HEATED: CNN Wolf Blitzer Goes After Michele Bachmann Over ObamaCare

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25 thoughts on “HEATED: CNN Wolf Blitzer Goes After Michele Bachmann Over ObamaCare

  1. James G

    This interview is a little old but the stupidity is still fresh.
    Minnesota, please I beg you. Pick a smarter representative. 

  2. Jason Borda

    I agree that parents should be allowed to have their children on their
    plans. I have a mental illness and it’s hard to get insurance. I don’t
    think that the government should be able to tell us how to live our lives.
    We should be able to live how we want. I’m tired of being told what to do
    by our government.

  3. whyamimrpink78

    Anyone hear of the 16 year old girl from England who died from a brain
    tumor because she had to wait for an MRI? She saw 13 different doctors with
    24 visits and it took 8 months before she could get her request of a MRI
    and it took 3 more to get it due to waiting lists. The NHS killed her.

  4. sprtguyd338427

    Who feeds her, the B.S. she spews! That “death panel” lie is most likely
    something the GOP is really doing! I’ve been uninsured for while now. I had
    to leave a job I loved when I was diagnosed with Evans Disease. I have a
    preexisting condition, I’m still fighting to get SSI. I’ll keep saying it,
    these vile, odious sociopaths would just let people die! I went to an ER.
    to get my blood checked, no insurance. Yes they checked my counts, they
    were low, but not low enough for them to do anything. It was go home and
    come back when your closer to dying! Regardless of what these Un American,
    treasonous traitors like Bachman say, having insurance makes a huge
    difference! The ER. didn’t even offer a $4.00 dose of Prednisone, that
    would help raise my counts! 

  5. iquit4gud

    Funny how 2 month later we see how right she is with everything she’s
    saying. It seems Wolf doesn’t care what the facts are, as long as he gets
    his partisan wishes. The fact is the middle class people are paying more
    than double for their premiums while having their deductibles more than
    double. Then I read some comments below and it seems some people still
    don’t get it, or don’t believe it. My immediate family members making less
    than 70,000 got thrown off their employer paid insurance where they paid
    $3000 a year with $6000 in deductible for a couple, now can only get a
    minimum plan of $7600 in yearly premiums with $6000 in deductible per
    person, which is $12,000 for a couple. These are real hard facts.Wolf is
    completely ignoring another fact, that even with the exchange and the fact
    you can get a plan if you don’t have money, the deductibles are still going
    to be outrageous.
    Real shame and very sad. 

  6. inquizative44

    I truly believe she is mentally unstable, not to insult her. Bachmann
    needs Obamacare more than anyone. Whew!!

  7. lipsores mcbee

    Everything the white honky cracker bitch say is racist she just mad cuz
    they a black in president house she don’t want to be ruled by blacks and
    now it black turn to rule white crackers I hate white crackers racist 

  8. David Millard

    Wolf is the one on the attack.
    Wolf is the one dodging facts.
    So many people refuse to open their eyes.
    Wake up people.

  9. 7000ironman

    that lady is just like the republican party: dillusional and
    crazy!!!!!!!!! notice how she won’t answer the direct question.

  10. snobch

    Hows that fuckin obamacare kiss of death working out for ya know?….(I’m
    talking to people that work,not free-loading occupiers like the obamas!)

  11. Gobby Cow

    What is sad is the rest of world can see this idiot Bachmann and conclude
    that all Americans are stupid its good to see Blitzer on the side of sanity

  12. Sane Mataitusi

    Michele should have asked Wolf why he’s not signing up for Obamacare… She
    was an excellent speaker… and she knew exactly how to answer his idiotic
    questions! Wait til Wolf waits for months to get his prostate cancer
    treated.. he’ll die before he gets any help…

  13. plp27GA

    I am convinced many people are SO committed to “party” instead of truth and
    God, they would honestly support satan himself if he was their party
    leader. God have mercy on the lost stumbling around drunk on lies.


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