Henrico County GOP Mass Meeting March 24, 2014

Henrico County GOP Mass Meeting March 24, 2014

This is a condensed version of events; the prayer, the Pledge of Allegiance and some dead time were removed from this video. Events in this video are also no…
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Majority Leader Eric Cantor interrupted at Rice University with a Mic Check by Rice University grad students, in solidarity with Occupy Houston.
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28 thoughts on “Henrico County GOP Mass Meeting March 24, 2014

  1. Henrico County TEA Party

    Pay close attention from time stamp 5:55 – 6:08, you will see a gentleman
    down front in a brown jacket stand up and make his way to the right up the
    aisle and speak with a woman. This is Ray Allen, campaign strategist for
    Eric Cantor and he is going to speak with Kristi Way, Aide to Mr. Cantor.
    This was just moments after he tried to broker a deal with Russ Moulton,
    who we had asked to be our nominee for Temporary Chair for the Mass
    Meeting. (“You let us run the Mass Meeting and we won’t slate you”).

  2. Shelby Chandler

    The Prayer and Pledge and some dead time? Look, I know that this message
    is supposed to be about serious issues, but if you do not think that
    someone will not turn this message into, “Conservatives and Tea Party
    considers Prayer and Pledge as “dead time””, then you are mistaken. Rule
    of Thumb: Never, ever cut out Prayer and Pledge. You risk losing both your
    true message and momentum..

  3. Christopher Lorenzo

    Republicans and democrats one wears stripes the other wears polka dots but
    they both smell the same….. Corrupt

  4. Sergio Verducci


  5. CONSTITUTION For Sale!!!

    Their never in a position to discuss the concerns of his constituents he
    has them arrested…CANTOR REPRESENTS THE 1%!

  6. Slashtap3

    @forrestrt1 And the reason I am arguing that it is not a free speech issue
    is because your original post slanders the Rice’s pres while you actually
    don’t know where he’s coming from. It’s not that he’s censoring the
    speaker’s opponents, supporting the speaker, opposing the speaker, or
    anything in between. He’s just hosting an event, and it’s his job to see it
    through without snags. It’s too much to call him a hypocrite because he’s
    trying to curb disruption.

  7. Sloozer45

    @quizerry Before the US/Afghanistan War, no war in US HISTORY had been paid
    entirely on credit. The Republican Administration in the White House under
    Cheney/Bush funded the ENTIRE Afghanistan War on CREDIT -roughly ONE
    Trillion dollars! Then, the entire US/IRAQ war ENTIRELY on CREDIT–
    another, roughly ONE Trillion dollars. Also, the price tag, so far for
    funding the “War on Terror”– wait for it- ANOTHER ONE TRILLION dollars.Now
    THERE’S spending of a drunken sailor -lower quality of life!


    Neo-con fascists are experiencing the Modern Day equivilency of riding the
    rail or Tar and Feathers. The majority of people are awake now and have had
    it with the corruption. Politicians, especially Rethugs/Neo-cons are
    nothing but fascists and need to be shamed right out of public life. They
    have bought off the media & the politicians and have over-reached.
    Americans are not as Dumb as these folks think. Perhaps someday our I can
    be proud of my country again.

  9. Belugawhale

    @pepper77967 well..your whole pt was that there was no opportuntity for
    people to get their grievances across…i respond well there is a q&A
    section, and now ur response is he got a bunch of softballs and the hard
    question he dodged…so basically…ur saying the q&a wasnt
    productive…well…my point is protesting isnt productive at all….u dont
    get ur pt across in a meaninful way…u certainly arent going to change
    cantors mind about anthing…nor anybody else by protesting and thats

  10. Joe Ray

    It’s about damn time someone called Eric out on national tv. I especially
    loved how he held fema hostage publically but behind the scenes he was
    begging for FEMA aid from the hurricane and asked why it was taking so long
    to get aid to his district. What a mother fvcking tool

  11. Jeremy Ward

    @RMitch4 why don’t you sit down, actually on second thought why don’t you
    leave our country you fascist. Yo do not belong here, and we do not
    appreciate unpatriotic, un-American people like you living here on our
    dime.We have aright to be heard and little people like you will not stop
    us. People like you will just get run over by a progressive revolution that
    is picking up speed. You only help to inflame us and make us stronger. Do
    you like feeling responsible for encouraging us.

  12. forrestrt1

    @Slashtap3 It might have been a private event, but it was a private event
    at a school that they are paying money to attend. The analogy I draw there
    would be someone donating to a religious institution, and then hearing that
    the place of worship was holding an event that you disagreed with. It’s
    like buying a premium membership, and being told that you have no say in
    the service you receive. So yes, it is private property, but it’s property
    they pay to be on.

  13. Jeremy Ward

    @RMitch4 so saying STFU is your ideal of having civil conversation? You are
    kidding me right? Maybe people are emotional, because they have done it
    your way, and they have gotten shut out. How long did it take for the
    regular media to cover the OWS. It took like a month of camping out for any
    of them to report on it. We were getting our news from our old Cold War
    enemy Russia. We had to learn what was going on in our own country from
    Russia Times.

  14. Belugawhale

    @pepper77967 This was a Q&A session with Rep Cantor. Originally, his speech
    was only supposed to be 15 min long, leaving 45 min for the student body.
    After the protest, the Q&A session was cut down to only 15 min. The
    question session would have provided an outlet for students with grievances
    to voice their concerns…by demonstratng, they not only failed to
    articulate what the heck their problem was, but ruined it for other people
    in the process


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