Full speech: Donald Trump accepts GOP nomination, Part 1

Full speech: Donald Trump accepts GOP nomination, Part 1

Republican presidential nominee says convention occurs at a moment of crisis for America, nation can’t afford to be politically correct

20 thoughts on “Full speech: Donald Trump accepts GOP nomination, Part 1

  1. Me Too

    Trump is a two bit pauper whose only duty is to look after his ineritors' billions. According to many sources, he is the first nominee who is putting most of the campaign donations into his (inheritors') bank account.

  2. Me Too

    According to the tv series 'Sliders' Season 1. Episode 7.
    Clinton will win the election.
    In S1E7. Mrs Clinton is the president. Let's see if they are right!

  3. Me Too

    Every superpower on history came to an end for a or a few particular events. Trump will be that or one of the reasons that America will decline.
    But it will the first superpower that will have to swollow its own shit (Trump) in the process in the process.

  4. Sidney Longfellow

    You people have totally dissolved in mindless sheep. You actually think all this campaigning and voting is real. You fools. Not matter who wins, you still lose. It's all a scam. Everything is an illusion. Everything. Kill thy Landlord. The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.

  5. LBK Jglaunch

    Who the fuck wants a shitty president that doesn't tell us how is he gonna make america great again Also he is a fucking racist motherfucker hope he gets fucking killed

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  7. Hofman jim

    Clinton Crime Family Charity Fraud is the name of the best video of the fraud in the Clintons foundation. charlesortel com has MBA in finance and he worked 15 months to uncover

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