FULL SPEECH: Donald Trump Jr. – AMERICA GREATER THAN EVER BEFORE! Republican National Convention

FULL SPEECH: Donald Trump Jr. - AMERICA GREATER THAN EVER BEFORE! Republican National Convention

FULL SPEECH: Donald Trump Jr. – AMERICA GREATER THAN EVER BEFORE! Republican National Convention

20 thoughts on “FULL SPEECH: Donald Trump Jr. – AMERICA GREATER THAN EVER BEFORE! Republican National Convention

  1. AmericanNinja85

    Maybe he should run for President I think he would make a better one than his Father or Hilary , plus he gives better speeches than just about any President I have heard

  2. Jacob Logan

    on facebook all anyone does is say trump and his kids are idiots blah blah blah. you cant tell me that trumps massive amounts of compitence didnt pass to his kids or that he had no hand in grooming them whoch is amazing. look at other billionaire kids like paris hilton or brody jenner who are just known as celebutants and train wrecks. then the trump kids are relatively low key and down to earth functioning educated adults.

  3. Jessica C. Solomon

    He gets under my skin. Also it makes me laugh out loud when he claims they will tax the wealthiest their fair share. ha ha. He also says "we" as if he will have a say so in the presidential decisions. actually it's scary because he probably will.

    I pray this nation does not fall for great speech writers and puppet that speak the words. This kid has no clue how the real world works. He thinks because he learned how to drive a forklift from men of the real world, that makes him an advocate for them. I would love to see his speech after living 20 years in poverty and not because he's lazy. but because our leaders believe we don't deserve a living wage. His father thinks we should lower min wage and it should be up to the employer…. ha ha ha ha and people will vote for this guy. wow

  4. esky lent

    "He changed the skyline of New York" ummmmm yeah so did Bin Laden, what's your point, Dick Head? This guy doesn't say one substantial thing! And what's with the forefinger & thumb wank movement and shoulder shrugs and impersonal points? EEEEEEEEEWWWWW

  5. TrackMasterAsh

    I love how they play cool classic music at the Republican convention. The democrat one would probably be Adele or some shit.

  6. Kim Medley

    The news media are vultures who show up at murders, war, and disasters to make money. You want people like that to pick your leaders? Trump should change news business.

  7. Jaanus Hiiemae

    For those Trump lovers, You are just mirror image of those Italian and German ignorant idiots who elected Mussolini and Hitler to power. Now you want put narcissistic sociopath with his all royal family into White House. It will go same way as Putin did in Russia, till the end of first term all media will be under Trump control, If he wins then it is quite realistic that he also preserves majority of spinless t-bagers in Congress. He also takes control over Supreme Court after Thomas leaving by appointing two fascist judges and begins to appeal and form new totalitarian system where all three branches of government are under hes control. He will be reelected and on second term begins real shit with imprisonment of opposition, killings and pushing out of country opposition leaders, his redneck followers (who have most of the private guns in US) begin pogroms of mexicans, muslims, homeosexuals and opposition in general with camps and all bells and whistles. In foreign policy he will destroy relations with all NATO allies and he will sell small countries and disputed territories to any other dictator who just pays more. He will join Putin and Kim in their club of authoritarian dictators, will be war in Europe between Russia from one side and Scandinavia, East Europe, Germany and England in other side, Other war of US with 1,5 billion muslims in world and also possible armed conflict with Mexico and all Latin America. since this is all too much for him to handle and begins get out of his control he drops some nukes on Middle East and Latin America. And of course conflict with China. In the end of hes second term he will change constitution back and allows unlimited terms for presidency like it was 70 years ago. You will get yourself dictator for as long as he is alive and after this hes daughters and sons and grandsons (many of them will be assassinated by real patriots and internal palace revolts) take over so you do need real revolution, with civil war and all this includes, to get rid of Trump royal family. It is maybe unbelievable for you, but except part with nukes this is exactly what happened in Russia last 16 years and we in Europe have seen this happen many time before last 100 years. Problem is that first time in history it can happen in country with such resources and military power, with nuclear bombs capable of destroying rest of the countries combined forces and that's already very scary. So let me know what in Trumps rhetoric and personality makes this kind of scenario not likely. Can you name one. Or maybe you know all this and that is exactly what you racist, homophobic, bible humping and gun loving white privileged assholes want to achieve and you just playing idiots.

  8. SM2-BLK-II Missile

    Mr. D Trump Jr.'s speech was amazing, inspiring. He was very "to-the-point". Simply a great speaker and a presumptive RNC candidate. God Bless him.

  9. shirtken

    Donald Jr, I absolutely do not support Hillary, but for you to say teachers are there for themselves? You are a f$&#ing idiot

  10. GERALD J

    Even if he is not. The racist follow him; they know. So, why be a part of that? It's a choice between two evils. :(

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