Do Not Go to the Website for Obamacare Till You See This Video!

Do Not Go to the Website for Obamacare Till You See This Video! Alex Jones and Mike Adams discuss how…
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25 thoughts on “Do Not Go to the Website for Obamacare Till You See This Video!

  1. Adam Selene

    Oh no. DO go to the “site” enter whatever you like. Do it 50 times a day,
    just NEVER give YOUR info. In fact, give them info of and FOR “obama”
    supporters. That’ll fix their wagon. :)

  2. David A. Moore

    Patriots/’Awake American’s’, You MUST watch/listen to this video…though
    it’s somewhat lengthy, it WILL OPEN YOUR EYE’S TO THE DANGERS OF

  3. spartankiller256

    Not only american should stand up citizens around the world should, their
    government will slowy take their freedom away

  4. Liberty or Else

    This (non)Federal AND (no)Reserve pretense of economy can not long
    continue, so it matters not to say the destruction is intended, it is
    AND, It has always been unavoidable.
    It always has had FAILURE inscribed all over it.
    After all, it is all a FIAT money economy, and none has ever lasted.

    As Voltaire put it, “Paper money always returns to its intrinsic value:

    Do a Search for the word IVAMU , since placing a dot com here is
    There you will find the Amazingly Simple and Easy FIX that will correct the
    economy in a literal 24 hours of it being implemented.

    It is NOT hard, nor will it take decades or generations or even years.
    ALL THAT is a One BIG LIE!

    The IVAMU Standard for Establishing the Value of Currency/Money is not only
    the Answer, it is the ONLY Answer that is also doable!

    God Bless. Victory is now OURS.

  5. Chris Tindall

    This guy should be put in jail for spreading fear! BUSH did more dirty
    shit but that was ok because he was white but let a black man in office and
    oh shit look at what he is doing cmon get real and lets not forget this
    plan IS the republicans plan not obamas plan obama wanted a single payer
    system and this plan is the one we got.

  6. Chuck Johnson

    Definition of ‘Taxation Without Representation’
    A situation in which a government imposes taxes on a particular group of
    its citizens, despite the citizens not consenting or having an actual
    representative deliver their views when the taxation decision was made.
    This situation was one of the triggering events that spurred the original
    thirteen American colonies to revolt against the British Empire. FEMA
    Concentration Camps so this is what they are for.

  7. Josep Hall

    Don’t take it.. It’s OUR (the civilians of America) America.. “We the
    people..” Run em’ out of office, don’t vote for em’, protect your rights,
    for you and your loved ones.. Obama should be tried for TREASON.. His
    entire presidency is designed to seperate us as Americans, divided by race
    and money and systems set in place to destroy or economy and healthcare
    system.. He said he wanted to “fundamentally change America..” Well,
    mission accomplished.. Now let’s fix it…

  8. thomas russo

    State incorporate cities as commercial enterprises with municipal purposes
    using the same power with which they charter purely commercial
    enterprises. Where is this power to create commercial enterprisen found?
    We must look to the Organic Law of the United States of America for the
    origin of all delegations of power from the American people and read Volume
    1 which is inclusive of Titles 1-4 (Organic Laws)/Title 5 sections
    101-5949, Read and know were it its in the Organic Laws.

  9. Stephanie Payas

    i think that we are screwed since i can’t voted if i had the choice i
    wouldn’t voted for him as i said before you take empty promises do your

  10. David Miretsky

    We have to call for total boycott of all CABLE/TV and printed media. Turn
    off your TV sets, stop buying magazines and journals, cancel your news
    paper subscriptions. Radio and Internet should be our only sores of

  11. thomas russo

    Get a copy of Volume 1 United States Code which is inclusive of Titles 1-4
    and Title 5 sections 101-5949 become familure with Titles 1-4

  12. Patricia Holloway

    Do not visit the ObamaCare website until you view this video. Is the
    ObamaCare a website a crisis, and /or a Manufactured Crisis. Remember this
    Administrations says never let a good crisis go to waste.

  13. Edjeification

    Yeah, I agree. There are more complicated websites online that get just as
    much traffic, they run smoothly as well. I agree with the statement that
    the Obamacare website was never meant to work. Not to mention that the
    media doesn’t even bring up or push the issue during press conferences, and
    we are talking about something that literally affects the life of 95% of
    the people in the U.S.

  14. xoxak888

    I think still Obama will win because main media will say it is GOP fault
    and Obama will say it is GOP fault. Funny thing is that there are a lot of
    people who believe what media say in its entirety. But, I learned quite a
    bit about the current status of the website. What is troublesome is $ 635 M
    to design the web site. Why so much money? Also, why crash with only 9 M
    users? Probably more than 100 M people use google everyday and running
    smoothly. Let google design web site from scratch.


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