25 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton Congressional Hearing: Combats Benghazi Questioning

  1. Jack Wade

    This woman wanted to control the United states
    she was repeatedly asked for help from the American’s in Benghazi.
    she not only refused to help them her refusal caused their death
    is she upset, NO, is she spending money to help their families? NO
    Instead she is upset she got caught hanging an American agency that was
    part of a previous administration out to dry.
    These narcissistic puppets will do anything to gain center stage and star
    in the Broadway play for their masters, the Rothschild banking cartel.
    Hilary has more people protecting her house than Benghazi had in a hostile
    Who does she need protection from???
    If the police are good for us, certainly they are good enough for people
    that cause more harm than good in the world.
    The fact of the matter is, somebody is selling out our special ops teams,
    and they are dying, who sold out seal team 6 and why.

  2. John Doe

    ABC is “garbage” for trying to paint Hillary as a victor in this; fighting
    back! What an f’n joke! Watch her full testimony. Not to mention, no one
    recalls their detailed moments of emotion while reading them word for word.
    The Clinton’s are garbage.. for over 3 decades of corruption and deceit…
    I can’t believe she’s still around… She’s like herpies; you can’t get rid
    of her… Hopefully that tumor will do its job and rid us of this filth…
    She will trigger a violent revolution in this country for sure. 

  3. Todd Lackey

    This is a disgusting display of “Mainstream media” and how they distort and
    withhold key information and make it point to try and stick to Republicans.
    Portraying them as the bad guys here. They, Hilary and the White House,
    outright lied about this from the very beginning in order to save his
    election. The sad thing is that the DemoLemmings only watch garbage like
    this and believe every single word. This issue should be a BIPARTISAN
    issue, just the same as the VA issue is. The question is, why are the
    Democrats so afraid of the rest of the world finding out the truth?

  4. mcinty12

    Republican or Democrat, all these Politicians are Pond Scum !!!! The
    Federal Government is broken! Unless the Citizens Rise up and take back
    America, We are doomed !

  5. kev vin

    There is a rumor going around that shillery has a brain tumor. If so I
    hope it makes her feel the same way Ambassador Stevens felt as he was dying

  6. Frank Day

    She’s at the end of her tenure, so she’s throwing herself under the bus to
    protect her boss, and her future. In England we would describe her as a
    liberal, spelt G. U. L..L. .I B. L. E. Anyone fancy opening a book? What’s
    the odds on the next secretary of state being a muslim brother?

  7. Philomath Sypin

    Watergate? Really? Worse than Bush reading a children’s book upside down
    when the planes hit? When he got the memo from the CIA saying that “Bin
    Laden serious about attack on US soil” months earlier? There is a lot that
    Obama should be held accounted for (like drone strikes on US citizens
    abroad, spying on US citizens, sucking up to Wall street, etc.) but this
    isn’t one of them. Your dissection is simple, and partisan nonsense is

  8. descheenie1000

    These two individualism, who are communism, couple don’t belong in The
    United States of American. their should be in China of Russia. lol…:)
    since they don’t like American people!!!!!!!

  9. Mayday

    @Mark G Hilary is a lying sack of shit, those “radicals” where doing
    exactly what we would do if a foreign country bombed us for no reason while
    everyone was sleeping , based on a lie, you’d do the same if a foreign
    power invaded your country, set up embassy’s, and killed women an
    children…. It called self defense an those people in Iraq, Afghanistan,
    Iran, Libya, and Pakistan have every right to be pissed off…. The US is
    just a huge gang of bankers, corporates, politicians, and Freemasons.

  10. Strawberry Plains

    That is the most stupid, ignorant, comment that I think I have ever heard
    from a politician. “WHAT DIFFERENCE AT THIS POINT DOES IT MAKE”?? Is she
    brain dead or what? It was her job, she left men behind!!!!!! WE don’t
    leave our men behind in a war zone to be killed!!!! WE send them help!!!!
    The ask for months!!! Everyone one of this Administration needs to be
    removed for lack of duty to the American People

  11. t dolan

    actually bush was attacked constantly. But who cares? Both parties are
    funded by the same people, the bankers primarily. What did Obama do to help
    the economy? Gave a trillion to the banks. When are people gonna understand
    that they are destroying this country on purpose to bring in a one world
    government? Your rebpubs and dems are funding al Qaeda in Syria, at the
    same time taking your rights to defend you against them. People aren’t
    going to wake up are they? FUCK


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