Harper Reed Talks Healthcare.gov: TWiT 431

Harper Reed Talks Healthcare.gov: TWiT 431

Leo Laporte, Nick Bilton, Wil Harris, and Harper Reed on Affordable Care Act’s Healthcare.gov. Watch the full episode here: http://twit.tv/twit/431.
Video Rating: 3 / 5

John McAfee Discusses the NSA, Obamacare & Healthcare.gov on the Alex Jones Show 10/21/2013

http://www.whoismcafee.com/ https://twitter.com/officialmcafee.

8 thoughts on “Harper Reed Talks Healthcare.gov: TWiT 431

  1. Arlee Carson

    Anything the Gov touches is overpriced and under delivered. Couple that
    with a Socialist liberal program and you get what you get.


    “great organizations, doing great work.”, hilarious. I almost bit my tongue
    when i heard that. It’s always worth a good laugh listening to Hipster
    Douchebags attempting to rationalize their love for all things Obama and
    Big Government when reality comes knocking.
    I’m a developer, and know for sure… if this website was attempted by a
    company that is worth half a shit, instead of the govenment, it would have
    been thoroughly tested and rolled out in at least 80% working condition in
    1/3rd of the time they had… easily

  3. ArticBeatle

    300 million people didn’t try to log on only 4.7 million visited the
    website. Out of those people only 6 people got registered the first day .


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