Donald Trump wins the Republican presidential nomination

New York delegation puts Trump over the top
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FULL SPEECH: Heartfelt Eric Trump celebrates his father at Republican National Convention

38 thoughts on “Donald Trump wins the Republican presidential nomination

  1. Golden sword gamer

    And why not a woman? WHY NOT A MONKEY?!

  2. Golden sword gamer

    Jabba the hu- *COUGH* Hillary Clinton: AMERICA'S FIRST WOMAN PRESIDENT!

    NO just no. If Hillary wins I'll bring Bin Laden back from the dead

  3. J&L Gaming

    I'm muslim and I've always dreamed of going to America and now I can't like wt did Muslims do to deserve this. He is so racist and just coz we are brown and ISIS pretend to be muslim and all that doesn't mean we are bad people. now I can't go to America and it's really bumming me out coz it has everything and u can get a better life there. god damn u Donald Trump

  4. dd death

    What a hypocrite..hes going to bring change, NOW? He just pandered to the gun nuts, religious nuts and the biggest recipient of American aid and the biggest lobby in Washington D.C….Jews and Israel. It's become clear now, both Clinton and Trump need to "disappear". America truly has DIED.

  5. martind586

    Hi, Eric here, I forgot to tell you , I like to go to Africa and shoot elephants and lions and tigers because I have a small penis! Go check out the pictures I have of the dead animals next to me, my gun and my brother!

  6. Randy S

    Eric is the dumbest of the trump brats, so I do feel sorry for him, maybe he can get a job mowing the Whitehouse lawn for president Clinton!

  7. Sarah Bernadette

    WOW – This son Eric is a propagandist, just like his old man. Never trust a Republican LIAR.

  8. The one

    That idiot trump can not be a good president offending and provoking the entire world, citizens, their cultures, their religions, and even their ancestors old roots and nations.

  9. Alphonso Johnson

    Jamiel Shaw & Kate Steinle were victims of GUN violence- not of illegal immigration. What happened to them happens all over the country in crimes that are committed by OUR very own CITIZENS- it is a problem that plagues the entire country- GUNS. It is a travesty that you would use their names & use their deaths for your racist political agenda! Shame on you! You can not isolate & blame all Latinos or all immigrants or all Muslims for the actions of one. Most of the 'Muslim' terrorists that Donald claims were born in the U.S. as citizens!!! Kate Steinle, in particular, was a case where a bullet ricocheted off a concrete wall & hit her, killing her- where it caused her murder- it still was NOT a case where someone intentionally tried to outright kill her or shoot her for that matter. This could have happened anywhere, at anytime, to anybody, by anybody – When it was the fault of the officer who the gun belonged to. That officer was the one in charge of keeping status of the weapon used in this case & is the one who is responsible for its loss/ theft & release into the public- Our public- Our Country!! It was the officer in this case who left Our Country Unsafe!! Hold the officer responsible for leaving & losing his weapon in the first place! ~ & Speaking of sanctuary cities, is Cleveland OH supposed to be one of them? b/c None of you at the RNC even mention the fact that Tamir Rice, a 12 year old, while on the playground with a toy gun in hand, was gunned down by police officers that are supposed to protect & look out for him, right in that same great city that you are now in. What about THAT idea of safety in America for our children? What about accountability for that? What about the fact that you all sit there so smugly and just turn a blind eye on this whole matter the audacity of all of you- I hold every single one of you at the RN convention accountable for your actions to blatantly ignore that a 12 yr old child died at the hands of incompetence of our law enforcement officers of that city.

  10. Alphonso Johnson

    since 1988, Donald has been saying the same things about this country & 'how bad it is'. Check the interview he gave on Oprah show: When asked if he would run for president, Donald responded "Probably, not. I really don't think I have the inclination to do it." He never said anything about not having a choice- yet this kid repeats that line twice- what a crock of bull.

  11. Alejandro Flores

    let's be clear: Trump's encouragement of a dangerous like Vladimir Putin to commit espionage and publicized state secrets poses serious national security concerns and may violate federal law.

    this unprecedented action is even more horrifying given that Trump is scheduled to start receiving classified national security briefing, reportedly as early as this Friday this cannot happen we need to raise a massive outcry now.

    Please sign the petition.

  12. Alejandro Flores

    Donald trump is not a smart businessman, he has no clear ideas or any experience with economic crisis or how to respond to a military emergency.

  13. Alejandro Flores

    Donald Trump has no movement he is just a con artists who is willing to lie to the American people and ripped off family business by his non sense decisions and non common sense. Donald Trump…

    America is the greatest country in the world at ready.

    Donald Trump is unqualified to lead the most powerful country in the world…

  14. apeiceofmoldedclay

    Trump looks like he's going to cry at the end of the speech. Wow this is my favorite family ever. Wish more people would raise their kids correctly.

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