FULL SPEECH: President Donald Trump at GOP Retreat in Philadelphia

Addressing members of Congress in Philadelphia on Thursday, Trump says “it’s nice to win, it’s been a while.”

He launched into a riff that he used frequently on his postelection thank you tour to some of the battleground states he won in November.

Trump portrayed Pennsylvania as “the one that got away” from Republicans in previous elections and plugged his own victory there.

He then touted how, with Republicans controlling both the White House and Congress, that “now is the dawn of a new era.”

Live stream coverage: President Trump Remarks at GOP Retreat President Trump delivers speech at congressional Republicans’ winter retreat in Philadelphia.
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32 thoughts on “FULL SPEECH: President Donald Trump at GOP Retreat in Philadelphia

  1. Rick Stout

    Wow, savior of America, everyone before him is inept and everything is bad, but he, and he alone, as anointed by God, can save us……. Uhm, I can take the eccentric behavior, absolutely no empathy, the one dimensional speeches, conflicts of interest, on and on and on, but don't lie to us , feed us misinformation, and believe we don't know the difference. Creating chaos has been your greatest gift, and that has nothing to do with shaking up the 'status quo'. we need a President, not a salesman. (please insert the 'sour grapes' tired response now).

  2. Cedric Joseph

    Finally good to see a God fearing ,trusting, praying, righteous seeking government. The way it used to be, and God blessed the US, and people had better lives.

  3. Scott MV

    This is not a president. This is a man with serious insecurities who has an obsessive need to bully anyone who doesn't agree with him. That is NOT a president; that is a dictator. Trump, you HAVE NO MANDATE, so stop acting like you do.

  4. A. McI

    What a load of crap! This is now swinging between a Theocracy and a Dick-tatorship – a prayer before Paul Ryan- right!

  5. alez jaklic

    obama dumped 6 trillion dollars into the middleeast now with all the infrastructure and things that need to be done in america does that make any sense to you?how about fixing up detroit if your so about being for black america? how about clean safe AFFORDABLE WATER infrastructure for all the people of america..etc etc. obamas muslim side sure shows itself as he was out wineing and dining his other wife the middleeast… america was at home with the kids trying to make ends meet living in a run down old shack with a civil war brewing just outside the front door not even because of a racial thing cause i guarantee you theres a lot of every kind of people not just blacks that are hard done by under this administration but because the government had failed its people in general to provide work and security in the home place change begins at home with peoples comfort zone not extending your self and all the countries resources out into places where you probably shouldn't be messin in the first place.. take a lesson from history most empires failed and crumbled because the cost of waging wars abroad ultimately bankrupted and brought them into dependancy on borrowing money just to keep their own lands and people in sustance like him or hate him if your a american he has your interests at heart and that ain't a bad thing for those of you that actually want to work ..you just might find your way out into a positve future with self esteem some pride in your accomplishments and dignity for your self and your family… the welfare state is unsustainable and a failed social experiment thats unfortuneately left a lot of people totally dependant and skill less time for a brighter future for ya all as AMERICANS of whatever creed and colour

  6. Vee 1677

    I'm from Asia. I love to see president Trump who fought for the American people's first. Wish can have president like him here. Well.. probably just a dream yay!! good for you American.

  7. Mayank Badhani

    India supports Donald Trump on muslim ban and ask for help to implement it in India also…..India wants Islam Free World for the betterment of humanity……..

  8. Dave Reynolds

    Don't forget to Protect Americas animals and wildlife, plus if you really want to uphold the constitution, honor the bit that says  ' PAYING TAX ON YOUR LABOR IS VOLUNTARY' stop letting the IRS illegally steal tax from workers labor like a giant protection racket

  9. Dave Reynolds

    Wasn't the Media, comedians and so called celebrities saying this man is stupid, thick a moron etc, well he appears to be very smart and ahead of the game to me , no teleprompter, all straight off the bat. watch out cos this main man is going to grow on you all big time, go for their NWO Trump, END THE FED,

  10. Vianey Rodriguez

    and who is paying for these bureaucratic lunches these fat cats enjoy every other week? exactly….us the people holding down 2 jobs, renting apartments in spite of owning small businesses because homes are unaffordable…I say we get rid of this tax dollars waste !

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