer

    While I agree with the judge in regard to her statements about the NSA, to
    bash the administration in their effort to prevent bad health care plans
    from being renewed, is ridiculous…and those are the health care plans
    that are being cancelled…those that don’t mean certain standards.

  14. guitarhaus

    Obama’s whole presidency has been based on lies since he started to
    campaign !!! It is not a presidents role to Dictate laws that is congress
    who has that right according to our constitution, again Obama just
    disregards the comstitution and sets rules and regulations much like a

    People shouldn’t sign-up which would make this Obamacare FAIL !! yes, we
    need Healthcare but Obamacare is not the answer. the people that support
    it are all the people that haven’t read it and have no idea what it is.
    Sorry, I don’t TRUST Obama..

  15. Timmy Smith

    Obama is a great president and you shouldn’t say anything bad about him.

    The Obamacare website just needs some more time to be set up. After that,
    everything will work out great and Americans will get great health care.

  16. Viper Jay 5

    Why should we all have to stand at take Obama’s shit? He LIED to every
    single American and this plan is very much a train wreck. We do not have to
    deal with this! We need to impeach Obama now! It is obvious they knew all
    along what this law was about. They most likely knew it all along and just
    say ‘they’d have to pass it to see what’s in it’. I think that meant they’d
    have to pass it so we could see how screwed we all were going to get.
    Seriously, this is absolutely ridiculous! This was ‘suppose’ to make
    healthcare cheaper and more affordable and yet it’s going up and up for
    many Americans. That is not what this law was suppose to be about and that
    in itself should be enough to impeach Obama and his moronic administration.
    This is out of hand now and it’s hitting hard now so it’s time to stand up
    and fight back against this crime against America.

  17. Linguiphile

    I love the way Judge Jeanine points out the hypocrisy and lawbreaking of
    the Left. But, I do get tired of conservatives calling them “Liberal”.
    There’s NOTHING liberal about the political Left. They are intolerant,
    closed-minded, violent, and strive not to promote liberty but rather total
    control over citizens. Stop calling these Nazis, “Liberals”!

  18. William Paul

    I’ve never seen so many pissed off Americans in my life, and it’s only
    going to get much worse. I don’t think we need do much of anything at this
    point … except sit back and watch Obama finish destroying himself and his

  19. bertha yellowfinch

    Look at the dirtbag who designed obamacare. Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel — who
    thinks himself especially brilliant, a quack who kept killing his patients,
    a quack who decided the government owns our bodies and can harvest at will,
    a smelly quack who made numerous trips to Japan to view their heinous
    medical experiments. Obamacare is not medical care. It’s quack care.
    Nothing more, nothing less.
    And it’s deadly.

  20. Sissy Clinton

    My insurance will go up $300 over half of what I pay for rent. Will the
    white house and the President enroll in the Obama care? Obama care is less
    just like the medi cal or Medicaid program that only if you are low or no
    income. This means these peope of entiltlment are the only one who wil
    benefit and taxpayers like me lose.

  21. Mass Tea Party

    Judge Jeanine Pirro Opening Statement – The #Obamacare Scams 11-10-2013
    #msnbc #cbs #abc #cnn #democrat #republican

  22. Joe Hansen

    Not every patriot wears a uniform.
    Thank you, Judge Jeanine Pirro, for carrying a torch for the middle class.

    Judge Jeanine Pirro Opening Statement – The Obamacare Scams 11-10-2013

  23. MaxOneMedia

    Obama needs to be arrested and impeached if Fox News does not say this then
    they are just gate keepers helping Obama, in my opinion.

  24. Jay M

    Stealing money from people to subsidize others including freeloaders,
    illegal aliens and Congress member is criminal.


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