Is Obamacare Fix Constitutional? – Charles Krauthammer – The Kelly File – Fox News – 11-14-13

Is Obamacare Fix Constitutional? - Charles Krauthammer - The Kelly File - Fox News - 11-14-13

Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer, joins Megyn Kelly to weigh in with his take on the President’s attempt to fix Obamacare, and what the lasting effec…
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What you don't know about Obamacare could kill you

Frank Rosenbloom M.D. at the 2013 Oregon Right to Life conference. April 20th in Portland, Oregon.

41 thoughts on “Is Obamacare Fix Constitutional? – Charles Krauthammer – The Kelly File – Fox News – 11-14-13

  1. bctvguy

    Check out Obama’s latest ratings on Gallup. He is down in EVERY
    demographic from 2 to 23 percent. – including among blacks and liberals.

    GOOGLE: Obama Approval Down Most Among Hispanics in Past Year

    ON YouTube watch:
    Obama’s latest approval DOWN in EVERY demographic


    It was DOD (DEAD ON DELIVERY) and still is, since this EXPENSIVE
    catastrophic wealth confiscation Ponzi scheme has garnered zero confidence
    by Americans, even McAfee security officials and technicians have stated
    that the Obamacare website is riddled with embedded high-risk security
    hazards that serve to activate identity theft by third parties of all
    personal information, SS#s, and banking router #s that offsite hackers
    (probably located in a covert NSA warehouse) can easily access and drain
    bank accounts of those who register, and they cite that Obamacare was
    clearly and intentionally designed this way from the get-go.

  3. Sherwin Stern

    Barack Obama has been one of the worst presidents of all time. This is what
    happens when we let liberalism run wild. The national deficit keeps rising,
    unemployment keeps rising, the economy is in shreds, and now to top it all
    off, ObamaCare is becoming a huge burden on many people. It’s time that we
    (the American People) stood up and said enough is enough. ENOUGH of all the
    Democrats’ idiotic policies! It’s time for common-sense Conservatism. If
    you want to know why liberalism is a detriment to society (and why
    conservatism is much better) then I suggest you check out my YouTube

  4. nucsol

    This whole thing is just sickening and once again it’s the American Worker
    who gets hurt. All this govt does is hurt the working class and they’re not
    going to fix shit because they’ve gotten away with selling out the American
    People for decades. I’ve already been knocked off of my plan and the new
    one is going to cost me 11,128.00 a year/214.00 a week with a 5,000.00
    deductible compared to the same plan with a lower deductible that cost me
    6,084.00 last year and the punchline is I make 14 bucks an hour. That’s
    29,120.00 a year and I have car insurance, taxes and renters insurance I
    have to pay. Me and my co-workers are going to take a 100 dollar a week pay
    decrease making our take home 250 bucks a week and this is just fine with
    Obama because according to him we’re the 5%. He’s a lying piece of shit who
    cares about nothing but his legacy and the destruction of the middle class.
    He knew what would happen as he stood there preaching about what American’s
    had already been through with the economic crisis and now the govt
    shutdown. He needs to be shut down and the people are beyond pissed,
    they’re getting down right hostile over this. DHS purchased billions of
    rounds of ammo and now we’re finding out why? How much more can this nation
    take before the people finally stand up to these parasites and demand this
    country be restored to sanity? IRS, Fast and Furious, Benghazi, Libya,
    Egypt, Syria, a mountain of Executive Orders, NSA Spying and now the
    blatant betrayal of the Amecan People. At what point do we do something
    about him? Or is our nation not owned by the American People anymore?
    Because as the people bleed no one in our government has the balls to stand
    up and tell the truth and the truth is we’re bankrupt, we’ve been betrayed
    and our nation has been sold out to the Banksters and the Corporate Elite.
    Kind of sad when everyone in this country would like to see Washington DC
    get nuked.

  5. Unklebillybob

    I have family members living in more than 7 states. When we try to compare
    the monthly health costs for all of those states we find there is NO
    Continuity in the fees. At this point we are demanding to see EXACTLY how
    much we have to pay each and every month, and EXACTLY how much our
    deductibles will be.

  6. Haji al Kidya

    Charles is a remarkable man, to overcome the odds like he did and become
    the success he is. This proves that, in America, anything is possible.

  7. Haji al Kidya

    Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer, joins Megyn Kelly to weigh in
    with his take on the President’s attempt to fix Obamacare, and what the
    lasting effects will be to liberalism and the Democratic Party in the
    future if it fails.

  8. Andy Watson

    the oba fix is called OBAMACREME makes sign up easy, fast and painless,just
    bend over and apply liberaly anotherwords have liberal spead it.

  9. outforsushi

    insurance companies aren’t going to break the law just because obama say he
    won’t prosecute them for breaking the law

  10. Haji al Kidya

    Obama is changing the law of Obamacare as he goes along. He can’t turn
    around in mid-stream without tipping the boat…This is unconstitutional.

  11. Carol Maule

    If we don’t have insurance, can’t afford any just getting by, but don’t
    qualify for assistance, unless we don’t eat. Will the government put a lean
    on our house and take it if we get sick ? When my mom went to a nursing
    home 40 years ago they wanted him to sign his house to them for charges.
    She was on medicare and insurance plan could they take our childrens
    inheritance? God bless us

  12. trent ankney

    What people tend to forget is that the healthcare plan that Obama was apart
    of spent MONTHS going through the house and senate. Re-write after re-write
    and I can guarantee that the fines you get for not having healthcare and
    the like is the 1% GOP screwing the people over in pay back for all the tax
    hikes they felt this year. 

  13. ShrinkTalks

    At 29:48. Cancer in on the rise. Check out the France studies on GMO food:
    youtube video – BREAKING! French GMO study finds Horrific Tumours in Rats

    Not to mention the radiation from smart meters. Check out the youtube
    video – SMOKING GUN: Proof of Red Blood Cell Damage from Smart Meters –
    Take Back Your Power Sneak Peak

  14. ShrinkTalks

    At 25:50 Why is America more violent? I agree, there are many reasons – one
    is the massive number of people on anti -depressants. Many of which say on
    the inserts that they may cause you to feel homicidal or/and suicide. check
    out the video: ABC: Prescription for Pain 8-06 (Zoloft suicidal

  15. cindy crain

    He better not get a 3rd term, he is a liar, a cheat and I am from a family
    of several Military members in my family. My Dad 22 years Navy. Passed away
    and couldn’t even get a plaque because he and my Mom had a headstone.
    Thanks. But don’t believe for 1 minute he is bringing the military home,
    what was it 4 years ago he said. Well us military families know better. My
    daughter in law is leaving in January for Afghanistan. But he’s bringing
    them home????????I cannot stand that Muslim. All the people should have
    figured out he lied the 1st term, and you voted him in a 2nd. Don’t cry
    about the Obamacare, if you voted him in. He said he was going to put
    America back to work. Well if you worked anyway you would have insurance if
    you could afford it that is. We pay 800.00 a month. It’s a shame. How is a
    minimum wage person going to be able to pay. Just Thank the Lord your are
    not a Vet. People on Welfare are treated like Royalty than a Vet. Seen this
    w/my own eyes.

  16. ryan lacey

    Your abortion debate is so wrong. What if she was raped? Raped by her
    father? Incest? Abortion is needed in multiple situations. 

  17. Northeastshooter

    By Kirk Allen
    THE ALLEN REPORT 12/02/13
    Obamacare is a resounding success !!!
    The administration clearly has adjusted the minor kinks in the Obamacare
    website well within the deadline period forced upon them by the
    Republicans. The Democrat promise that millions of Americans would be able
    to complete enrollment after November 30th has been met.

    One thing every clear thinking progressive and loyal Democrat voter should
    take away from the problems with the rollout is that the Republicans should
    not be trusted and that the Republicans should all be voted out of office.

    President Obama needed 1 to 1.5 billion dollars to create a workable
    website but the obstructionist Republicans only allotted $634 million, so
    of course there was going to be potential problems. Many Democrats
    verified the fact that Republicans hacked into the website causing it to
    crash. It was the Republicans who promised that if Americans liked their
    doctors they could keep their doctors, NOT the President and it was the
    Republicans that continued to lie and tell the American people that the
    site would be running on November 15th, which it was not.

    Every step of the way, Republicans have thrown roadblocks in front of a law
    that they supported and voted for. It was clearly a bipartisan effort that
    allowed Obamacare to become law with a majority of Republicans strongly
    supporting the President in both the House and Senate. It was the
    Republicans who continually pressure the Supreme Court to agree that
    Obamacare was constitutional. They did all this to make the Democrats look
    bad; but it backfired. How un-American.

    But the American people with the guidance of the Democrats realize that
    President Obama caught the Republicans in their lies and told the people
    the truth that millions of Americans would lose their health coverage
    because of the Republicans. It was President Obama that told Americans
    that their health insurance premiums would, in some cases, triple by 2015.
    It was President Obama who was honest with the American people that
    thousands of doctors would leave private practice causing a doctor shortage
    and that hundreds of hospitals across this country would close because of
    the Republicans. Not one Republican accepted responsibility for the health
    care disaster that will decimate the savings of millions of American

    These selfish Republicans pass a healthcare law that was clearly
    unconstitutional. Created a disastrous and unworkable website they had
    three years to complete and they failed but in just three weeks the
    Democrats got it to work.
    VOTE DEMOCRAT IN 2014 !!!!


  18. Pab key

    This is what I’m talking about. I might be wrong, and I might be right, but
    we are done with this world. We are in trouble.

  19. Miles Brodie

    Some people can’t get jobs tho because of past and current medical
    conditions so which leads to them not being able to afford current modern
    care what are does ppl suppose to do? All these other countries have
    universal coverage why don’t we

  20. iowa girl

    Thanks for this video. It is all true an the predictions that you made, I
    am with you on them. People keep talking about the unintended consequences
    with this law such as transforming the work force into a part time work
    force. I don’t think it was unintentional. All is done by design. I do
    wish or maybe I missed it, that you would have mentioned the forced home
    inspections, new unearned income tax on selling your home, the registry of
    all medical devices and the RFID card that may also be an implantable
    device. Also how our medical records will be tied to our financial records
    for the “convenience” to pay at point of service. So there will be access
    to bank accounts and all this will be on-line and vulnerable to hackers and
    the abuse by the IRS/NSA…and so on.

  21. susan taylor

    some comment that other countries have universal healthcare so should
    we…and yet how many people live in those countries? I think Cal has more
    people than all of Canada? So are countries with the same population as the
    US having success with universal health care?

  22. Jay M

    Forcing us to buy “insurance” beyond what we need is wrong. Forcing us to
    subsidize freeloaders, illegal aliens, Congress members and Obama’s cronies
    is criminal. The best way to reduce healthcare costs is to make people
    directly responsible for their own. Making people less responsible comes
    naturally to a financially irresponsible government.

  23. lovefunkrockmusic

    PrisonerNumber9653 : you should read up on History of Health care before
    you make ad hominem comments. and Hitler was a socialist he was a national
    socialist. Progressiveness and Liberal mean the same thing now a days.
    during Teddy Roosevelt ‘s time not so much. he was a Republican and he was
    progressive which is what some of the Republicans are today. Anarchy would
    be King Henry the eight. 

  24. Americanjazzlady

    America is not socialist!!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
    Jesus Christ is Lord and God and America is a Judeo-Christian nation
    founded on godly principles.

  25. pokitisme

    hhmmm odd that the white house new in 2010 that at least 93 million would
    lose hc so wheres ur argument of health care for all-oh and dont forget
    with all ur whining uve had a utube page for 4 years and in that time u
    cant even afford a camera-check my playlist for youtube trolls—to get
    properly owned.oh and if this guy is wrong point out what parts and back it
    up with facts—ur a troll and never will prove him wrong.oh and ur hatred
    of sara palin is stupid-dems say we need death panels

  26. JohnnyD421

    This guy is totally misleading everyone! If you truly are not a dumb
    american, you will give this video a thumbs down and research obamacare by
    weighing out its pros and cons according to your needs. At 11:25 his “house
    caught fire” example is sooo stupid. What if that sick person was
    himself??? He wouldn’t be saying no to obamacare then. What a moron!

  27. lovefunkrockmusic

    How can people not see the Hitler reference. he created the first universal
    health care. socialist national socialist, communism progressiveness they
    are all the same.

  28. t4705mb6

    Obamacare was DESIGNED to be the final nail in the USA Constitutional
    government “By The People”. This isn’t a “mistake”. Obamacare was VERY
    carefully designed to DETROY the USA over MANY years. (I know a programmer
    who was working on it WELL before 2009 when I met him.) If you think what
    the UN psychopathic collectivists have done so FAR is horrible … you
    won’t BELIEVE the HELL their “Obamacare” is going to bring you, the ENTIRE
    USA & then …. onto their GLOBAL fascist police state!!


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