Donald Trump: I can win without Republican Party support

How will GOP presidential frontrunner’s comments on party unity impact election? The debate continues on ‘Outnumbered’
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20 thoughts on “Donald Trump: I can win without Republican Party support

  1. Jason Dyrkacz

    Update: Cruz got his ass whipped in Indiana and is now gorging on Haagen-Daas ice cream with Kasich.

    Ok, I made that second part up. More accurately, I can't back the second part up.

  2. fallen One

    he's a bitch ….. soon ……someone will win and its all up to the winer …soon it will be like dying light ……..only gamers willl understand

  3. Zane

    If you can win without the republican party support Donald, why do you keep trying to unify the republic an party?

  4. Rick Mullin

    Not a Cruz supporter, yet, but gained a lot of respect for him from this video. Keep doing these I think Ted. I think you will get a good response

  5. James Tan

    Trump registered as Republican but I see Trump as all American – as Republican, as Democrat or as Independence or any other group. Trump is Trump! I support Trump totally

  6. abukamoon

    The Republican Party leadership is more corrupt than the Democrats. It is composed of neocon-Israel-Firsters, Military Industrial Complex cash cows, warmongers, and wackos who want to build a nazi-style security state that spies on the American people. And we thought the communist Democrats were bad!

  7. joseph nairb

    What we do when we are desperate shows what we are really made of. In Cruz case he is not mature enough to be commander in Chief, we don't need another Freshman Senator like Obama again. If Cruz had just been a decent guy like the first couple months of campaigning Cruz would not have hurt himself. He wanted to blame Trump, but his character folding under desperation was his own downfall.

  8. blunty gagnon

    Trump is the only candidate who doesn't have to make promises to the Big Donors in order to get their money.

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