Fox News Reporting Behind The Obama Breakdown Hosted By Bret Baier – Obamacare – Part 3 0f 5

Fox News Reporting Behind The Obama Breakdown Hosted By Bret Baier – Obamacare – Part 3 0f 5 Play List…
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Dude! Obama Care is so awesome! Dude, seriously… You like have to have it! No, seriously you actually have to have it. Be sure to check out Zo’s Audio Book…

27 thoughts on “Fox News Reporting Behind The Obama Breakdown Hosted By Bret Baier – Obamacare – Part 3 0f 5

  1. Mass Tea Party

    Fox News Reporting Behind The Obama Breakdown Hosted By Bret Baier –
    #Obamacare – Part 3 0f 5 #msnbc #cbs #abc #cnn #democrat #republican #nbc
    #massteaparty #teaparty

  2. EmpathyWorks

    I do like the fact that the ACA gets rid of the whole “pre-existing
    conditions” clause used to send people to their grave. However forcing
    people to buy healthcare is ridiculous.

  3. RepublicofEthan

    Once upon a time there was a boy named Billy. Billy was a hardworking,
    straight A student. There was also a girl named Sally. Sally was a
    stuck-up brat who bullied Billy constantly, calling him “faggot” and
    “retard”. She blew off classes and barely graduated.
    Turns out Billy and Sally both went to the same college. Billy got a full
    ride scholarship. Sally managed to get in through affirmative action but
    had to take out a few loans.
    Pretty soon Sally realized that her highschool popularity wasn’t carrying
    over into college. She managed to get into one of the best sororities, but
    that wasn’t enough. What to do, what to do? Then she had an idea. She
    would join the campus LGBT movement. After all, that’s what all the
    popular kids were doing. She realized she would have to stop throwing
    around “faggot” as that was no longer the cool thing to do, but she was
    willing to do that. After all, it was really kids like Billy who were the
    real bullies for disagreeing with her newfound cause.
    Billy continued to study hard while Sally spent her days drinking with her
    sorority sisters. Of course, Sally always knew she was smarter. After
    all, Billy didn’t even believe in evolution.
    Billy went on to found a successful computer company. Sally had trouble
    finding employment with her degree in the history of gender studies but
    eventually settled for a custodial position at that company. She hardly
    made enough money to cover all her student loans, child support, and
    contraceptives for her various relationships, and had spent all her
    parent’s money partying. Plus it was just so humiliating to be working for
    her former bullying victim and seeing him be so successful compared to her.
    What to do, what to do? Then she had an idea. There was this new thing
    up for vote in congress called Obamacare. Obamacare would force Billy to
    provide her contraceptives and other medical expenses and would put other
    burdens on his business that would eventually cause him to loose more
    money. Then justice would be served. After all it was his fault that she
    was in financial trouble because he wasn’t paying his fair share to make
    college more affordable for people like her. She realized that she might
    loose her job as a result of Obamacare, but she ahd been on public
    assistance before and was willing to go on it again. And the best part
    would be that Billy would still be paying her even though she was no longer
    working for him. She would have the last laugh yet. Right away she began
    writing letters to her congressmen urging them to vote to pass Obamacare.

  4. KoschKoff

    I honestly think the democrats are playing a joke on us with these ads.
    Campus liberals actually found this a bit offensive (but could let it slide
    for Barry-o-bomber)

    They can’t be this stupid. They are rubbing it in our faces people.

  5. Corran Horn

    Ok super black woman might as well come out from under your bridge like a
    good troll would and call us all racist for disagreeing with your lord and
    savior Obama. Get it out of your system so the adults in the room can talk.

  6. TheErtomesaw

    It isn’t working. Its dieing. Someone call a politician!
    Oh God, still laughing. Those of you that don’t want to see Obamacare die,
    look away, look away now.Beeeeeeeeeep. to late. Get over it. LOL.

  7. Stan Parrish

    One size fits all is the liberal utopian solution for every problem.
    Besides if you didn’t protect men from the costs of getting pregnant that
    would be sexist.

  8. Frances leigh

    I think it is wrong to force people to buy something that they do not need
    or want. I can see it now ACA is going to turn into a monopoly. Something
    that past presidents worked so hard to get ride of like with, Rockefeller,
    cardigan, and JPMORGAN. Yet here we have a president creating a systematic
    system to bring back a monopoly only this time with healthcare. All those
    who thinks this ACA will work yall need to have your head checked out. It
    is doomed to fail, wait it all ready is failing and yet somehow people
    still think it’s going to work. That is purely what I call stupidity. 

  9. LibsAreKKK666

    Let’s face it. The plan is to drain the US economy whilst keeping the
    abortion table warm at all times. 666

  10. TheErtomesaw

    I’ve been laughing since November first. Can’t stop, oh God I need a
    doctor, where’s my computer? What,I can’t get insurance! I’ll just have to
    die laughing.

  11. Chris Kavanagh

    Speaking of “liberal deceptions”, I’m assuming you’ve all seen the news
    that the Census Bureau FALSIFIED unemployment data during the 2012 election
    to make the job numbers look better for Obama. A Congressional
    investigation is being launched. . .Everyone has seen this not surprising
    news, haven’t you? Funny the ONLY news channel I heard it on was Fox News.
    Ironic, huh.

  12. Richard Riley

    Conservative love to rail against Obamacare. But where did this idea of
    Obamacare and the individual madate come from? FROM THE FUCKING
    NEOCONSERVATIVE HERITAGE FOUNDATION!!!!! And who implemented it to test it
    in a state (and successfully)? FUCKING MITT ROMNEY!!!!

    And how much of a say did republicans have on the text of the law? 160

    The bill passes with bipartisan support in the Senate HELP and Finance
    committees, but it was only after it passed and came to the floor did they
    realize how successful it would be and how much it would benefit the
    democrats did they oppose it on party lines.

    So don’t let anyone tell you this is some kind of socialist liberal

    But I do enjoy when this fucking ‘self-hating black’ cunt says something as
    genius as “why would you need govt subsidies if is supposed to be so

  13. Tiger Lanard

    Keep sucking that Obama dick black people / minorities you’re digging
    yourself a hole deeper and deeper when it comes back to bite you in the ass
    I will be sitting back laughing waiting for you to riot so martial law can
    go in to action and I can slaughter me some sheep.

  14. Databyter

    Thanks for being shorter and unrepetative.

    I like your vids but some of em could be edited down.

    This was about perfect.

  15. TheRetiredtrucker

    +marlonious76 Slavery was a law too…until the republicans had to stop the
    democrats from practicing it. 

  16. BigChiefWiggles

    Bad news for you on that, you are over 50 thousand dollars in debt just
    based on the discloses national debt and you are 1.1 million dollars in
    debt based on disclosed unfunded liabilities (things the govt promised
    people but has no money for). No joke. Absolutely serious. Every man woman
    and child Is in debt over one million dollars right now unless the govt
    decides to cancel just about every promise it has made, if that were to
    happen you would only be 50 thousand in debt.


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