How do Obamacare subsidies work?

A common question we hear in our customer care center is: Can you explain how the subsidies work? 1. People who live in the U.S. 2. Are U.S. citizens, U.S. n…
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Today, Rep. Greg Walden (R-Ore.) and his colleagues on the House Energy and Commerce Committee continued ongoing oversight of Obamacare by holding a hearing …

26 thoughts on “How do Obamacare subsidies work?

  1. IYQUC (read those letters)

    The biggest question I have is about when the subsidy, if any, is applied.
    Is it simply subtracted from your total bill each month, or do you pay the
    total amount and get 12 months of subsidies refunded to you along with any
    tax refund? Anyone know?

  2. KEPoles

    +wetdog13811 You can decide to use the tax subsidy to either reduce your
    monthly costs or reduce your tax bill. It is your choice.

  3. Dana Whatley

    Are you serious? How many people are dying on the side of the road because
    of no insurance? This train wreck is actually going to make it WORSE. You
    will now be expected to pay your deductible(in some cases over $12,000)
    BEFORE a hospital or doctor will see you. Any hospital in this country has
    always been required to see a patient regardless of their ability to pay.
    NOW they are just going to patch you up and send you packing!!!

  4. Erik Guerrero

    So its three percent per person? So if there are 3 kids and the 2 parents
    would that be 5 people times 3%, so 15% of your income?

  5. Jacob Johnson

    Not to mention, you won’t get turned down for having a pre-existing
    condition, being a women or a minority. Or even just flat out poor. If you
    repeal this, are we just going to let all the uninsured die?

  6. wetdog13811

    what they are leaving out is the subsidy is in the form of a federal tax
    refund credit… at the end of the year. that means you buy a $500 a month
    plan you pay $500 a month cash out of pocket at the end of the year you owe
    the government less in income taxes. add to that the ridiculous deductibles
    and it winds up being cheaper (if your under 35 and healthy) to pay your
    medical costs out of pocket for normal, doctor visits, lab work, dental,
    vision. w/ or w/o insurance The ER will still see u

  7. wetdog13811

    you are missing something very big the subsidy dose nothing for your out of
    pocket expenses, it only reduces what you owe at tax time. this is a huge
    myth about obama care. this is going to bankrupt people because its so

  8. carol phelps

    what about children who are under 26 who do not have insurance , what are
    the qualifications ? do I apply for them or do they need to do it on there
    own? neather one is working!

  9. John Temple

    logical and FAIR — this is one of the best — easiest to understand —
    presentations of the affordable care act subsidy —- it illustrates how
    the program CANNOT cost you more for healthcare insurance UNLESS you can
    AFFORD it — = logical — the “affordable” care act NOT the “free”
    healthcare act = logical and FAIR ———-

  10. TheLordofcookies

    This is a corporation not the government. A online insurance company wants
    to help you understand the ACA and has provided you a CORPORATE phone
    number that you can call if you want to discover more about what the law
    means and its implications. eHealth has yet to say they support the bill
    only that they want to EXPLAIN it.

  11. mia namey

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  12. TheLordofcookies

    The way they worded it is a little weird but actually bronze is cheaper for
    you and you still receive the subsidy. The thing about this is that the
    government subsidy is based off the 2nd least expensive silver plan.
    However if you chose the bronze plan you can save money and get the same
    subsidy. You’d just likely get different benefits.

  13. TheLordofcookies

    Can you link me to any articles or material where they explain this part?
    put the [.com] in brackets to link.

  14. hess400

    From the way I obtain this , it looks like we will be paying more out of
    pocket for a more bare bone type of plan. Its almost like they are forcing
    people to choose the bronze! hmmm Fishy??

  15. TheLordofcookies

    The video is difficult to understand after only one watch but there are
    many others that give you more background information on their website. You
    should visit it and become familiar with the different aspects of the law.

  16. TheLordofcookies

    Let me explain that a little more. If you got the 2nd least expensive
    silver plan you would get a subsidy (400% FPL is assumed here) of $136 and
    out of pocket would be $364. But if you chose the Bronze plan you’d still
    get the $136 subsidy, you’d just be paying $264 instead and you’d be going
    on your merry way.

  17. TheLordofcookies

    People don’t have to understand it but eHealth has provided the resources
    for people who want to understand it to do so. There are many other videos
    that are more basic and if you want to see those then you can visit:

  18. TheLordofcookies

    Well, can you explain to me what you don’t like about the bill in
    particular? Any of its subsections of parts that you disagree with in
    particular? I know I don’t like the one where companies have to provide
    health insurance if they have more than 50 employees. That’s far too small
    a number of employees and it puts a burden on them that might prevent
    greater growth. The number needs to be higher.


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