Hillary Clinton Talks Legal Marijuana

Hillary Clinton said that she wants to make marijuana available to those who need it for medical purposes at a CNN town hall meeting on Tuesday. This position is more open-minded than her previous…
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Hillary Clinton Refuses To Comment On Keystone Tar Sands Oil Pipeline

June 16, 2014 CBC News http://MOXNews.com ONE TIME ONLY DONATION https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=MHT8PM5BPSVC8 .00 ONE…
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24 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton Talks Legal Marijuana

  1. chocomalk

    I would vote for Palin before I would vote for Killary.
    It’s a good bet she will be known as “Mrs. President” soon enough though.

  2. TheHypnotstCollector

    She has brain damage and isn’t responsible for her actions. You can’t vote
    for the bwitch. 

  3. Richard Baran

    Booooooooo! Just another fake ass politician. We need a human in the White
    House we have got to stop voting for these corporate robots Democrat or

  4. lostinbrisbane

    What bullshit-“..basically hot away with it..” When referencing Russian
    ‘invasion’ of Georgia. Nice little embedded fkn lie. This is basically an
    infomercial for retards.

  5. Awakened citizen

    “sometimes it takes an emergency to focus the mind”…..so what happened
    with Benghazi Hillary??? not much focusing going on there,you must not have
    considered that an emergency. God I don’t understand what people see in
    this bitch.

  6. VsAStarr

    Aww Empress Hitlery Clinton sitting down with fellow Bilderberg attendee
    Peter tax-payer funded Mansbridge. An amazing interview…

  7. Awakened citizen

    “we have a lot of woman governors….I’m talking on the democratic side.”
    lmfao!!! Yeah because it doesn’t count if you’re a female conservative
    governor only democrat woman candidates matter hahahaha what a fucking
    cunt. Does this sound like a woman who gives a shit about a woman becoming
    president?? The only woman she cares about becoming president is her. I’d
    vote for Palin a thousand times over before voting this bitch in.

  8. TheNova1960

    I see a major take down of Killery via Senator Rand Paul in 2016 and as
    Hillary would say “What Difference Does It Make!”

  9. BrotherWoody1

    She may be a suitable leader for the Milquetoast Canadians but the last
    thing we need is another Clinton or Bush. Obama took her place in 2008 &
    fulfilled her role to a T. 4 for 4, now’s the time to end these dynasties.
    The North American Union has no less an objective than Canada & Mexico
    being a totally subsumed into the US—Manifest Destiny. An “economic
    powerhouse” doesn’t remain one forever. The “American experiment” is about
    to come crashing down on all of our heads.

  10. Peculiar Potato

    Softball questions. Dammit Peter u had the chance to ask some real
    questions and you blew it!

  11. Virtruvan Solace

    “If not you who?” well, the better female candidate who doesn’t have a
    record of supporting wars such as in Iraq, and isn’t funded by major
    investment banks. Actual Progressives don’t support Hillary Clinton,
    despite the media championing her as our candidate; we want Elizabeth
    Warren in 2016.

  12. garytcw

    Democrats don’t want her, they rather have someone they don’t know with no
    record that yell cheap slogan all day. She is nothing but a boogeyman to
    give democrats a sense that they are choosing something. Same thing last
    time, same thing this time. 


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