History Lesson: Trump’s Rise Might Signal the Collapse of the Republican Party, with Sean Wilentz

History Lesson: Trump's Rise Might Signal the Collapse of the Republican Party, with Sean Wilentz

Princeton historian Sean Wilentz says that from a historical perspective the rise of Donald Trump signals the end of the Republican Party as we know it — and a worrisome new politics. Wilentz’s new book is “The Politicians and the Egalitarians: The Hidden History of American Politics” (http://goo.gl/eZNJVT).

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Transcript – The Reagan coalition was based on an alliance between on the one hand small government for big business conservatives on the one hand and the kind of cultural resentments, especially among white working-class Americans, on the other. They held those together. It was a very reliable way for the Republican Party to retain national power. I think that’s come unglued. It’s come unglued for a variety of reasons, 2008 being one of them because the Republicans had not much to offer their working class followers except what, more tax cuts? Cut Social Security? Donald Trump understood that. That was one of the reasons that he was able to come in and take the nomination for himself.

He understood the class aspects of all of this in a way that the Republican establishment just did not. They were coming for all the old bromides and he came along and said no, no, no. He had the tax issues – but can we can even compromise on the tax stuff. Minimum wage, maybe not such a bad idea, but free-trade, free-trade, free-trade. I’m going to be the man who can make the deals. Now, that is not the typical Republican establishment or even typical Republican line.

So he was able to move to the left, if you will. So he’s on the left of the Republican Party, he’s more like Bernie Sanders in many ways on some issues than he is like in the Republican Party. And at the same time he’s doing all the xenophobia, the racism and all of that. So where is the center to all of that? I don’t know, which is really what makes him I think, and this is where the Clinton people have to be very concerned, it makes him a very unpredictable candidate. It makes him very difficult to gauge. You kind of knew what you were getting with, certainly if Jeb Bush had gotten the nomination or if Ted Cruz had gotten the nomination, two very different people, you kind of knew what was there. With Trump, who changed position that he held at 9:00 in the morning with great fervor, can change it all by 4:00 in the afternoon. I mean this makes it – we’re not dealing in a fact-based universe here, we’re dealing in reality television. It’s something that no political consultant I think has quite figured out.

If he becomes president will he be able to do everything that he says he’s going to do? No. We do still have a constitution. If he suspends the constitution, as you might imagine in some fantasy, we were under great attack or something and he suspends the constitution, then there we have a crisis that we’ve never faced as a country before except possibly in the case of secession in 1860 to ’61 where that was a constitutional crisis that ended up in with 750,000 a military dead. I don’t want to go through that again.
But can Trump do whatever he wants as president? Can he become a dictator? Only by suspending the constitution of the United States. Under the constitution of the United States there are plenty of checks and balances on him. Not as much as you might like it though, from the military he is commander and chief so it would be a crisis presidency. Read The Full Transcript Here: http://goo.gl/hzBwwE.
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20 thoughts on “History Lesson: Trump’s Rise Might Signal the Collapse of the Republican Party, with Sean Wilentz

  1. lilbeserk

    Liberalism is FINALLY put into their grave! Enjoy the NEXT FOUR YEARS Democrats! Whiny Ass SJW'S. Coming from an ex Demo for over 40 years (in Commifornia).

  2. Righteous God

    Bwahahaha. Fucking pure propaganda. Hillary Clinton having a 97% probability of winning. LMFAO-ROTFL Under President Obama, the Democratic Party has been decimated. From 2008 to 2016, he cost them over 1030 elected seats nationwide including massive losses in Congress, state legislatures, and governorships. With Donald Trump's election as President, the Republican Party is now stronger than at any time in history since 1928. MUAHAHAHA Keep living in your liberal echo chambers.

  3. Daniel

    "Making deals" is not at all the same thing as "Free Trade", and Trump has been the antithesis of Free Trade. And if there is a Party on the verge of collapse, it's the Democrats, though to be fair the Republican party is not particularly stable either.

  4. Albir Tarsha

    Trump is a consummation of the Republican party. His Presidency will be Reagan 2.0: The Second Coming of The Reagan Revolution.

  5. Andrew Godly

    I'm tired of Trump this Bernie that. I want a big think video not a pre/post election YouTube video

  6. Maneuver Gang

    I think people will accept this video a lot more now that the election is over. Who wants to join my new political party?

  7. Curia Regis

    Garbage analysis. The underlying economic and cultural presumptions here are typical left-wing nonsense. We have already trashed the constitution, Bush and then Obama have behaved more like tin-pot dictators with their executive orders than any Presidents before them. The spending of the government is so far off the leash of what was intended by the founders, of what was supposed to be allowed under the constitution, that we are now 20 trillion in debt. Trump wants to get constitutionalists on the supreme court whereas it is Hillary who wants the "flexibility" to continue Progressive decisions from the bench, which is a continuing deterioration of our constitutional principles.

    Pseudo-intellectuals like this are part of the reason for Trump- they speak this narrative that weaves history and economics and culture all together and sounds so smooth, but there are so many underlying presumptions that are false. Even though this is only five minutes long I could spend hours debunking what he says here.

    Garbage analysis.

  8. JenoPaciano

    Anyone who calls Trump xenophobic or racist needs to get their facts straight. Preference for the US over Mexico is called nationalism (as opposed to globalism). Mistrust of Islam is called anti-islamism (see antisemitism). Stop misusing language, you cucks.

  9. Submersed24

    … how about Hillary the end seeing the level of corruption she shows? Or how she threatened to shoot down Russian planes?

  10. J.D Beck

    Both of the major party candidates are terrible, and we all know it. The best way for either of them to get elected is to destroy the candidacy of the other through some scandal; hence why we have seen so many. They both have disqualifying events in their recent past that should have prevented them from getting this far. We as the populace have witnessed the categorical destruction of our future president whether they be Trump or Clinton.

  11. jesusgzzesq1

    "We're NOT dealing in a fact based universe here."
    Funny. That's how I feel when I argue with Liberals/Clinton supporters.

  12. MsTheresaKelly1

    Trump is as much a criminal as Hillary, just look at the history of Trump Towers!!!!

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