First-Ever Hangout

Learn how you can use and the new Health Insurance Marketplace call center to help you get ready for the new coverage options. Julie Bataille …
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13 thoughts on “First-Ever Hangout

  1. Cindi Adams

    If you own a small Business and you have employees come and go all year
    long, do you have to send all a notice of the New Health Insurance Plan?
    Obama Care?

  2. Chris Herriman

    I think it’s important to point out that Tricare military insurance DOES
    NOT extend to children that are married even if they are in school full

  3. Vanessa Gladney

    Please separate this 18 min video into 3 min or 6 min shorts. I really like
    the animated instructional short. Thanks this us something we can all share.

  4. joannahyter2

    I am on ssd thid affordable care act means a lot to me living on fixed
    income and usually helping my daughter with her children affordable care
    act will helo me get good medical care I have several preexisting
    conrdition not eligible fot medicaid or medicare

  5. stephen geraci

    Great Video!! Many years ago, I did not follow my dream because I was
    unable to afford health insurance. I opted for a job that offered
    insurance. If this was available today I would have went out on my own.
    Thank God this country has finally done this. Thank you Mr. President.

  6. Joe Blow

    Waste of time at best. Only useful bit of new info was that COBRA-eligible
    folks will apparently have the option of using their state Exchange.

  7. Maryellen Shoshanna Aisenberg

    Access to quality to healthcare is my life work as a nurse and healthcare
    professional in case management. My community is opening it’s doors after
    over 10 years to affordable managed care to seniors with a new IPA which is
    dedicated to serve seniors with the new Part C Medicare Plan starting Jan.
    2014…This too is thanks to ACA/’Obama Care” so many felt would be
    detrimental to our seniors. Please take care of educating yourself about
    your healthcare options in this new marketplace.


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