Google’s Ties to The NSA Via

Alex breaks down the news regarding the Obamacare system failures and their connection to Google on the heals of the Corporation’s announcement that they are…
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25 thoughts on “Google’s Ties to The NSA Via

  1. alexander harness

    you not crazy. you have free will to believe it. satan told you that.
    because god made you different i dont pray for power,dont pray for
    weatlh, i pray for this genrations, i know i cant spell. i speak
    supernatural gifts, satan knows Nsa is a computer system, they watch
    you on cell phone right in front of you. you dont care. becasue you
    dont know. an you think a joke. i cant make you believe me or alex
    jones. you gave iran 7 billion dollar to help them but the goverment is
    about to shutdown again. when the more evil let loose then the time is
    near. new world order will last for 7 years. aint gonna be no first
    class or no middle class or poor classes. if you steal they gonna cut
    your hands off. can obama save his second term. yes he can. soon
    you sign up i know you gonna sign up, you can opt out,but you change
    your plan. united states lost it power, t mobile aint no usa att is
    world wide goverment shut down food stamps geting cut off,hud for
    the poor,soical secuirty,medicare,the dollar going cashless. credit
    system, student loans geting cut off,grants money,more evil gonna break
    out. bread gonna be high,an if you dont have no education. those that
    cant get jobs if you finsh school. 2014 you will have jobs. one world
    goverment jobs. then they gonna start killing have the earth
    population. people gonna ram shack every food store in the world. an
    the bad news is you aint gonna pay money. credit systems. new laws.
    the laws that in the mideast will take place here. it gonna be
    crazy,2014, 2015,2016,2017, then they gonna start a war. it plan.
    an a few month isreal gonna strike iran before they make a nuclear.
    hollywood tell you thing that will happing in the future in most action
    movie. then they turn around and give a lie with sic/fic 

  2. bloxyman22

    And yet Alex Jones is giving them money by using youtube to provide content.
    If he actually gave a shit he would have switched to another service. But I
    guess he just cares about money…

  3. joe var

    I tell my teacher that school is pointless and ur not teaching me anything.
    He says well ull need to know math when u go buy a car. Just read that last
    sentence, a learned man said that. That I need ti know crazy trigonometric
    formulas to understand a vehicle or negotiation tactics. I take a class on
    negotiation and learn it I can learn 11 grade history in book in week I
    have 100$ piece of plastic that can do all my math for me

  4. alexander harness

    you watch worlds news. they tell the lie. so it can be the truth.
    it not obama,it not the goverment it a power power power evil spirit
    that put them in a light. which is a fasle light. you can read the bible
    like a book. i have the holy ghost in the power of jesus christ which hes
    everywhere. jesus was a prophet,he was the son of god,but he was not the
    son of god. the truth is the lie and the lie is the truth. heaven is
    here. work for the department of defense of the most high god an he
    will make me a power power power prophet behind jesus. an i will feed the
    poor world wide an i will protect his people. free will light or
    darkness we will be so powerful we dont need weapons. the last days.
    start 2014. everybody in the goverment aint on anitchrist side. we
    will be protected. this aint coming from alexander ricardo harness
    jehovah jireh i have many name. the most high god. they blind. they
    heart cant see the truth. the homeless will enter the kingdom of god.
    it already happen. i dont fear death becasue i die for jesus christ, an
    my god is angry but he have mecy on those that have faith. the children
    goes 1st. see this body goes back to dirt. but the other you have a
    after life we all sin,an we sin do sin,so you repent. the church is
    in your heart. stop giving money in the basket. help your brother
    and sister. even if you dont have much. what the devil stole,god give
    it back 10 times. satan is behind the computers. you can cant saffrice
    me, beyond your understanding. I am not under the law of man and
    my number is 777. Time for a Spiritual Revolution. fruits of the
    spiritual. the ones dont know the truth. they still get go too
    heaven. the murders who dont know jesus,they still gonig to heaven. i
    am not talking to you,taking to the demons inside of you. it not you.
    what ever wrong you did in you life. dont fear it, when you sleep at
    night,he hides in then he attack what he control the Mind. those dont
    believe it aint your fault. luficer you and you angels fear the most high
    god. allah he the name god as jehovah rapha. the spiritual of god will
    open his heart too the world. set free for the none the believers.
    like it dark out side, but it light for me with the naked eye. i know
    evil. an i am every where. in this lost genration shall be a found
    genration. god did not bless america. he bless the world. an satan
    curse the world. free will,just like you had free will to take his
    throne. an your demons and beast and your aliens and your force is order
    to be destory. becasue darkness shall be saved by the light. not the
    dark outside and the light. the peace of god. it goes deeper beyond
    your understanding. judgement day i been plead guitiy for my sin.

  5. alexander harness

    NSA,Cia,navy,air force,army, if the iiluminati is real, united nations.
    the elite world leaders. they same people. the navy might not know
    that. classifieds information. united states we need to
    be inpendepent. not dependent depending on the goverment is a bad idea.
    dont worry about your credit. pay your bills. if not we going into a
    new world order. facebook too soical,instgram too soical read the
    privacy act of 1974 Generation Y stand up for your rights. education
    should be free, i mean i get food stamps. thank you for your support.
    but i make sure i pay them back. i mean we work, some of us indebt,learn
    from my mistakes i try college plenty times. plz stop judging people on
    there religion,what your races, i am bless to be american, maybe i am
    wrong about obamacare. healthcare sure be free,food sure be
    free,homeless sure be free. postive Generation Y people should care for
    they future. i know Nsa is watching everything. i mean sell your
    information. so what they know your passwords to your email and
    facebook. they spy on the world. aint no love in this world,everybody
    lost. money aint nothing. opens your eyes. the goverment is the
    people. a group of people. god made us different. i pray for
    everybody that your blessing is coming. even the goverment pray that they
    be on postive stuff. an be strong. 

  6. alexander harness

    well the obamacare system was design for the young to sign up. college
    student pay off your loans if you do. if you on ssi or ssd or you
    disabled you can discharge your loans, or have your dr. sign it with your
    lllness. it a three years monitor period. you can take no student loans
    out till the three years up. but you still can get your grant money.
    if you are %100 disabled from the department of veterans affriars,just send
    in your va proof with the tpd appication. young people like myself dont
    sign up for obamacare it a trap. once you opt in you cant opt out. 

  7. MrHxrep

    what a surprise another dumbed down american why dont you go lift some more
    weights to compensate for your small penis

  8. violeman

    LMAO !!! Google has got to be the answer too all these days !!! I thought
    it may be a name too call people, like calling someone a “HICK” but it is a
    Family name … I was just checking lol !!!

  9. Dimitri Vincheov

    if I ever have a kid, they would never be allowed to go trick or
    treating…I always thought Halloween was fucked up anyway…Alex just
    cemented it now how fucked up it really is

  10. GoodLightKnight

    Ha Ha have you seen this, its coming to America next! Europe wants to make
    it harder to clean your carpets with new rules BANNING powerful vacuum
    cleaners! Ha Ha loonies! I bet they will link Google into vacuum cleaners

  11. GoodLightKnight

    ONLY USE ixquick DOT c o m AND OR duckduckgo DOT c o m. I wish Alex would
    move his YouTube channel to another similar site like liveleak or
    dailymotion. Any great programmers out there who can create a similar site
    to YouTube, please please do it so we can dump the Google owned YouTube

  12. John Roman

    If people were really waking up Spiritually they would be heading for the
    life boats. Even rats have enough smarts to abandon a sinking ship. If the
    house you are living in is about to collapses you get out & seek shelter
    else where. The kingdom of this world is about to come crashing down [ it
    cannot stand b/c it is divided ]. Wake up & seek another Kingdom that will
    never collapses THE KINGDOM OF GOD. Do not waste your time trying to saved
    The Titanic get on The Life Boat called Salvation NOW.


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