25 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton’s Health Care Plan – Eustace Mullins

  1. John Constantine

    Keep in mind that Obama Care is not *socialized* medicine since the
    government is not running the medical system. Instead, Obama Care, forces
    citizens to buy insurance from *private* corporations. It is simply a
    large piece of legislation that forces you to buy insurance.

  2. MissJack5789

    This is really interesting. There were 4 videos in this series which break
    down exactly who the Clintons and other infiltrators of the American Health
    Care system are really with. Where are the other 3 videos in this series?

  3. Robert Cox

    Hillary care is Obama care wake up people They just kept trying to get this
    act voted in by Congress by the Corrupt Obama Chicago is one of the most
    Corrupt City in the US 

  4. Edward H McWhirter


  5. TheRapeOfJustice

    @Toltecnology but as Eustace showed the same people behind the resources
    monopoly, the Federal Reserve monopoly, the Judicial monopoly and the
    Educational monopoly are behind the Medical monopoly. In areas where there
    is no vaccination, there is hardly cancer and no multiple sclerosis or
    chronic fatigue syndrom, just like in Europe and the US before the
    Rockefellers started their vaccination programs. ‘Murder by Injection’
    shows how the Rockefellers established their evil Medical monopoly.

  6. Toltecnology

    @TheRapeOfJustice males so that black people won’t support Barack. The
    white people are always gonna go whichever way the propaganda machine wants
    them to, but black people won’t. So the corporations and neo conservative
    element try and stranglehold and hold them hostage by the aforementioned
    methodology, and it still isn’t totally working. When people of color
    figure out they can take over the American govt then the world will get
    better and even probably be saved as well.

  7. Toltecnology

    @TheRapeOfJustice The people take over the American govt then the
    corporations have to comply with what the people demand. It’s a dirty game
    though. Very sad.

  8. Toltecnology

    @TheRapeOfJustice Yes I agree and the Irony is that the Rockefeller
    foundation sponsored more research into indigenous cultures methods of
    healing than any other group on earth. All the while sponsoring other
    forces to wipe out the cultures they have placed the research missionaries
    in in the 1st place. Learning all the indigenous methods and one hand
    seeming to promote it; when really they are sponsoring demonizing of real
    healing by other media outlets. But you are correct:)

  9. xpo35

    To me, it’s one of the greatest writer, Christian, patriotic, economist,
    historian and American hero of 20 th century and all time.

  10. Toltecnology

    This was very interesting. The Cilton’s health care plan was awesome. All
    the opposition to universal health care is insane. Over 800 million dollars
    spent last year treating crystal meth addiction alone to people that have
    no health care. In the richest country on earth? That is crazy. Hopefully
    Barack can get it done in the next 4 years. Media opposition against him is
    fervent and deranged. People that listen to all the stupid hype about
    Barack are fricking insane. Barack is Totally Awesome!

  11. UnoRaza Back Up

    “They became our Bankers, Politicians & media owners.” Don’t forget Masonic
    LEOs: ARMED police and military! (These assets were used to takeover
    Russian/Chines/French in TREASONOUS coups our KOSHER teachers call
    “revolutions”?!) ” Their goal is to obliterate the middle class!!” They
    called it “Free Trade” and identical economic games were used to bring down
    the Roman Empire by displacing local workers!

  12. Toltecnology

    @TheRapeOfJustice health care period…ever…It’s insane that we do now.
    That pleading told Alex Collier “we cannot fathom how you have to pay to
    live on a planet that you were born on”. Private control over resources is
    the problem, not universal free health care.

  13. TheRapeOfJustice

    @Toltecnology the media are also controlled by the same people. Eustace
    Mullins’ ‘Who Owns the TV Networks?’ shows that ABC, NBC and CBS are owned
    by the Rothschilds, Rockefellers & Morgans. Of course these clans, who own
    it all, want to give the impression that the majority is conservative. The
    only progressive candidate in the US Presidential elections is strange
    enough a Republican. If you take away from the Rothschilds the right to
    print dollars and euros, you’ve started a Revolution.

  14. Toltecnology

    @TheRapeOfJustice If people quit participating and cooperating with it it
    wouldn’t work. But people think all this analysis is gonna do something and
    it ain’t. we have a social revolution in the works, but people think it’s
    the govt or the Illuminati organizing the occupy movement and it isn’t.
    It’s like Noam Chomsky said “our govt has one flaw the elites hate and it
    is that the people can take over the govt”. The corporations put out secret
    unspoken mandates to not hire black

  15. Blackperll66

    Eustace Mullins, the greatest historian and patriot of our postmodern era.
    Mr. Mullins work has truly blessed my life by opening my eyes to American
    history. I could listen to him teach all day. RIP Mr. Mullins. Thank you
    for providing a model of what a true American patriot looks like. <3

  16. Oona Craig

    Hillary’s plan has been passed as Obama’s plan. This isn’t a health plan
    but a death plan — control by the Evildoers over every American’s health.
    When you’re in the hospital and you die, no one is suspicious as to the
    cause. It is “death by doctor’ — a Talmudic Bolshevik technique (and the
    one that Stalin feared the most).

  17. Tom Patriot

    The Zionists are deliberately destroying all Western countries! They
    immigrated into our nations and then secretly declared war upon us! They
    conspired to take control of our nation’s infrastructure through carefully
    orchestrated acts of TREASON! They became our Bankers, Politicians & media
    owners. Their goal is to obliterate the middle class!! For a FREE
    informative BOOKLET & video on the Zionist-engineered INTENTIONAL
    destruction of White people go to: youtube. com/watch?v=n663eVTSyS8

  18. vaccinescause autism

    they gave us cancer, autism….. through drugs, vaccines, junk food, water,
    even air, then they charge us big money to get us killed by chemo,
    radiation. Only jews can do such dirty business, make profit and make kill
    at same time.


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