Howard University Students Talk About Obamacare

Michelle Fields interviews students at Howard University in Washington DC about signing up for Obamacare.
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“SHUT UP, YOU’RE WRONG!!” Greg Gutfeld and “The Five” slam Bob Beckel and liberals who say that conservative should apologize to uninsured Americans.
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36 thoughts on “Howard University Students Talk About Obamacare

  1. William Russell

    Why ask college students. LOL Becuase it’s a ponzi scheme like SS, without
    the young paying for the old and infirm it will completely collapse and
    quickly. We call that not making a profit and going bankrupt.

  2. Boobalopbop

    OK… Why ask college students if they will sign up for any insurance? They
    have medical insurance through their school or they are still under their
    parents plan. I don’t know what this girl was trying to prove with this
    piece but, she likely won’t find anyone signing up for their own medical

  3. RichPeru63

    Anybody who thought Obamacare supposed to be free is clearly delusional.
    Wait, I forgot this was heard on a college campus…thus, I’m not too
    surprised. Anyway, Obamacare benefits no one and everybody pays. In the
    end, this program really is about government power enslaving us citizens
    even more.

  4. Casey Rokkedit

    Good looking group. Their answers were no surprise to me. I was too busy
    getting my degree to think about health insurance and was covered by my
    parents when in the US. Also, I had an accident and was simply taken to the
    emergency room. Otherwise, there was a clinic on campus for the minor

  5. Frank Patek

    I notice that the interviewer is the whitest person on campus. I guess the
    other part is that why sign up for it if mom or dad will cover you until 26
    anyway? DOOM for the law.

  6. mr.fedup

    come on people. give this zombies a break. we all been duped by the matrix
    at one time. shit, i bet if i pick ur brain u still buy into parts of the
    matrix. is not the color of their skin that makes a person a dummy, is the
    matrix programing, saying is the color that makes them idiots is prove
    enough u too are brainwashed by it.

  7. Pokin Smott

    The millennial generation has been renamed to Generation DUH.
    People under 30, as a whole, are the most ignorant group of 20-somethings
    this country has ever known.

  8. Tim J

    I expected racist comments on here. Just pathetic this same channel has a
    black man who stands up and attacks Oprah for calling out racist. These
    pieces of shit do need to die out.

  9. Trevor Allen

    I kinda was hoping that their first question would be if they supported
    Obamacare and then ask if they were getting, but still heard some really
    hilarious answers. Shows how unsuccessfully Obama has been trying to inform
    the country of his hiped train wreck, though after hearing about all the
    lies I probably wouldn’t trust anything he or his cronies say unless there
    reading the law word for word. 

  10. Longeno55

    I think for the average intelligent person here in The District of
    Columbia, that is not a raging Obama sycophant, the bloom is definitely off
    the Obamacare rose – and that’s not a bad thing…

  11. Jon Engel

    Why do black people think they are less intelligent while attending
    college? A few classes in sign language or african studies doesn’t improve
    the deficiencies in logic that comes with the primitive negroid brain.

  12. Perry Hughes

    Don’t worry about my schooling, I didn’t vote for this socialist! Out of
    everything I typed the only comment from you was my use of words? That’s
    what is wrong with this country now! Go stick your head back in the sand
    and just hope it all gets better like the rest of the country. Be a good
    American and just take what they give you!!!! 

  13. Scott Harshman

    I believe that all of our elected officials should apologize to the
    American people for being greedy, lying, bought and paid for pieces of

  14. Jay M

    Obama & the Democrats are hypocrites. They requires every citizen to prove
    they are insured but they not only don’t require everyone to prove
    citizenship, they actively interfere with such attempts. On top of that,
    many of those who refuse or are unable to prove their citizenship will
    receive free insurance paid for by those who are forced to buy insurance
    because they are citizens. (credit to atomic3939)

  15. Joseph Davis

    Also some of the best hospitals and doctors will have limited to no
    coverage in Obama care, all the people that need they’re help won’t be able
    to get it.

  16. Greg Quady

    I may disagree with Bob often, but I can tell that he is a good man,
    regardless of his political stance. A guy who went through as much trouble
    and hardship as he did deserves my respect.

  17. Joe Price

    In regard to Bob Beckel…………….you dont have to smoke crack to have
    a clear head ! lol How did he get that job and is he related to Juan
    Williams ?

  18. Joseph Davis

    Sooo, it’s fine if people who couldn’t afford care get care, and working
    people lose their coverage? Really? That’s a really stupid mentality.

  19. xoxak888

    If I don’t have money to drive a car, I would take a bus. If I don’t have
    enough money to ride a bus, I would ride bicycle. If I don’t have enough
    to ride a bicycle, I would walk. The moment you get used to hand outs,
    you are throwing away your dignity and self pride. People should be
    encouraged to stand tall and be responsible to self. 


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