FOX NEWS: Security, Trust and ObamaCare

A look at issues of security and the discrepancy seeming between promises and realistic expectations. Peter Doocy, Gretchen Carlson, Megyn Kelly, Guy Benson….

20 thoughts on “FOX NEWS: Security, Trust and ObamaCare

  1. KoschKoff


    You think the free market advocates have to fix this now or else the
    Democrats will win? Wow… I guess progressive libs really don’t take any
    responsibility or anything 

  2. tecnoblix

    Again, why do we not just expand Medicare to cover everyone instead of this
    bastardization hybrid. Does Medicare have these security issues? Why are we
    involving private insurance companies? Oh, right, the money. I’m so glad
    all you Librarians are so on board with the Conservative Republican Agenda.
    Don’t get me wrong, I think the Democrats are just as corrupt, but none of
    us should be supporting any politician that’s legislating on BEHALF of the
    corporations paying them! There is always going to be Government. I’m sorry
    Anarchists, that’s just the way it is. So instead of continually bitching
    about the Government, lets at least try and make it do The Peoples will and
    not the Corporate’s will. Let’s start with that.

  3. stevemcgee99

    Let me help Fox News understand: It’s called ‘waterfall project
    management’. I bet they have “90% Done” all over the gantt charts lol. 

  4. danielgarrison91

    This reminds me of the good old days when FoxNews and every Republican out
    there were talking about Medi-Care Part D. Problems rolling out the
    WebSite, Security Issues, a big loop hole you could drive a Mack truck
    through. And everyday they gave excuse after excuse. What are you people
    gonna bitch about in a year from now, when the A.C.A will be up and
    running. And very successful , or haven’t you been keeping track of how
    many people are allready signing up in the States with the Exchanges. Nope
    just more talking points from Frank Luntz.

  5. Eugene Crawford

    This is by far the worst thing to be forced on to the American people from
    the first mention.. Every step has been forced on us and it is completey
    against our constitution and still congress sleeps ! No one anywhere can
    make you buy something you do not want ! That is the way to enslave people
    while 50 % of the country has been fed a false sense of sucurity.. It’s
    FALSE ! The gretest lie and still again congress sleeps !
    It is also the greatest way to imprison half of America for failing to
    meet the mandate !

  6. 666sigma

    The free market people had better wake up and I do not mean the GOP. If it
    were not for the website, the DNC would be successfully blaming this on the
    insurance companies. While the website shows the true incompetence of the
    DNC’s statist policies, they also misjudged both private citizens and
    insurance companies reaction to this behemoth of a law. However, they will
    win the war unless the free market advocates propose an alternative that
    does result in Affordable Health Care, including the poor.

  7. sendtoanthony

    I think we should give Central Planning more time to work. Maybe we should
    combine the DEA & the FDA into a new Health Enforcement Administration
    armed with drones to observe Americans 24/7. Everybody would be equally
    healthy with mandatory veganism.

  8. grraadd

    So how is the real communism catching on in US – fun, huh?
    Next fun thing is shortages of everything – long queues and empty shop

  9. playerjoe

    In order to be a free market advocate, you can not post Fox News garbage
    considering their parent company News Corp is an anti free market

  10. romyruthborenbrown

    Liberal politicians will say anything to get votes, and that’s just what
    Obama did. He didn’t think things through before he made his promises. He
    just said what the public wanted to hear.


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