managers can’t explain site’s flaws’s top technology officers testified they were caught off guard by the website’s poor performance, even though they knew some key components we…
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HealthCare.GOV: Obamacare Website Pain Worth The Gain

By The Balls: The GOP ‘Tea-Bagged’ As The U.S. Supreme Court Upholds ‘Obamacare’:…
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4 thoughts on “ managers can’t explain site’s flaws

  1. Ed Waters

    They could have hired Google engineers to design this stupid healthcare
    website —- but I guess Google is too busy fucking up the YouTube comment
    system !!!

  2. bobbygnosis

    So, my work won’t supply me with health insurance and I don’t make enough
    to buy insurance. I’m having a hard time seeing how compulsory purchase of
    insurance is good for me.


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