FULL EVENT: Republican National Convention Day 2 (7-19-16) Donald Trump Wins Nomination!

Donald Trump Wins Nomination! – Donald Trump Nominated – Donald Trump Officially Nominated After Historic Vote at RNC (7-19-16)

Live Look as Delegates Vote to Nominate Donald Trump GOP Pres. Nominee – roll call to officially nominate donald trump

Donald Trump Officially Nominated After Historic Vote at Republican National Convention (7-19-16)

Watch Live: Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio – July 19, 2016 – Day 2 – Republican National Convention – Cleveland GOP Convention 2016 – LIVE Republican National Convention – Donald Trump officially becomes Republican Nominee FULL Coverage (July 19, 2016) – Republican National Convention Live Stream
Delegates Vote to Nominate Donald Trump GOP Pres. Nominee
Live Stream of GOP convention in Cleveland, Ohio July 19, 2016.

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Republican National Convention Coverage
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Donald Trump Nomination
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Republican National Convention Protest
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After years of complaining about America’s supposed decline, the Washington elite and immigrants, the GOP gets the presidential candidate it deserves with Donald Trump.

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36 thoughts on “FULL EVENT: Republican National Convention Day 2 (7-19-16) Donald Trump Wins Nomination!

  1. Malorie Francis

    My response to the solitary woman carrying the pink banner saying " no racist no hate" " NO LYING NO CRIME!" Now go FO!

  2. Cin Bradler

    Are you guys aware that the ad that comes up on this video is an anti Trump commercial. I mean, yeah this is America but that's just in poor taste Youtube! What are you in bed with the mainstream media now?

  3. LadyT

    These people are the result of all the media controls from Hollywood&NYC thinking they could control these people….they forgot about the rest our country   the REAL people speaking out!!!!   It is wonderful to seek America speak again!!!!!

  4. Matt Rambo

    They have an audio problem where the sound repeats from 10-15 minutes earlier and is difficult to listen to. Also, I don't appreciate the remarks from the ABC people trying to portray the convention negatively. These are why I disliked, not the convention its self.


    RNC has had some great speeches and made great points on why TRUMP is the best choice for President. PRO TRUMP – Single Mom

  6. Carl Xross

    I just couldn't swallow the part when Dr. Carson relates Trump with God. I think God is furious by now.

    The US is not as fucked up yet to choose an extreme racist as a President even if the opposition is a liar.

  7. Dawn Lane

    Trump will divide and and send country in to total collapse. True that we need leaders that are not the usual politicians but Trump is not the one. Im sticking with Hillary.

  8. Rachel A

    Fxxk you Trump! You're certainly good at talking and attacking other people and other countries, but I even doubted if you're fit to rule! You're just a liar and your speeches are misleading! China's the biggest currency manipulator?? What about the USA having controlled the global economy and stirred up riots, chaos or even wars around the world for so many decades? Stop making the USA number one by messing up other countries! Stop pretending to be a generous country when you're the actual culprit of all the instabilities around the world! Stop playing with politics by intervening other countries' affairs and disputes! We want the USA to make use of its influence and be the initiator of peace. The day Donald Trump becomes the president of the USA is the end of the world!

  9. TheRipper999

    That's interesting. It really does show that he is very similar to the rest of them. Only the worst parts of them…

  10. Bardyman

    when I see satire of donald trump, it reminds me of people writing peots and making fun of, and/or criticising politics, fascists and general affairs in Germany, in the years prior to 1933

    and i wonder what america or the world will be like in a decade….

  11. Jim bo

    I came here to give a thumbs down. hillary destroyed (northern Africa) Libya in 2011. but of course.. trump is evil. haha. funny how the mainstream media, corporations and foreign governments hate him.

  12. Sam D

    Trump is a bully, a con man, a lier, and should not even be taken seriously as a competant candidate. He's a joke.

  13. antonina so

    That clown trump and the republican party leaders are just big racist, bigots, and haters of all minoritys. They all love lies, fearmongering, hypocresy, racism, and bigotry.

  14. Alfonso Ochoa

    This mother fucker is trying to do what bush did so please don't get brains wash you low fuckung brain wash you can fuck this fuckung country is not run by people who just give fuck about

  15. Frank Martin

    Would Republicans please stop making shit up and talking out their ass already? The blatant lies and fantasy is getting old.

  16. BlaK Muze

    He pimped a Haitian economy all over the world with that BS MLM, he bought it, like a moron.
    Crash of '82 and bailed it out by taxing our dead parents. Social Security is not a Congressional slush fund! We've been here all along! To him, the net started with FB and Twitter?

  17. Sir Derpington

    Is there a cthulhu monster that the GOP are all worshiping? I mean what's with all the HP lovecraft fish people speeches.

  18. Sean Rector

    I really like trevor noah. I know the ratings aren't great but he is very funny and pretty sharp.

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