FULL VIDEO: Jon Voight Video on Donald Trump – Republican National Convention

FULL VIDEO: Jon Voight Video on Donald Trump – Republican National Convention
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19 thoughts on “FULL VIDEO: Jon Voight Video on Donald Trump – Republican National Convention

  1. fratdawgg23

    After decades of electing politicians who bend Americans over to be fisted by Big Business oligarchs, some Americans want to make it official and elect a dishonest, dishonourable oligarch to deliver the biggest fisting in history! Oligarchs looted Russia and they will loot America.

  2. eddizz0

    We are a divided nation. This is the most important issue we face as a country. Obama failed, and Hillary has too much political baggage to be bipartisan. I believe a president trump will bring all Americans to the table, not just the ones he agrees with.

  3. Matt Cash

    Donald Trump loves war, guns and violence.
    He hates poor people, disabled people and muslims.
    Not only is he a threat to America but to the world and will possibly be the worst thing to happen to this world.
    He is the third anti christ, as bad as Hitler and is the BIGGEST CUNT EVER!!

  4. Daniel Murray

    "Our best days ARE yet to come." This message is vitally energizing. This high energy candidate is inspiring me in my business; and so it is.

  5. The Cowboy

    You know I've heard some people complain about the Trump School of Business saying that it didn't work for them.

    Well the truth is, that just because something may have worked well for one person, does not mean it's going to work well for the next. One size does not fit all.

    For example, some guys can wear a beard real well, while on the other hand some men, a beard doesn't look that good on them.

    Or some women can wear a particular dress, and looks fantastic on them, and yet some women can wear the same dress, and it's not as flattering.

    Some people can play music really well, and some can't play a single note.

    Or some people can fix up an engine like it's nothing, while others can't.

    Just because something perhaps did not work well for you, that does not mean that you should just trash the entire school and say it's either a rip-off, or a complete waste of time.

  6. Hector Montano

    Unbelievable…he is a con man who has stepped over many, many people to get what he wants. You idiots base him being a "good leader" on his development skills!? Are you kidding me? You Trump supporters live under a rock. Get your head out of your ass and realize this man is nothing more than a businessman who only has vested interests!

  7. Batia Adrabi

    Oh, Jon, how can a great artist such as yourself, get attached to an empty hot air  ballon such as Trump.

  8. Hoa Sam

    donald trump should get those Latino,spanish and mexicans,cuban immigrant people to be deported from here be banned from coming back permanently.

  9. Cynthia Elefante

    This guy is fantastic!!!!! I believe in him. He will make us proud to be an American again.

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