Jay Carney: Yes the Sequester Idea Was Put Forward by the President’s Team

Jay Carney admitted tonight in an interview with Bret Baier on Special Report that the sequester idea was put forward by the president’s team.
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Sanders on Sequestration

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25 thoughts on “Jay Carney: Yes the Sequester Idea Was Put Forward by the President’s Team

  1. willie smith

    He can be Removed yes but he is not in the wh legally as a us citizen therefore cannot be impeached as he is not the Commander in Chief but could be criminally prosecuted for a number of crimes aginst the USA & around the world. Drone’s coming to a neiborhood near you.

  2. bransonlights

    Oh please…just one more thing Obama has lied about and quick to point fingers away from himself. A true leader takes responsibility and action. This dictator should be impeached, congress needs to get off their overpaid behinds and do right by the Americans who make up this country and for the benefit of our future. This is rediculous. Obama is hurting all Americans and he has the attitude that he is untouchable.

  3. Kevin Town

    When this Country completely crashes, the Elites will fly off to their tropical locations where their wealth awaits them. They will socialize in the sun with their wealthy friends, and hard bodied prostitutes, and laugh about how they profited off the backs of the working enslaved. I just wonder what other fruitful Country they will squeeze, to keep their lust of wealth quenched, while the rest of us share a box of Macaroni & Cheese for dinner.

  4. sonny0888

    This guy lies more than “Bagdad Bob”, Iraq’s information minister who was on television saying that no coalition troops were in Bagdad while you could actually see the troops in the background! You tell ’em Jay, I mean “Bob”!

  5. Stuntman Mike

    2 twits on the twat box – that was fun to see some squirm and fluster outta of ol’ Carney –

    FOX is garbage as is TV in general but that anchorman sure put the wrench to Carney’s Ballz pretty good…

  6. juelzrobinson46

    The seqester is not Obamas idea it was formed by the GOP the president agreed to it so that congress would raise the debt ceiling… For all u dickheads thats talkin but dnt know enything,Oh & theres nothing to impeach Obama on u jackass…

  7. cajun812

    Basically, when you have such a lack of knowlege of fundamental First Principles as liberty (much less fiscal acuity to solve basic math), you really shouldn’t put yourself out there like this. The basic game plan since day 1 for this socialist-communist administration has been to hide, dodge, defer and deceive, and when necessary, put forth ridiculously impossible and detrimental conditions. 1,500 days without a budget! A TP supporter, I’ll take ‘idiot’ over traitor!

  8. Robert Speed

    Basically Boehner said we need a gun to our heads before I can get these idiot Tea partiers to raise the debt ceiling. Okay call it a sequester. Will that make those idiots happy.

  9. kybookiemart

    Yes, I agree. Entitlements like corporate welfare to the biggest companies in the nation and easy money to wall street. It’s not the “welfare queens” who are driving our debt. It is the largest corporations and most fortunate among us who refuse to chip in like the rest of us. What is especially sad is some ordinary people throw in their lot with the billionaires and blame the average citizen for “not working enough” and “taking handouts”. The American people deserve better.

  10. scott Bond

    The American people don’t understand the issues because politicians like this are not telling the truth! Unless Entitlement programs are addresses, tax increases on the rich will never allow us to balance a budget, let alone pay down the debt.

  11. jannmutube

    “…rivers and seas boiling…”? It would be wise to make smart spending cuts. Also, the debt may soon surpass GDP and that won’t be good.


  12. jannmutube

    According to “McConnell Brue Flynn macroeconomics 19e”. Congress passes spending bills (Congress holds the purse strings) but business subsidies and tax break expenditures can only be paid out of what is domestically produced (the GDP). The American tax system is mostly progressive and is considered the most stable tax system. However, our production (GDP) can fall short of what has been agreed upon in subsides to business or tax breaks, Subsidies or tax breaks — its all fiscal policy spending.


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