Gingrey questions Sebelius on rollout

The Energy and Commerce Committee welcomes the president’s point person on health care, Secretary Sebelius, as part of our continuing oversight of the health…

4 thoughts on “Gingrey questions Sebelius on rollout

  1. Ronald Burris

    Most of the people commenting on websites hide behind their computers and
    talk about this and that but yet, they don’t take the time to back it up at
    the voting polls. As an example, if U would have seen all the comments
    aimed at President Obama prior to last election on Yahoo, U would have
    thought there would have been a slam dunk vote and Romney would be
    President. But this didn’t happen. If the American people keep doing this
    we are going to have the same thing happen next election.

  2. Kevin Town

    If us Americans stormed Washington by the Millions (Millions), and demanded
    their removal, we just might get somewhere, but because most Americans
    can’t/won’t leave their comfort zone for a week or month, NOTHING will EVER
    change. It won’t happen by voting, that too is rigged. We need to
    PHYSICALLY REMOVE these bastards once and for all. So get off your ass &
    let’s GET IT DONE!


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