Doctors Say NO to Obamacare!

Doctors Say NO to Obamacare!

A poll finds that 44 percent of MDs said they are not participating in the nation’s new health-care plan. Another 33 percent say they’re still not sure wheth…
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25 thoughts on “Doctors Say NO to Obamacare!

  1. Vention1MGTOW

    Oh great! That’s just what I wanted, to be “cared for” by a doctor who’s
    angry about being forced to work even with a 70% pay cut. I suspect we’ll
    see a mass migration of doctors fleeing the US if this or some single payer
    BS is rammed down their throat. People are going to be forced into a
    medical black market, medical tourism and a much self care as possible with
    the aid of internet web sites.

  2. Mike McDonald

    I’m not sure I want my physician to take a 70% pay cut, especially when
    Washington DC won’t even cut spending 30%, 20%, or even 10%!

  3. Thomas Graham

    Thank you for making a point I’ve been making for months.
    I am not looking forward to saying “i told you so” to so many people.

  4. P Mason

    So the gov demands all drugs be approved through the FDA through a long
    process of trials YET the gov didn’t do this with their own health care

  5. Jeffrey Ramsey

    The affordable care act is the biggest new law since I was born. Its going
    to take some time for it to work or not. Its so easy to see this.

  6. knowthingman

    just like the government to force you to by something that no one wants and
    no one will accept; that you also neither want nor can afford

  7. timothy drago

    One step at a time, right now doctors can turn away but soon they will
    obligated by law to do more than they already have to, they will be slaves
    like everybody else, if they are not already. It’s the Jew World Order
    (aka New World Order, aka One World Gov’t by those in power now, aka
    Zionist Jews), and I thank Stefan M. for honoring free speech and letting
    me express my opinion.

    I also hope Stefan realizes that “medicine” is not designed to cure, it
    exists to make money like everything else on this screwed up planet. It’s
    there to find you are sick, and exploit the vulnerability in a way that one
    will find believable. I don’t think all doctors are rats, just that most
    have been sold on their product like the consumer, oops, I meant patient.

  8. Craig Kellerman

    I’m extremely confused by this whole thing, I really don’t understand how
    this is supposed to work. I get insurance through my job but it only covers
    certain costs such as medications and small things. Under the Obamacare
    thing I lose that I think and have to be forced into some government health
    program? I don’t know what is going on and I’m not getting a clear
    explanation from anyone. All I know is my work hours will be cut
    dramatically when this thing goes through and I have to pay more that’s all
    I’m getting from this lol.

  9. Matthew M. Ramshaw

    Sheesh, looks like Uncle Sam is screwing you all royally again..I live in
    Perth, Western Australia – the most isolated City in the world – and even
    though I’m chronically ill, and on a Disability Pension – which isn’t
    extravagant by any means – but it’s obviously a damn sight better than the
    horror stories I hear about if you’re unfortunate enough to be seriously
    ill in the US of A. Anyhow, best wishes to you all and I hope it does work
    out in the end..

  10. Ethercruiser1

    That’s just about the size of it, Mr. Molyneux! On top of that, remember
    they plan to take a lot of money from Medicare to help subsidize ObamaCare,
    thus the average Medicare patient will end up paying more & getting less.
    More costly treatments & procedures are likely to be denied. More
    rationing of health care.

  11. Ganga Din

    Obama care is quickly becoming “only obama cares”. This is just another
    battle in war of all against all that is democracy. This time “patients”
    win over “doctors”. Obama, do bring back slavery for doctors. Make them
    work for wages they would not accept voluntarily.

  12. Michael Price

    The link is:
    reason doot com slash blog slash 2013 slash 10 slash 29
    slash crappy-compensation-just-one-big-reason

  13. Shawn C

    Since law is just a tool for US, why not follow other countrys to implement
    social health care, gov inquire two most efficient insurance groups and
    make it government own. By pass the profit layer for private insurance and
    still competit each other. Everyone must join, if u dont join, u dont get
    server, by the time, u need serve, pay all the cost back to day 1.
    Charge high tax on cigrate, high sugar food drink.
    Government run the lottery instead of private company. (no1 get hurt excep
    the CEO himself) transfer profit to cover health care.
    Just look at the rest of the world, there are many better system tahn
    Obamacare. It does not have to end this way.

  14. Vex T

    If this poll statistic is true and speaks of the honest opinion of doctors,
    apparently, people who oppose Obama socialism should back these doctors.
    The power of change has always been with the people’s opinion and choice,
    but the most fair and moral opinion and choice seems to always escape most
    peoples minds – I can only hope that people do not fully comply with this
    nonsense socialist medical ideology!


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