FULL SPEECH: Scott Baio for Donald Trump at Republican National Convention

Scott Baio speech at Republican National Convention
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18 thoughts on “FULL SPEECH: Scott Baio for Donald Trump at Republican National Convention

  1. dave m

    I think Trump is nothing more than a Hillary mole. They both live in NY and have been friends for years. They even went to Ivanka's wedding. Trump has always been a good pitchman and your TP candidates like Cruz still went down in flames as your TPers have jumped on the Trump train by telling them what they want to hear even if it isn't viable. Now it seems that he has been trying to derail his campaign with still more volatile comments. His supporters will stick with the guy to the end but he's not getting any more new blood than he has now.

  2. 10FRANKTV

    "Its not about free stuff" clearly Scott Baio has not heard of the free police dept, the free fire dept or the free (multi-trillion dollar govt paid) invasion of Iraq (among other things). He mentioned the Vietnam War. He should visit there as I have many times and see how its still recoverring from the destruction by the US and how people STILL die every year from unexploded US bombs hidden in the ground. (Which , by the way, are "free" killings of Vietnamese people).

  3. thebeganing

    Republicans are promoting hate against everybody, not just against mexicans , muslims, and hispanic cultures, and not just against illegals either. They hate anybody trumps tells them to. That lunatic is their cult lleader.

  4. It'sSimpleReally

    Man, Chachi has had it rough.
    Lots of people taking his jobs. It's everyone's fault but his own that he can't get any work anymore.

  5. hille422

    I think it's great and typically hypocritical that the republican theme for this convention was "Keep America Safe" , when a lot of the right wing 2nd amendment people usually like to give liberals a hard time because they need a "safe place"….Thank you republicans, or should I say Tea-partiers for a hearty laugh..

  6. soldier bc1

    Republican people are following trumps doctrine of fear mongering racism, lies, and stupidity. So, they should not expect to much love from those who can see through their bullshit.

  7. OnGodspath

    Did any of the negative commentors even listen to what he had to say?
    This was a very intelligent speech.
    How deaf are their ears?
    Nothing not to like about this speech.

    I guess they object to;
    "sacrificing, winning, losing, failing, succeeding, and sometimes doing the things you don't want to do, including the hard work, in order to get where you want to be…. and that's what it means to be an american." ?

  8. 3PiecesOfBread

    One thing Scott Baio and liberals have in common:

    Neither care if they ever work again.

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