FULL Event: 2016 New York State Republican Gala – Donald Trump Ted Cruz & John Kasich (4-14-16)

FULL Event: 2016 New York State Republican Gala – Donald Trump Ted Cruz & John Kasich (4-14-16)

Thursday, April 14, 2016: Live stream of the New York State Republican Gala in New York City. Donald Trump is scheduled to deliver remarks.

GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump Holds Campaign Rally in New York GOP Gala , Grand Hyatt New York

LIVE Stream: Donald Trump at the New York State Republican Gala (4-14-16)

Watch live video and replay of Donald Trump’s speech at the New York State Republican Gala in New York City on Thursday, April 14, 2016. See it in real time via live stream video below starting at 7 p.m. EDT local time. Thereafter check back to see the full replay video.

Donald Trump is scheduled to speak at 7 p.m. EDT local time. Use World Clock to find the equivalent in your own time zone on Thursday, Apr 14 or Friday, April 15, accordingly.

The New York State Republican Gala takes place at Grand Hyatt New York in New York City. Other speakers include GOP candidates Gov. John Kasich and Sen. Ted Cruz.

Date and Time :- Donald Trump at New York GOP Republican Gala at Grand Hyatt New York Rally

Grand Hyatt New York
6:30 PM

Location:- Donald Trump Holds Rally in New York GOP Gala speech

New York GOP Gala
Grand Hyatt New York
109 East 42nd Street
New York, New York 10017
Event Begins: 6:30 PM

GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump Holds Campaign Rally in New York GOP Gala , Grand Hyatt New York

LIVE Donald Trump New York GOP Gala Grand Hyatt New York Rally FULL SPEECH HD New York GOP Gala

Donald Trump Speech in New York GOP Gala FULL Donald Trump Rally in New York GOP Gala Grand Hyatt New York (4-14-16)

Donald Trump Holds Rally in New York GOP Gala speech

Donald Trump Grand Hyatt New York Rally

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20 thoughts on “FULL Event: 2016 New York State Republican Gala – Donald Trump Ted Cruz & John Kasich (4-14-16)

  1. OhSnap TruthHurts

    nice how everyone is quiet and listing when TRUMP comes out to talk… then MR K comes out , they are eating, back ground noise… then LYING Ted comes out, everyone talking. .. sounds like the audience was mostly ignoring him… TRUMP TALKS and you could hear a PIN DROP lol Easy see who the winner is here

  2. Diane Hamilton

    Kaisch said people in NY don't want to miss anything so you don't want to go to sleep. It is NOT true that NY does not sleep. Every go down Broadway or Time Square on a Sunday morning? You won't find anyone shoving and pushing on the sidewalk and busily going somewhere.  The sidewalks are pretty bare because those who partied all night are sleeping.  The people you see are going to church!  Too bad you wouldn't know that!

  3. Abebe Getachew


  4. Steve Misosky

    From the RENO GAZETTE-JOURNAL | by Donald J. Trump | 12:31 p.m. PST January 28, 2016

    The United States of America is a land of laws, and Americans value the rule of law above all. Why, then, has our Congress allowed the president and the executive branch to take on near-dictatorial power? How is it that we have a president who will not enforce some laws and who encourages faceless, nameless bureaucrats to manage public lands as if the millions of acres were owned by agencies such as the Bureau of Land Management and the Department of Energy? In Nevada, the lack of enforcement of immigration laws and the draconian rule of the BLM are damaging the economy, lowering the standard of living and inhibiting natural economic growth. The only way to change these circumstances is to bring to Washington a president who will rein in the federal government and get Congress to do its job. It’s not that we don’t have talented people in D.C. It’s that we have no leadership there.

    The BLM controls over 85 percent of the land in Nevada. In the rural areas, those who for decades have had access to public lands for ranching, mining, logging and energy development are forced to deal with arbitrary and capricious rules that are influenced by special interests that profit from the D.C. rule-making and who fill the campaign coffers of Washington politicians. Far removed from the beautiful wide open spaces of Nevada, bureaucrats bend to the influence that is closest to them. Honest, hardworking citizens who seek freedom and economic independence must beg for deference from a federal government that is more intent on power and control than it is in serving the citizens of the nation. In and around Clark County, the situation is even worse.

    Because the BLM is so reluctant to release land to local disposition in Nevada, the cost of land has skyrocketed and the cost of living has become an impediment to growth. Where are the city and county to get the land for schools, roads, parks and other public use areas if they have to beg Washington for the land and then pay a premium price for it? How are people who see a future in Nevada to find housing and employment if the federal government is inhibiting economic development? How are businesses to find the employees to fill the jobs that could be created if there were better leadership in Washington? Unfortunately, many of the jobs are filled by those who came to this country illegally.

    Illegal immigration costs the people of Nevada over $1.2 billion a year. That is nearly $6,000 for every man, woman and child in the state. Those are tax dollars that could go to build those schools, roads, sewers, water treatment plants and all the other services needed for a growing economy. Illegal immigrants absorb tax dollars from public schools, public health and public safety. Illegal immigration suppresses wages and undermines the ability of workers to organize and seek better working conditions. Illegal immigration is an affront to the very rule of law valued by all Americans and most assuredly by all Nevadans.

    What is needed in Washington is a president who will rein in the executive branch and work with Congress to make sure the legislative branch does its job. What is needed in Washington is a president who has the will, strength and courage to lead. What is needed in Washington is a president who is not beholden to special interests and who is only interested in putting America and Americans first.

    When I am elected president, I will bring the executive branch back inside the Constitution and will work with Congress to put America first. I will lead the effort to gain meaningful tax reform, trade reform and education reform. I will lead the effort to protect your right to worship as you see fit and your right to protect your family and property with the right to keep and bear arms. Together, we will make America great again.

    Donald J. Trump, a Republican, is a businessman and a candidate for president of the United States.

  5. gamesandguitars003

    To all the Trumplodytes here. I can't wait to see the look on every Trump supporter's face when trump gets the nomination and screws over every last one of you. Trump will undoubtedly bend over and take one in the ass from every other leader, just like Obama.

  6. jesusjacob israel

    trump is a disgusting lunatic, a divider, and a disgrace for humanity… ANYBODY BUT TRUMP! DUMP THE TRUMP!

  7. Gdp ThreeThirty

    When reviewing the comments all I see are a bunch of LOW INFO TROLLS regurgitating LIES and excrement from the imbecile candidate that is Trump who are more concerned about audio than the actual words.  I her rants, name calling, adjectives of all kinds and NOTHING with REAL substance on economics or policy.  Just child-like low info sheep crying about how Ted Cruz looks or HOW THEY FEEL.  IS THAT WE are as a country?  Have we become so dumbed down that we can't even CAREFULLY examine the ACTUAL record of a candidate?  Can we not have a logical and reasoned discussion on the issues that matter?  I came into this POTUS cycle hoping that Ted would run, because I've carefully studied his career and life.  When Trump first announced, I gave him the benefit of the doubt and listened to his stump speeches.  As this cycle has gone on, my contempt for this child and what he has done to disintegrate substantive discussions on policy with rage filled rants and use of typical Alinsky type tactics usually reserved for the Democratic party has left me absolutely DISGUSTED WITH TRUMP.  He is the most inarticulate candidate I've ever seen in my 30 years of following politics and the way he runs his ground game is an absolute joke.  Anybody who supports this clown understand NOTHNG about politics, economics, or history.  Populists candidate like him are a dime a dozen and it usually doesn't end well for the people, much like Obama.  Trump has funded Liberal Democrats, lied, and flip flopped on every issue for 40 years.In stark contrast, we have an articulate, extremely brilliant candidate who's senate floor speeches clearly show he his a TRUE CONSITUTIONAL Conservative with a clear record HIS ENTIRE LIFE.  He was a Constitutional collaborator in high school reading the works of Hayek, Freidman, and Bastiat while reciting the Constitution from memory.  He wrote his college thesis on the 10th Amendment and started an organization to promote it.  He's continuously defended the Bill of Rights throughout his career.  Are people the engrossed in the idiocy of Trump to see that he is manipulating all of you.  He practices shady tactics and then accuses his opponent of doing the same…..that is EXACTLY out of the Rule for Radicals playbook.  The more I dive into his record and hear his speeches, it is as clear as NIGHT and DAY.  If you can't see this, you have NO BUSINESS voting in an election.  DO YOUR DUE DILIGENGE.  This doesn't mean just listening to speeches…it's much more than that.  It means being truthful to yourself and forget about the anger.  Use logic and reason and LEARN at least the basics of economics and our political system.  Study history and carefully examine the career of the men we will hire to be our next POTUS.  I'm angry at what the Democrats and Republicans have done to our country, but being angry and jumping off a cliff will only kill you.  Electing another billionaire liar in thief, when we are still getting over the last populist candidate will do us no good.  Ted is the best and most qualified candidate I've ever seen.  You can continue with the name calling and highlighting of idiot child-like issues while watching our country get destroyed or you could…WAKE UP!!!!!!

  8. Jan D

    It seems like the only speaker anyone really listened to was Trump.  Oh, and he had the only interesting speech, too….this is a gala…a dinner, formal attire…yet both Cruz and Kaisch did a typical political speech as if they were anywhere stumping; Trump, instead, being as classy as his brand, came in and instead of stumping, gave an interesting speech  that WAS NOT POLITICAL….a speech fit for this particular occasion.  Trump 2016 is a no-brainer.

  9. RayWilliamJohansen

    John Kasich isn't a businessman but he sure knows how to create jobs, bring jobs back from china and mexico, how to balance budgets. and how to bring people together.

  10. Kenz300 x

    The top 1% want it all….. and the RepubliCON party will give it to them………..
    What do RepubliCONS believe…….. depends who is paying….. follow the money……. fossil fuels….. oil, coal natural gas…, nuclear, NRA………the top 1%
    Are RepubliCONS the real EVIL DOERS………..they want to end Social Security, Medicare and access to contraception…….

  11. victor ross


  12. Justine Floria

    This video totally sucks… not caring about what is going on outside.. I was looking to watch the entire Gala uninterrupted… 🙁 going to go find it elsewhere…

  13. Nay Nay

    wow the first lady that spoke on behalf of New Mexico is on point with Donald Trumps message.

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