Issa subpoenas company that warned of flaws

House Oversight Committee probes ObamaCare security.
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Senator Menendez Demonstrates How Easy the New Website is to Use

Senator Robert Menendez demonstrates the easy-to-use new website which is a product of teh recently enacted Health Insurance Reform Legislatio…
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5 thoughts on “Issa subpoenas company that warned of flaws

  1. Robert Rogers

    i would love to but it never works. been trying sense midnight so i assume
    its that busy 24hrs a day about every 30 it says website crashed hmmmm did
    it ever work

  2. Bob Eldridge

    Thank you so much for your informative video and link. I am confident that
    our government with your help is going to help all Americans get affordable
    healthcare. Unlike the naysayers, I do not think that this healthcare is
    going to break our country’s budget. We already pay for the uninsured via
    higher premiums. This is going to level the playing field, hold insurance
    companies accountable, and provide the benefits enjoyed by those of us
    lucky enough to have plans to all of us.


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