I Don’t Trust The Government! Dwight Yoakam Explains To Piers Morgan Why People Have Gun Rights

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25 thoughts on “I Don’t Trust The Government! Dwight Yoakam Explains To Piers Morgan Why People Have Gun Rights

  1. TheWaldrip

    Dwight is 100 % right…has anybody done a background check on these past killer, they all look Psyco. On top of it some of these Drugs they have Kids and others on makes them so dull that even Sex doesn’t do it for them and only killing does. Why can’t we have more Reporters check that out instead of the same old “Let’s get rid of the Guns” story….

  2. infyrno917

    The government won’t use nuclear weapons on the people. It would be like trying to defend your family from home intruders with a nuke, everybody would just die. Get real here. There’s not enough drones to combat a massive insurgency, and as someone already pointed out, there would be base takeovers. If you have a rifle you could commandeer an armored vehicle, just pick them off when they stop to switch patrols. Plus our military would NOT go along with this nonsense.

  3. LouieG7777

    The government may have nukes, buy the people outnumber the government and I guarantee there would be base takeovers.

  4. JDsgreatz28

    i have been trying to figure out how in the heck piers made it this far in life, my only answer is he was a rich boy who/s parents bought him his success.

  5. JDsgreatz28

    “Handguns are an equal issue as assault weapons” – Piers Morgan , hey piers handguns caused over 6000 murders last year, and all rifles combined caused under 600, i didnt know they didnt teach math in the UK.

  6. sfcofi martin

    Piers should not talk for the military when he has never worn the uniform.  He sure as hell dosn’t talk for me.

  7. ah4t0o

    Great Interview: the red coat has the flu and the burned out country star is drunk. Its all about promoting their burned out acting career.

  8. Time2RebelNOW

    maybe iceland too if there well off enough by then in there recovery. and if theyre smart enough to realize that if america falls the game is over. and why would any tyranny nuke its people, the land would be worthless and no people to control. maybe if hitler had 1 he would have used it at the end instead of a gun but otherthen that just technology wise i think they are worse odds then we had before. even the the brits had larger number technology was the same level.

  9. green ting

    Every Monday morning at 7:30 AM, Piers Morgan will wake up from a huge massive hangover. He always invites all 50 of his Hell’s Angels biker gang buddies over for weekend gang bang orgies. Piers wakes up with dried jizz stains on his face and suffers chronic pains in his a#nus. He awakens to find his home trashed from non stop partying with left over heroine needles, beer bottles and garbage. Usually some of his expensive d*ldos either go missing or are stolen by his gang.

  10. green ting

    At work when using the CNN studio washrooms, Piers Morgan steals used urinal cakes and licks them completely dry. He then proceeds to licking off nasty hairs on the floor and for lunch he finds turds to eat from un-flushed toilets. At home he dresses as a cheap hooker but can’t seem to find big enough high heels. He puts pink lipstick on while surfing men’s chatrooms. BEWARE: Piers Morgan tries to seduce men in public washrooms all over New York City.

  11. Dhamre1

    Its true Piers cannot understand because he came from a country where he was a serf under the crown, which explains why he was another lemming that simply took his flu shot because he thought all the other sheep were doing the same…

  12. TheBardicDruid

    I don’t know why people keep trying to explain freedom to Morgan, he’s never lived in it, he’s used to being a subject of the crown, not a free man.

  13. WRockW10

    I can’t believe your own government would be dumb enough to set off nukes and kill everyone around you and yourself.


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