Is Donald Trump for single-payer health care? | Fox News Republican Debate

Is Donald Trump for single-payer health care? | Fox News Republican Debate

Republican presidential candidate: I’d like to see a private system without ‘artificial lines’
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20 thoughts on “Is Donald Trump for single-payer health care? | Fox News Republican Debate

  1. Robbie O

    News flash, Rand! Four Republican presidents supported a single-payer health care system (Teddy Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford) before Reagan and the Bush family crapped all over the Republican Party. The Republican Party used to be cool before you crazy right-wing Christian extremist conservatives came along.

  2. Pepe AtScratch

    "I don't think you heard me, you're having a hard time tonight."

    Trump isn't my favorite candidate, but the dude's a fucking savage.

  3. kevin fox

    Say what you want about Trump buddies exposing the myth of the limited government small government Republican

  4. Scott Apple

    Here's what I know…the best way to go is member sharing. The cost is much lower, and it's approved by the ACA law as an alternative. LibertyHealthIndiana dotcom tells all about it. It's amazing. only $199 a month for an individual, $500 annual deductible, then the organization pays 100% of eligible costs up to a million dollars per medical event. You can keep your own doctor, and you save a lot of money.

  5. Mac Vizzle

    i dont know what Rand was getting at. Trump said he wanted a privatized system and to allow insurance to be sold across state lines. not at all like single payer.

  6. Ben Vargas

    not sure how anyone could vote for trump, probably the least educated about politics and just spouts whatever his advisers tell him to say. people are more appealed by his tone and willingness to say anything no matter how stupid or inaccurate it is

  7. Krista A Martin

    A 71 year old lady got a job through Kelly, decided to keep herself sharp and physically in shape, after she got her 1st paycheck they took away her dental coverage. That's just scary! That nice older lady never did anything to you, you people are frightening!
    They couldn't comprehend the BCBS brochure, that reads $5,100 out of pocket maximum.

  8. Krista A Martin

    Your nursing staff has tattoos, bolts in their faced and piercings in their genitals, their a chain gang literally into hard core porn and their insurance adjuster reversing the charges on procedures that were already covered by BCBS is obviously something nobody needs. The out of pocket maximum is $5,100 as stated in the brochure, they sent a bill for $6,000 dollars proving that they are legally literally ignorant.

  9. Krista A Martin

    It's your health care, what's wrong with pro-Russian? Either way the surgery isn't covered, 2 health care policies and you still owe 6 grand, why don't you keep attacking my country. Clear that bank account right out like trench warfare!

  10. Krista A Martin

    You won't sell the United States Military land in its own country because you don't want it to breed. 

  11. Krista A Martin

    Can I buy land in my own country now?
    My dad is a retired licensed building contractor in the State of Michigan.
    Maybe you don't belong in my business.
    I own Studio A., Inc., and I'm still waiting for my 2nd Military Art Show at the Gerald R. Ford Museum in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

  12. Krista A Martin

    I bought Blue Cross Blue Shield, the gold plan, the most expensive plan they have. Then you said that I had an extra plan to cover the cost, so that's 2 health care plans that you claimed I had. I go in for surgery, paid about a thousand dollars in bills after and now, I just got another bill 9 months after the date of the surgery asking me to pay 6,000.00, frankly I think your broke and gang bangers for money.
    You saw that expensive gold plan that I pay for and decided to reverse the bill and gang bang me for 6 grand in cash.

  13. Scratchifier

    It's so fun to search up twitch streams with "!songrequest" in the title and add this video to the song queue. The reactions are HILARIOUS xDDDDD

  14. talkasec

    It may have worked in Canada, but I read an article where an American, while visiting in Canada, got deathly sick and he needed medicine bad.  They would not treat him because he was not in the system.  Poor guy barely made it out alive before he got back to the states and received proper medical attention.

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