Elizabeth Warren SHAMES Republicans, Trump For Cutting Workers’ Rights

Republicans are up to their usual antics–cutting worker safety regulations on large corporations who have donated millions to Republican campaigns and stiffing American workers–but Senator Elizabeth Warren isn’t having any of it.

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39 thoughts on “Elizabeth Warren SHAMES Republicans, Trump For Cutting Workers’ Rights

  1. Alwaererer Haerererer

    damn it! why didn't she run? never mind! Stupid Americans would've still voted for that idiot. were all in ton of trouble! idiots with voters registrations put us all at danger!

  2. Bart Bonne

    im from eu but why does noone bring up life,liberty and pursuit of happines.
    isnt it vital that government provides healthcare as its clearly related to life and happiness in your independence​.

  3. WiseKing

    It's like Republican say "F' it! Let evil rule!". Obviously Democrats aren't angels, but c'mon Republicans. It's like they and corporations are MAXIMIZING corruption and evil. How about you make a gazillion and a half gazillion dollars and not infinity dollars. Hey Republicans, we need a billion dollars to stop an asteroid hitting Earth. Republicans: "Not in the budget (and because a Democrat initiated the asteroid taskforce), that money is for defense spending". Logic…

  4. Linda Waddell

    This is government that does not represent the people. GOP has turned into a dark state.

  5. Chris Barlow

    How is this women even allowed to represent our people. What a loser. She is a liar and scumbag. These career politicians are mostly scum and they need to have term limits and start having winners run out government. Let's support TRUMP and let's get the losers and scumbags out.

  6. Ellen Stavros

    If Trump didn't have a rich Daddy, he would be a thief or milking the Welfare system in some way. God speed USA, it's time to support your Senators and also pressure them publicly to do the right thing.

  7. SC

    Don't you sometimes just wonder how it would have been if the USA was now ruled by President Sanders and Vice President Warren.
    Silly democrats had to go for Clinton and idiot republicans for Trump.

  8. Martin Östlund

    Hoo Lee Chit, how in the world did americans think when choosing a buffon like Trump!? Are you for real? Did you think at all?

  9. Gladys Fuentes

    You have heard of the Association that is out there by a Dr. Unger who's been on Hannity's show, he has managed to keep premiums down, and Rx down as well were negotiated. If one man can work and use his ingenuity why in heaven's name do politicians have to complicate it. Mr. President this was of doing business again is a waist of taxpayer money. Please put it on your to-do list. After you drain the swamp. There is a conspiracy going on by the shadow government, please watch out, and keep a tight lip about some things….please don't throw fuel to the fire, I am tired of hearing the media go after you….not a good thing, not a good image, understand that. You are a negotiator, don't be a punching bag…with all respect to you…

  10. D D

    defender of the rich health executive and insurance corporations. trump has $56 billion to spend on military and $400 billions tax cuts for the rich and his cabinet billionaires, but no money for the rest. this is great….if you are the top 1%. what a joke!

  11. Timo Tatro

    Doesn't sound like what you promised on the campaign trail Donny.. not even close… More coverage… everyone gets covered and cheaper… got a long way to go to get the American people on board… either that or your just gonna shove it down out throats and say nothing… I think it is Bullshit on your part Donny

  12. My2ndnephew

    That's our president, make them stay there all night until they came to an agreement. Hahahhahahaa!


    Mr. President, your tweets and rallies are the best ways you take your message to 'We the People'. God bless you sir.

  14. cosmicallyderived

    2:09 "I watched the old clip, …." Does anyone have that link handy? I wanna see too about the architect's rash statements and Clinton's response. Sounds like some good black comedy.

  15. U.P. dan

    Study this Washington Republicans and Democrats, we support Trump and Cut,Cut,Cut. Do more Trump !! You are shining the light on this vermin that plague America.

  16. Andy Summers

    trump is a SCUM CUNT!

    I hope the day comes when hardship hits trump and his cunting snob friends when they may depend on a MEALS ON WHEELS delivery.

    Get this trump SCUM CUNT voted out and all impeached and behind iron bars with the keys thrown away.

  17. Leonard Ball

    Is our current President (OCP) going to keep his health care promise or not?

    IF he is a great deal maker or negotiator the our new health care program will only fulfill his campaign promise if it’s more affordable with better coverage for everyone already in it, or expands those benefits. Simply repealing and replacing isn’t what was promised. The promise was something better. What’s the point of the whole thing if it’s not more inclusive and costs less for those involved.

  18. Khai Do

    The craziest thing about a laws or new system coming up is that the government only talk good things about it. They never talk about what the bad things about it.

  19. DemocracyDoctor1

    I sure wish the PotUS would sweep the deep-state out of his government INCLUDING NOT acquiescing to the Neo-Con/Globalist, warmongers.

    We STILL see the Petro-Dollar warmongers at work all over the world. It's time to brings our troops home and STOP the Petro-Dollar warfare.

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