Is President Trump redefining the Republican Party?

President Trump riled up conservative voters in a fiery speech at CPAC Friday where he took on his favorite foil — the press. After one month in the Oval Office, is Trump changing the core of the Republican Party? All week long Republican lawmakers have seen voter frustration up close in boisterous town hall meetings across the country as voters upset about the Affordable Care Act confront Congress directly. From immigration to transgender bathroom rights to rising anti-Semitism, the culture wars are heating up in America’s heartland.
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20 thoughts on “Is President Trump redefining the Republican Party?

  1. slovokia

    Parties are more about getting and maintaining power than they are about ideas or principles. Eventually Americans will appreciate the right of simply being left alone to pursue their own ideas of happiness unmolested by power hungry megalomaniacs like Steve Bannon.

  2. BlueBaron3339

    This is the only political panel program left that is run professionally, meaning nobody is shouting and nobody ever interrupts another panelist. It's also the only program of its kind where women are not stepped on my male reporters as if they not even there.

  3. Picasso_DalĂ­

    …What we're seeing is a very strategic decision to establish A DICTATORSHIP. Why don't these people call it like it is? Tell us what's truly going on here, that our political system HAS A CANCER, and this cancer will destroy our country. Trump is the cancer and needs to be removed before we perish as a nation.

  4. Ruby Moon

    main street media are all corporations that under elite established government. This is new revolution in 21 century. Everything is benefit the top and CEO that lobby government. CHANGE

  5. Ed Wilkins

    You are Not a racist bigot or a bad Christian b/c you believe all persons entering the US must be screened for criminals, terrorists, infectious deadly diseases and contraband?

    "Illegal Immigrants are actually only undocumented Democrats from Mexico."- Jay Leno

  6. gun fan

    This is so ridiculous!!!! Obamacare has been such a mess, even the guy who created it said who ever voted "to see what is in it" are stupid! Not to mention those of us who have good jobs are paying outrageously high premiums and co-pays for people who are not willing to support themselves. This is another example of agenda filled horrible reporting.

  7. Rosa Stephens

    Is President Trump redefining the Republican Party? Yes.He is attempting to snatch the White working class from the clutches of the Democratic Party.

  8. Tina Archer

    I am proud of our President and he stands for what our Parties should have been and had been. They just gradually took over and started smashing the American People. The foreign students was educated while the American people no longer could send their American Children to College. There is better retirement for the exempt, better healthcare for the exempt. What part of that is American. The Exempt Group and the other people in America. Bull Crap. It's time someone stood up for the legal Americans whithin this Country. We have been the ones paying the taxes and keeping the Country going. Their are a bunch of Proud Americans that don't want to live on welfare and be owned by the government. We have pride and want to provide for our families. We don't want to stand in the soup lines and welfare lines to get through life. Yet there are generations of welfare now that don't want to work. They tend to be the druggies, sitting around on with bunches on their porches. Think they are living the high life.

  9. Sheila Kinney

    Trump loves attention and the sound of his own voice. Couldn't "govern" himself out of a wet paper bag.

  10. Dusty Harman

    Yes and no, Trump is just revealing their true nature and Antichrist spirit in the repubcunt party. Kkk white power and they hate the poor, talk jesus love love all day but no action ..Just todays pharisees hypocrites Like in Jesus day..Their all evil devils children the tares, and Trump is Lucifer.Nothing Godly christ like about none of them especially Trump. Democrats are action and don't talk Jesus, they just do what christ says..

  11. Psycho Killer

    shit, it looks like the same republican party to me. .. war on drugs, private prisons, asset forfeiture, no medical plan, outrageous defense spending… the list goes on.

  12. Cheat To Win

    Give you your country back? What the fuck are these people talking about? Your country never went anywhere, it's still here. We are all Americans. We all pay taxes (except for the President). These people are delusional.

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