FINALLY! Republican on Judiciary Committee Says Trump WILL Release His TAX RETURNS

3:31 QUOTE: “ABSOLUTELY, Donald Trump will Release his TAX RETURNS” says Representative Matt Gaetz who fell on His SWORD in front of his ANGRY constituents at a town hall in his home state of Florida. Gaetz can actually pull Trump’s TAX RETURNS from the IRS since he is a member of the Judiciary Committee. Let’s see what happens after the break.
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Rachel Maddow shares a report from the Washington Post that the Republican chairmen of the House and Senate Intelligence Committees have been trying to wave reporters off the story of the connection between the Trump campaign and Russia, which they’re …
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GOP Intel Chairs Push Media For Donald Trump: WaPo | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

39 thoughts on “FINALLY! Republican on Judiciary Committee Says Trump WILL Release His TAX RETURNS

  1. harry johnson

    Within a day of releasing his tax returns he would quit, impeachment proceedings would start, the Russians would offer him asylum, or they'd simply make him disappear.  I don't care which as long as one of them happens.

  2. harry johnson

    Please Priebus, you have no friends, only people who will put up with you, but that number is rapidly dwindling.

  3. Connie M

    the release won't change the results of the election ,true ,but it may show enough to get trump impeached, HA,…

  4. Connie M

    god, parris,
    how much more can you get your head up trumps ass . everyone wants to see those tax returns ,to see if he has been doing business with russia all along . and that is why he doesn t want to do it.. but YOU insist it does not matter !!!! you are such a disgrace to you race AND to the human race!!!

  5. hotternfyr

    As with many videos here on you tube, this is sensationally mis-titled. Unless I fell asleep during that brief clip, at no point did anyone say that he WILL release tax returns, only that he SHOULD. Yes, the guy said that he would when the routine audit was completed, but previous candidates have released returns while under audit, sooooo…. Also given that Mr. Trump has frequently bragged about not paying tax, that he has bankrupted 4 companies, that he's obviously not fully divested…. I don't think there will ever be a time when he isn't under extreme scrutiny by the IRS. But transparency at this late date would serve only as validation to some people. It won't mean sod all to the future, but it can be added to the long list of questionable, and/or impeachable actions.

  6. Openintelligence1

    I don't know why Don Lemon has these Trump-pet on all the time. Sort of like sticking your head in a bucket of sick every day.

  7. Lynne Gill

    ACT NOW – please re-title this video. You are engaging in click-bait. He did NOT say Trump WILL release tax returns he said he HOPED he would. A very different thing and you have brought people to this site misleadingly.

  8. Regina Maraist


  9. Regina Maraist

    I didn't want to believe it but after watching many NOT FAKE NEWS videos, it has now become quite evident that although Trump was elected not by the majority of the people but by the corrupt electoral college who could be bribed, it is actually BANNON who is actually president. He drafts the policies, puts them in front of Trump's eyes who signs them without reading them, then when questioned later about what he signed, he doesn't have the foggiest notion what was in the documents.. Donald Trump either can't read or he's too lazy to read anything but how Hitler came to power. This is very frightening, and the first thing Congress must do is get rid of Steve Bannon; the rest will take are of itself, given the fact of Trump's stupidity and mental instability. Then the next step is Trump's impeachment, followed by Pence's impeachment. Then Trump's election was gained by fraudulent means, the final step is to call an emergency special election with two viable candidates, one Dempocrae and one Republican (not Paul Ryan for he is the one who is the most spineless).

    Added to all the rhetoric about all news media, except Fox, are fake, it has come to light that a high official in Trump's organization approached the FBI, at Trump's request. with the request that they report that the unfavorable news stories were not true, the first rule of impeachment. This is called OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE, and is the first rule of impeachment favoring Nixon's impeachment.

    Now it appears that Trump's tax returns will be revealed. I believe they will contain incriminating information, but if not, there is still the matter of his mental instability, attested to by his insane actions, and the 25th amendment making it possible that a president may be removed if he is unfit to occupy the oval office. It has been attested to by a renowned psychiatrist that is mentally unstable. I also learned that the Vice-President is the only one who can make that choice. And Mike Pence is no better, although I find that he appears to be mentally stable.


  10. Felicia Murphy

    Trump won't release his returns…it's not an issue except to the whining left….It does determine whether he 8 qualified to be POTUS but his birth certificate does…All nd the whining left through a hissy when he asked for Obama ' birth certificate….they didn't care when the POTUS was born but care how he makes his money….bull…they just hope it's something on it they can tie to Russia as if that's going to make a difference….we voted for him because he wants peace with Russia. …idiots

  11. Diva Artist

    This channel's videos are well-curated and clear enough, but needs to boost the videos' overall volume level.

  12. SHAKA38

    Paris Dennard needs to be placed on the Kelly Ann Conway media appearance plan.
    If there were one moment that he didn't shamelessly shill for Team Trump, I'd end up in the ER.

  13. BbguM gnarl

    I grew up as an American even though I'm Irish, music, TV,movies,clothes,attitude I believed that America was how the world should hurts to see the whole thing go down at the hands of these maniacs who stole power.Push back America, don't loose the spirit that made you the best place and people in the world.

  14. Simon Evans

    What a load of rubbish! What we know is the Deputy Director of the FBI contacted Reince Preibus and told him that the whole Russian story being pushed by the Fake Media is BS. Reince asked if there was anything that could be done about it. The answer was no! Rachel Maddow continues to spout distorted biased garbage. Obviously Presidents Trumps election has totally unhinged her.

  15. Monkey Phoenix

    remember Russia's manipulation of our election was to inform the American people the DNC was manipulating our election truth hurts I guess

  16. Monkey Phoenix

    not one video clip on the people that spoke at C-SPAN at least you could have put our strongest Ally Britain on a small clip in your fake news but no you don't want your sheep to learn the truth anybody that gets their information from you are misguided should investigate everything on their own please use common sense do not listen to these d**** she is so condescending I don't know how you could listen to her to start with just please do your own research use your mind and your common sense if you were raised by a single mother hopefully you have outgrown the disadvantages

  17. Haannibal777

    I am thinking this is bigger than Nixon. I don't think at the time Republicans were complicit in what Nixon was doing but with Trump they are. This means th Republicans should be in trouble if the full story ever comes to light. But given they control all three branches of government, they would fight tooth and nail to stop these stories from being exposed. It really has become the government vs the media. Lets hope the people stand on the side of the media and truth, if not this will reallybe the end of the republic as we know it.

  18. Liz Brooks

    Thanks Rachael for your hardwork.Your tireless effort in manufacturing news to raise the public in a new frenzies so that we can start World War III early with Russia is much appreciated. We are at peace for far too long.

  19. Shawn Vanden

    I think the inevitable is upon us, however I just wish Rachel Maddow could restrain her giddiness with this news. It's a grave story, with perhaps deeper & graver consequences. Please, please show some restraint. Give a story of this dynamic the gravitas it deserves. Thank you.

  20. Jessica Lee

    Great, the White House is pressuring the people who are supposed to be investigating them, everyone involved is admitting it, and Trump supporters are still claiming it's not true. It's just a cult at this point, they've gone too far, fought too hard, and invested too much for their egos to ever allow them to admit they've been conned or ever admit the people they've been fighting may have been right – the "sunk costs" fallacy is exactly what cult leaders and con artists depend on.

    Not only could Trump shoot someone and not lose followers, he could shoot someone right in front of their eyes and they'd say Hillary did it.

  21. Jay Torraso

    We need to run Dems/Repubs on the same ticket in 2020. Its the ONLY WAY TO HEAL THE DIVIDE. Otherwise, we will need to split the country and let Trump run that half and Bernie, Warren, etc…run the other. THIS SILLY HYPOTHETICAL is the ONLY WAY to solve this problem.

  22. Giovanni

    Every thing you have just said cannot be proven you conclusions cannot be proven only lough and clap
    When you have something that can be independently verified by someone other then the left leaning liberal media that is still upset that Hillary lost after they and you were convinced on that she would be president that night the smirk smile was wiped from you face and it was o so good to see . So now that Donald trump is president you and the rest of the biased media are trying to push the agenda that we the people chose wrongly . The president has all my support and I now have a very different view about media reporting before Trump I used to believe in the media .

  23. Jamie Dimmel

    Fake news, Russians did not attack our election, someone merely had the guts to expose the hypocrisy and corruption in the Democratic party

  24. P. J.

    Ok time to do them like they did Donna Brazille about feeding hillary Debate questions, time for TRUMP's crooked Administration to get banned from their positions! The FBI got a lot of dirty RECEIPTS on TRUMP but not using it now! WHY???

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