I’m Young and I Need Health Insurance: Malik’s Story

Malik is looking forward to seeing his options and enrolling in the Marketplace as soon as it’s up and running. Find out how health care is changing – in 214…
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22 thoughts on “I’m Young and I Need Health Insurance: Malik’s Story

  1. HealthCare.gov

    Malik is a 23 year old bartender and server who works in the restaurant
    industry. He works on his feet all day and like millions of Americans,
    Malik does not have health insurance because he can’t afford it. #getcovered 

  2. raultalbot7

    It’s been over a month now and I still can’t get back on-line to sign up.
    “Marketplace message waiting” has been on my computer for 3 weeks and I
    can’t get the message. BTW…. what does HTTP400 mean?

  3. jwcoleman73

    So Malik needs insurance. What happens when he finds out that that visit to
    check out his foot is still going to cost 2000.00 out of his pocket BECUASE
    his subsidy only covers a bronze plan that covers 60%. He will pick up
    overtime to pay his bill and lose his subsidy. This is a program that
    promotes under achieving and punishes the hard workers who work 2jobs to to
    make ends meet. I work hard to pay my bills. Health reform good idea.
    Obamacare bad idea.

  4. 2ndAmendmentX

    Let’s interview this guy now. How was his visit to the website on October
    1st? Is the load off his shoulders now?

  5. oldschoolchartist

    Malik, You’re going to end up paying about twice as much under the ACA plan
    that had it not been passed. The reason that children up to age 26 are
    covered under their parent’s plans was to keep the sticker shock out of the
    view of young voters. When you turn 27, instead of paying 60-80 bucks per
    month for a basic catastrophic plan you will be paying 150-200. How’s that
    hope and change workin’ out for ya?

  6. randalljames1

    I lost my insurance… I dont want or need the services offered on the
    site.. and now I am screwed…. thanks guys.. you did a wonderful job with
    taking over what I already had ….

  7. Rich McGinnis

    I just signed up without a problem. This is long overdue by 70 years and
    don’t listen to the FEAR – False Evidence Appearing Real.

  8. Chris Courtney

    My friend makes $25,000 a year. I believe the government gives him a $130
    tax credit each month on average to purchase healthcare. This is not solid
    because we both live in Texas and they are trying to slow down the process.
    This is based on California rates. If you are even lower than that I
    believe the state simply pays for it. Your cost would be around $3 to $15
    bucks a month if you are well below the line.

  9. Jorge De Feria

    Look in Google for “Subsidy Calculator”. There are several “ACA Subsidy
    Calculators” in the Internet that can tell you, according to your age and
    household income, how much money Obamacare will put to subsidize your
    healthcare plan if you have a low income. (I know the link, but Youtube
    does not allow to paste links here)

  10. Laura Behle

    My big question is, what happens after you turn 26 and your income is just
    above poverty level, which unqualifies you from medicaid yet the cost of
    insurance is too much?

  11. slaternsd

    I live in California. I am above 26 and I make above poverty. My employer
    doesn’t offer health insurance. In my state, I am already able to see what
    it is going to cost me per month to have Silver 87 coverage. The cost per
    month is $303 for the premiums. However, I am eligible for $208 in
    subsidies. This means I will pay $93 a month for health insurance. I also
    have a pre-existing condition so I was denied by all other insurances
    previously. Now I can’t be denied for the pre-existing condition.


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