I’m ObamaCare – Glitches

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25 thoughts on “I’m ObamaCare – Glitches

  1. bobuo7

    Right Wing logic (illogic): “The website’s servers are being bombarded by
    both requests from legitimate users and right wingers using DDOS bots,
    therefore the premise of the Affordable Care Act is flawed.”

  2. Jerry Hess

    +aodzen That’s being stupid. Of course it’s not the EXACT SAME PEOPLE. But
    this is the government: almost everything they do operates through
    bureaucracies, so of course you can expect the bureaucracies behind the
    website to have some kind of an effect on your healthcare.

  3. Janice M. Eisen

    What a great SF movie! An alternate universe in which insurance companies
    solve your problems quickly and efficiently, with no bureaucratic hassles —

  4. Rhombus Labs

    rnc couldn’t think of anything better because they didn’t think anything
    needed to change. they have no alternative, they just want the law to fail.
    why? it’s because they think you’ll blame someone other than them. they
    sure do get creative when someone sets them up, but this video says more
    about the rnc than it does anybody else. it’s a rather villainous way of
    trying to win elections, especially when the story it tells is that you
    don’t want to govern for the people.

  5. ron sanchez

    Wow sounds like 911 when you call them more people are trying to get
    insurance than people going on Amazon I’ve heard stories of Facebook.
    crashing remember when MySpace would be slow 

  6. Dwane Porter

    Yes – it easy to say the have no problems – but can you can pair all of
    private sector policies through one website? NOPE. You have to spend day
    / weeks looking at each provider.

  7. fauxpasiii

    Cute, well-produced ad. Sort of glosses over the nightmare of our current
    for-profit healthcare system though. More realistic would be Nancy
    helpfully telling the private sector guy that because he filed a claim, his
    policy was being cancelled and now he can’t receive care.

  8. Jerry Hess

    I say this because: if traffic overloads are busting it to the point it’s
    likely to not get any better any time soon: then what does that say about
    the timely and accurate healthcare when you really need it? If it’s so
    glitchy and sucky that nobody is going: What does that say about the
    quality of the actual healthcare you’re going to receive? They couldn’t put
    up a website that worked for applications, you think they’ll manage
    healthcare any better?

  9. Jerry Hess

    Umm, OBAMA claimed that it had so much traffic that it was clogging up the
    lines. The GOP pointed out that nobody was registering and that the system
    was so glitchy and such a pain in the ass that people were completely
    giving up on it regardless the fact the President was continuously pushing
    them to do so. So I have no idea what you’re comment is trying to argue,
    because either way: so much traffic the whole damn thing busts for
    everybody or nobody went because it glitched: both are terrible.

  10. Jerry Hess

    This video SUCKS, like straight SUCKS. It has a piss-poor design, it’s
    ripping off Apple’s PC vs. Mac thing from years ago, there’s no props
    whatsoever which makes it look really weird, and finally: the fatter guy
    that got sick was a sign that Microsoft was bloated with people and gave
    half-ass service that bugged a lot, unless the argument here is that
    Obamacare has more supporters(doubt it): The application doesn’t work. This
    is all said by somebody that dislikes Obamacare.

  11. Robert Willey

    Why is the GOP 5 years late to every internet fad? MacVsPC parody? really?
    I can’t wait for gangnam style commercials in 10 years.


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